Community Works

meleu By meleu.

This section exists to show off the work being done by RetroAchievement fans and that impressed the RA-staff.


In the last RANews issue I posted here about the RAPodcast. Turns out that it’s now The Official RetroAchievements Podcast™!

You can check here the episode where I was interviewed and surprise the hosts inviting them to be staff members and make their show our official podcast. :)

If you like RetroAchievements, you’re gonna subscribe our podcast, right?! ;)

Click here to go to the RAPodcast youtube channel.

Dancarnate - Retro Achievement Review

The user Dancarnate started a series on youtube called “Retro Achievement Reviews”. Where he does a review on a game he have mastered and then give some tips/resources for others to use so they can get some of the tougher achievements mastered as well.

Check the “Retro Achievement Review” playlist in this link.