October’s Bingo Winner



To win this BINGO you are going to need to play some RetroAchievements! The basics of Bingo is to make a line of 5 (vertically, horizontally, or diagonal). You get the middle square * as a freebie, but you don’t have to use it. You choose to play and finish the board the way you want, but how do you mark off a square?

Each square asks you to do a certain activity, your task is to find a specific achievement on the site that corresponds to that. Then you do the achievement and mark your square off. Make sure to keep a list of which achievements you use for what!

The first player to get a bingo and send it to StingX2 on Site DM or Discord will be listed in next issue as a winner!

Bonus: The first person to mark off every square on their bingo card with a different achievement will also be listed in the winners of next issue