Scraping Achievement Info for Rescore and Revision Updates

In this article I’m gonna share a fast and easy method to scrape all Achievements, Descriptions or other useful information from RetroAchievements into a CSV format which can be posted in Forums and Discord for sharing Rescore and Revision Update plans.

Here are the steps to be taken:

  1. Download the Chrome Extension from
  2. Browse to the Game Page you want to Scrape the Achievement List from (example:
  3. Click on ‘Launch Simple Scraper’ and choose ‘Scrape this website
  4. Choose ‘Add a property
  5. Now you can select what information you want to scrape, click on the Achievements
  6. The number of selected items must match the number of Achievements on the Site

For Rescoring Updates - scrape Achievements only

  • div.achievemententry div.achievementdata a
  • .achievementdata a

NOTE: you can change the scraping content manually in the appearing box below propertyName1.

For Revision Updates - scrape Achievements and Descriptions

  • div.achievemententry div.achievementdata
  • .achievementdata

  1. Click on the checkmark to confirm the selection and choose ‘View Results’
  2. A new tab should open, now click on CSV to download the Achievement List
  3. Upload the downloaded CSV file to Google Drive and open it with Google Sheets

NOTE: Scraped Achievements with Descriptions can be seperated by splitting the columns with \n.

Upload and split into columns in Google Sheets

  1. In Google Sheets, select A (must be marked) and choose ‘Data’ then ‘Split text to columns’, ‘custom’ and insert \n.

Please check Achievement Set Revisions documentation for more information regards Recore and Revision Updates.