Current Events

Here’s the list of events that are open to join. This is good way for players to get involved with the RA community.

For more info, check the Current Competitions and Hall of Fame of RA forum topic.

Achievement of the Week 2020


The Big Achievement


The Unwanted


Master of the Month 2020

In MoM (Master of the Month) event you submit any game or games you mastered in current month.

After the month ends results will be counted in 5 categories. The winner will be based on the total points earned (both blue and white), total achievements earned (of submitted sets), difficulties of the set mastered and achievement earned by lowest percent of players. Best 4 players of each month will gain Master of the Month ranks (frоm Grandmaster for being 1st to Expert for being 4th).

Idea of the event is to stimulate mastering the games you started, play some other RA events as you get bonuses for it and find the best of the best.


Simple Monthly Master


RANews Bingo

The RANews Bingo is always posted in the Fun section of RANews, check that page to check how it works.