Pointer/AddAddress Tutorial

The DevTip of this month is actually a video tutorial

Pointers are a concept widely heard but rarely understood among achievement creators. It was a long time before I myself understood it. I frequently used to find videos telling me to ‘find a pointer’ that would just assume I understood what that meant. There were many times I found myself in need of understanding it, encountering dynamic addresses that would constantly bounce around, yet seemingly no one who seemed willing to impart that knowledge.

I once found a guide explaining how to use a third party program for how to find a pointer, but once again, failing to explain what it was and how it worked.

For this reason, I took it upon myself to try and help my fellow achievement creators on RetroAchievements to learn now not only how to find pointers but to understand how they work as well so they’re not just blindly fumbling in the dark.

My hope was that I could help save my fellow creators a lot of stress and maybe even teach them how to say my name.