Community Works

meleu By meleu.

Some cool works being done by the RetroAchievements fans.


In the last month the guys behind the official RetroAchievements Podcast released one new episode:

RAPodcast Episode 11 - The Melody of Mystery

Kudos to Draco655, Shootzy and KingS1zzle to keep this running.

The Sega Lounge Podcast

Have you ever wondered “How the heck did Scott come up with the idea to create the RetroAchievements?”

In this episode of the Sega Lounge Podcast, hosted and produced by kc, I talk a bit about myself but also about the RetroAchievements inception. How it was created and how it is evolving. Where it came from and where it is going.

Check it in The Sega Lounge website or in your favorite podcast app.