Top Masteries

This is a tease of a brand new feature coming to RANews.

We often look to the leaderboard to see who has the most points, and those gamers work very hard to be the best. Some live, eat, and breathe fire for achievements and their quest for MORE POINTS. I wanted to take a look at a different approach to the best gamers on this site. Some of our best gamers are mastery chasers, and some even stay on one particular system.

So I bring you this tease with the Top 25 Playstation Mastery users on RA as of this past week. This system launched in September 2019 and has been the favorite child amongst developers since then. More Playstation 1 sets come out than anything else these days and it looks to have no shortage of stopping.

In our coming issues I hope to expand this so we can cheer on the best Gameboy players or even the best PC Engineeers out there. Points are one side of this story, Masteries are the other side.

Top 25 PS1 Masteries