Suikoden (PlayStation)

1) Synopsis

Achievement Info

  • Total Achievements: 92
  • Total Points: 800
  • Achievement Set Author: televandalist televandalist

Difficulty Info

  • Set Difficulty: Medium
  • Approximate time to Master: A while, but it’s short by JRPG standards
  • Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 2
  • Number of Missable Achievements: 25

2) Introduction

Game Badge

Suikoden (Japanese: 幻想水滸伝 Hepburn: Gensō Suikoden) Suikoden , is a role-playing video game published by Konami as the first installment of the Suikoden series. Developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, it was released initially in 1995 for the PlayStation in Japan. A North American would release followed one year later, and a mainland European release came the following April. The game was also released for the Sega Saturn in 1998 only in Japan, and for Microsoft Windows in 1998 in Japan.

The game centers on the political struggles of the Scarlet Moon Empire. The player controls a Scarlet Moon Empire general’s son who is destined to seek out 108 warriors (referred to as the 108 Stars of Destiny) in order to revolt against the corrupt sovereign state and bring peace to a war-torn land. The game is loosely based on the Chinese novel Shui Hu Zhuan (a.k.a. “Outlaws of the Marsh” and “The Water Margin”), and features a vast array of characters both controllable and not, with over ninety characters usable in combat and many more able to help or hinder the hero in a variety of ways.

3) Gameplay


The default controls are as follows:

Directional Pad: Move
Cross: Select commands, talk to people, examine things (alternately, L2 can be used)
Circle: Cancel commands, hold to dash (must have Holy Rune attached to a party member or Stallion in the party) (alternately, L1 can be used) Triangle: Not Used Square: Open command window (Alternately, select button can be used)

4) Missable Achievements

Early Bird - Prosperity Crystal

Badge 10 points
Obtain the Prosperity Crystal in Saraday

Near the beginning of the game - When Teo and Tir arrive at the McDohl mansion, you must leave town, head west and make your way through Mt. Tigerwolf, then head north to Saraday. Talk to the man in the northeast house.

The safest way to go about this: After leaving the mansion, buy whatever equipment you can to raise your defense, and save at the inn. Head to the world map and repeatedly get into battles to raise your level. I usually save after every level up. It is also recommended to head south to Lenankamp and sharpen your weapon at the blacksmith. A good source of money at this point in the game is by playing Marco’s cup game in Rockland, which is east of Gregminster.

Point of no return - Going upstairs when arriving at the McDohl mansion for the first time.

Early Bird - Fortune Crystal

Badge 10 points
Obtain the Fortune Crystal in Saraday

Exactly the same as obtaining the Prosperity Crystal in Saraday, only do it with Ted. After arriving at the McDohl mansion, head upstairs to automatically trigger a scene with Ted, who will join your party. Then head back downstairs and follow the same steps as the Prosperity Crystal.

Point of no return - Going into your room after Ted joins.

Hero of Rockland

Badge 3 points
Save the kids from Imperial Soldiers in Rockland

Rockland - After capturing Varkas and Sydonia. In front of the mansion will be some imperial soldiers beating the shit out of some kid while another kid is crying. Stop them.

Point of no return - Delivering the bandits to Grady.

Protecting Kids Through College

Badge 10 points
Complete Chapman’s Stockpile

There are two armor shops you must visit before you’re unable to: Gregminster (Early) and Village of the Elves.

Point of no return - Being banished from Gregminster and delivering the running water root to the Dwarf Elder.


Badge 25 points

Store at least one of every antique in Rock’s Vault

Celadon Urns can only be obtained outside of Gregminister by fighting BonBons. Octopus Urns are also only obtained by fighting BonBons, but there is one in a chest at Mt. Tigerwolf, but you’re screwed if you sell it after you’re longer able to fight BonBons. I recommend getting both ASAP since there is an appraisal shop in Gregminister.

Point of no return - After getting past the gate south of Lenankamp.

Treasure Hunter - Toran

Badge 5 points

Open all chests in the abandoned Toran Castle

If the achievement doesn’t pop by the time you get to the save point, then you missed a chest.

Point of no return - Defeating the Zombie Dragon

Stars that Wander Freely Across the Skies

Badge 25 points
Have all 108 Stars of Destiny alive before the final battle

Basically, Laknaat needs to resurrect ‘you-know-who’.

Point of no return - Missing any optional recruits before the battle with Yuber.

Why is this Big Rock in My Castle?

Badge 10 points
Complete the game without any optional recruits


Point of no return - ….

Tir the Terrible

Badge 10 points
Execute both Kwanda and Milich


Point of no return - ….

The Invulnerable Defenses

Badge 5 points
Recruit Kwanda, Gaspar, and Eikei

Kwanda is the only missable one here and his recruitment opportunity is story-based. You either execute him or allow him to join.

Point of no return - Executing him.

Big Showdown in Little Kaku

Badge 5 points
Catch Lotte’s cat without Stallion in your party

In Kaku after talking to Lotte in Rikon a couple times (she must ask you to bring her cat back to her). While having Stallion in your party will not trigger the achievement, the same cannot be said of the Holy Rune. It’s not impossible to catch the cat without either, though. Figure it out.

Point of no return - Either catching the cat or Lotte joining.

The Narcissists

Badge 5 points
Recruit Vincent, Milich, and Esmeralda

Milich is the only missable one here and his recruitment opportunity is story-based. You either execute him or allow him to join.

Point of no return - Executing him.

The Magicians

Badge 5 points
Recruit Kasios, Window, and Melodye

Kasios is only missable if you execute Milich.

Point of no return - ….

What to Play, What to Play

Badge 2 points
Have Kasios play a few songs for you

Only missable if you execute Milich.

Point of no return - ….

The Other Side

Badge 1 point

See Milich’s special bath scene

Only missable if you execute Milich.

Point of no return - …

Back for Dinner

Badge 10 points
Have Pahn be prepared for his big moment

Pahn must win the duel with Teo. Just beef him up in time and reload if he loses.

Point of no return - The battle with Teo, of course.

Treasure Hunter - Village of the Hidden Rune

Badge 5 points

Open all chests in the Village of the Hidden Rune

There’s three, but easily missable.

Point of no return - Triggering the scene with Ted after the village burns down.

Not in Front of Tengaar!

Badge 10 points
Defeat Neclord without Hix being knocked out

If you’ve played the game before, you probably know how useless Hix can be at this point in the game.

Point of no return - Defeating Neclord.

Broke Ass Adventurers

Badge 5 points
You couldn’t even cover Vincent’s bill?

As soon as the Dragon’s Den arc starts, you will be turned away. When you head to Antei, a scene with Vincent and the innkeeper will trigger. Once Vincent leaves, you will be expected to pay his bill. If you have less than 200 bits (I think?), you will be forced to work it off in a hidden bonus scene.

Point of no return - Entering Antei with more than 200 bits (I think?)

Dragon Whisperer

Badge 5 points
Bring Liukan on your first visit to Dragon Knight’s Fortress

They’re pretty simple instructions.

Point of no return - Talking to Joshua for the first time.


Badge 10 points
Defeat the Crystal Core without using physical attacks

Keep in mind that physical rune attacks are okay.

Point of no return - Defeating Crystal Core.

The Knights Party

Badge 5 points
Recruit Max, Sancho, and Qlon

Max and Sancho are missable here since they join together. Max wants to join the Liberation Army. You either reject him or allow him to join.

Point of no return - Rejecting his offer

The Experts

Badge 10 points
Recruit Clive, Pesmerga, and Mace

Mace is missable. You need to take all the other blacksmiths with you at castle lv 4, and there are few chances with at least four free party slots.

Point of no return - The last chance is right after you landed by boat on Shasarazade. Don’t go near the entrance, turn around and leave.

The Strategists

Badge 10 points
Recruit Mathiu, Leon, and Apple

Leon is missable. You need to talk to him when you have the castle at lv 4, then talk to Mathiu, deliver Mathiu’s letter, which won’t work most of the time, since Mathiu participates often in major battles or other events.

Point of no return - After you started the mission to Shasarazade.

The Sixth General

Badge 10 points
Defeat Ain Gide using only McDohl, Flik, and Viktor

Pretty obvious.

Point of no return - Pretty obvious.

Three Against Three

Badge 25 points
Defeat the Golden Hydra with only McDohl, Flik, and Viktor

Pretty obvious.

Point of no return - Pretty obvious.

5) Credits