Community Works

meleu By meleu.

There are also many awesome content being created by RetroAchievements community. And in the last month was a really special one…


It’s a podcast hosted by 3 hardcore gamers of our community: Draco655, BendyHuman and Shootzy.

If you didn’t check it yet, click here and go to their youtube channel.

Thoreau’s channel 🇧🇷🇵🇹

The member Thoreau started to produce some really awesome videos for the portuguese speaker community. There are game reviews, interviews with RA members (me included 😇), and tutorials about how to create achievements.

If you love RetroAchievements and know portuguese, I’m sure you’ll love his videos!

Check his youtube channel here.


Cambada, se vocês ainda não se inscreveram no canal do Thoreau vocês tão dando mole! Corre lá e se inscreve que o conteúdo é muito massa!