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What’s RANews?

RANews is a monthly digital magazine that aims to summarize what is happening in the RetroAchievements scene.

How to Contribute

If you have an idea for an article to be published in the RANews, please go to the RAdmin profile page and send us a message.

Keep in mind that the article must be written in markdown format. If you don’t know it, you can learn it in 10 minutes following this online tutorial here: (it’s pretty similar to what you may be already using on discord).

Quick Overview

What to expect from this issue.


Check why here at RetroAchievements we’re playing the Infinite Game.

Play This Set

Community members talking about their favorite sets and why you should play them. Cool stuff!


Check how to master Pokemon Pinball (Gameboy Color) in this guide written by ViperZang.

ALERT! The guides usually contain spoilers about the game.

Current Events

List of running events in the RetroAchievements scene.

Nerd Corner

The Nerd Corner is the place with articles covering more technical aspects of the project. Trying to bridge the gap between endusers and the crazy nerds who do the hardwork, creating the tools we use to have a lot of fun.

In this month Jamiras addresses the question “When the [CONSOLE X] will be supported on RA?”. If you got excited with the recent news about a new core for PlayStation 2 being implemented by the libretro/RetroArch team, I’m sure you’ll be interested in this article too.

HotCheevs Monthly

List of achievement sets released in the last month.

Top Players

Some statistics about the top 300 players of RetroAchievements and how they progressed over the last month.

Most Wanted Games

List of games with no achievement sets that community is excited to see. Hopefully it can encourage some achievement creators to pick a game and create a set for it.

Revisions and Rescores

Which sets got a revision or a rescore.

Art Updates

Which sets got their game icons and/or badges changed.


Mixing games with videogames and RetroAchievements. Funny stuff being created by StingX2.

Community Works

Showing off what the RetroAchievements fans are producing outside from here.


In this issue we’re starting a new segment of the magazine, RADIY. It’s a segment where community members can share their DIY guides/recipes/whatever about some “actual” thing to do (related to retro games, of course).

For this month we have a recipe for a Teriyaki Chicken, brought by Kisumebuckets and taken from the game Shaberu! DS Oryouri Navi (Nintendo DS).


The RANews project wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of many passionate community members.

Special thanks goes to these guys: