Pokemon Snap (N64)

ikki5 By ikki5.

1) Synopsis

Set Difficulty: 3/10
Approximate time to Master: 8-10 Hours
Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1
Number of Missable Achievements: None
Does Difficulty Affect Achievements?: N/A

2) Introduction

Pokémon Snap is a rail shooting game based on photographing Pokémon. The game was released on the Nintendo 64 in 1999. The purpose of the game is to take photos of Pokémon in various stages with the ultimate goal of being able to photograph Mew. You gain points based upon the size of the Pokémon in the photo, the pose, plus various other special features and you want to aim for the highest score possible.

3) Walkthrough

Step 1

The walkthrough for this game is fairly straight forward. There are no missable achievements as you can go back into each stage at any time. So Really, you should be able to just play through each level, taking shots of various Pokémon. One thing to take note of, there are several things that can happen with the items and such, or even just taking pictures. For example, for Pikachu on a ball or to be able to get Muk, you need to take photo graphs of the Pokémon, or other Pokémon to be able to meet the conditions to make these achievements trigger. So really, your first step is really to play the levels, get the items, unlock the other levels, then take more pictures. The following are the achievements you should aim to go for:

Through Rock Tunnel

Over the Volcano

River Rafting

Cave Exploration

Down Through the Valley

At the End of the Rainbow Cloud

Dinner Time!

Quit Pestering Me!

Dashing Through!

The Musician’s Lullaby

Step 2

Step 2 is to just basically go back through the levels again and get stuff you did not get before. Use the various items you collected and then just see what happens! (or if you can’t figure it out, go down to the “Achievements” Section

4) Achievements

Career Starter

Take your first photo!

You cannot miss this, it is the first thing you have to do before you can freely take pictures.

Through Rock Tunnel

Unlock the Tunnel course

All you need to do for this is take pictures of six Pokémon species.

Over the Volcano

Unlock the Volcano course

This one you will need to unlock the Food in order to access it. When you have the food, at the end of the course, you will see an Electrode by some rubble right before the end. Throw some food to hit it and it will blow up revealing a path.

River Rafting

Unlock the River course

To access this course, you need to take a picture of 22 species of Pokémon across your 3 current courses.

Cave Exploration

Unlock the Cave course

To unlock this course, you will need the Pesterball. When you have it, in the course, you will come across an area where it looks like a small block is moving in the wall on the right side. One of these is in front of a button on the ground. Throw a Pesterball at the moving piece in the wall and a Porygon will jump out and land on the button opening a new path to the Cave.

Down Through the Valley

Unlock the Valley course

This is the easiest to unlock as all you need to do is finish the Cave.

At of End of the Rainbow Cloud

Unlock the the Rainbow Cloud course

Dinner Time!

Unlock the Pokemon Food

To unlock the Pokemon Food, you need your report score to total 24,000 points or more.

Quit Pestering Me!

Unlock the Pesterball

To unlock the Pesterball, you need to earn 72,500 points for your report score.

Dashing Through!

Unlock the Dash Engine

To unlock the Dash Engine, you need to open an alternate route in the Valley. Towards the end of the level, you will come across several Squirtle on the right side. You will also see a Mankey on the top of the hill. What you need to do is line up one of the Squirtles going in and out of its shell and then throw a Pesterball at it to send it flying at the Mankey. The Mankey will fall to the other side and when you go around the corner, it will be standing in front of a button. Throw another Pesterball to knock it on the button opening the alternate route.

The Musician’s Lullaby

Unlock the Pokeflute

To unlock the Pokeflute, you need to have your report score total 130,000 points as well as have the Dash Engine.

Amateur Photographer

Get a picture of 20 different Pokemon.

See Making My Name Known.

Making My Name Known

Get a picture of 40 different Pokemon.

This one is earned just by playing through the game. Just take pictures of Pokemon, you’ll eventually get this.

Kingler of the Beach

Submit of photo of Kingler Rock sign.

This sign is on the Beach, it is near the beginning. On the left, you’ll see some funny rocks, look back at them and you’ll see a Kingler shape which is the sign.

Pincered in a Shadow

Submit of photo of the Pincer Shadow sign.

This sign is in the tunnel. You will need to use both the Pokemon Food and the Pokeflute. When you go through the first doors, you’ll see on the left a Pikachu and a big yellow egg. Use the Pokefood to lure the Pikachu to the egg and when it is close, use the Pokeflute and Pikachu will shock the egg causing it to hatch. Zapdos will emerge and change a generator. Past the second set of doors, near the end of the cave, you will now see a shadow of a Pincer on the wall. Take a picture of it.

Volcanic Gases

Submit of photo of the Koffing Smoke! sign.

The Koffing sign is in the volcano stage right at the beginning. On the left, you will see a small volcano like hill puffing out smoke. Throw a pesterball in it and it will send out smoke that looks like a Koffing. Take a picture before it disperses.

The Orphaned Child

Submit a photo of the Cubone Tree! sign.

This is in the River course. On the right side, before the area with the Metapods, you will see a Vileplume asleep on the right. The tree is right there however, you will need to wake up the Vileplume with the Pokeflute to clear away the cloud of smoke.

Thanks to Science!

Submit of photo of the Mewtwo sign.

In the Cave, there are several large rooms. In the room with the Weepingbell, if you look to your left, almost behind you, you’ll see glowing stars, this is your Mewtwo sign, take a picture!

A Trio of Humps

Submit of photo of the Mt. Dugtrio sign sign.

This one is in the Valley, as soon as you start, look straight ahead. You will see the sign, it looks like a Dugtrio in the background. Snap of picture of it.

Strike A Pose

Get a pose score of 1,250 points.

Pretty much for this, you will need to find special poses or do special things such as feeding or making them faint, or just things in general to get this, the easiest way to to use the Special poses. Many poses will award this score.

Professional Photographer

Take a picture worth more than 5,000 points.

This one can be a little tricky. The easiest way to do this is with Mew at the end as you get a lot of points for Mew. But if you are going for this before you get there, the best was is to use special poses, or find a spot where you can get a picture with lots of the same Pokemon in there while filling the picture to get a decent size score.

A Highly Rated Salad

Submit a photo of a REAL Bulbasaur worth 4,000 points.

Do not confuse the Ditto Bulbasaur in the Cave for this, you can only get this achievement on the River course. There is a spot on the left where you will see some Bulbasaur on some logs. Use the apples to lure them out of the logs and try to get them to fill as much of the picture as possible, they will even dance/do tricks a little, this can earn you lots of points.

Charred Barbecue

Submit a photo of Charmander worth 4,000 points.

This is actually easier than it sounds. In the Volcano stage, get to the Moltres egg but do not knock it in the Lava. Instead, let it stop the cart, throw apples to the two Charmanders on the left and they will call out for 6 more. Play with them and get pictures of them.

That Little Squirt!

Submit a photo of Squirtle worth 4,000 points.

In the Valley, you will see the Squirtle flowing down the river, you can hit them with food to get them out of the water to get them on the land right to the left, get as many as you can out of the water and take their picture.

Beauty of the Sea

Submit a photo of Larpris worth 3,000 points.

This one is very tricky because on the Beach, Lapras always seems so far out. However, there is a bit of a trick. When you take a picture of Lapras, it will move closer the next time you get to an area beside the water so anytime you can, snap a photo of it and it will eventually be very close. I usually found about 4 areas where I could see them on the right to get a good sized one near the Kangaskhan.

Could be Anything

Submit a photo of Ditto worth 4,000 points.

This one is pretty easy, at the start of the Cave level, you will see FAKE Bulbasaur. Hit them with a Pesterball and they will transform back into Ditto. There are several of them and they will react to Pokemon Food so lure them together and get some good shots.

Digital Glitch

Submit a photo of Porygon worth 4,000 points.

These guys are in the River. After the area with the Metapods, you’ll see on the right these moving pieces in the wall, hit them with a Pesterball to get the Porygon to come out of the wall, then Lure them close to each other and start taking pictures.

Icy Flight

Submit a photo of Articuno worth 4,500 points.

Articuno is in the Cave. You will eventually get to an area with some sleeping Jynx, use the Pokeflute to wake them hatching the egg. Articuno will emerge and take the photo with it as big as possible and better if it is sparkling.


Submit a photo of Zapdos worth 4,500 points.

Zapdos is in the Cave in the first room past the doors. Lure Pikachu to the egg using Pokemon food and then play the Pokeflute so Pikachu will zap the egg. Zapdos will emerge and take the photo with it as big as possible and better if it is electrified.

Molten Hot

Submit a photo of Moltres worth 4,500 points.

Moltres is in the Volcano, you cannot miss it. You must knock its egg into the lava to move forward, when it does, snap it’s photo when it is in the air and lots of ember flying off it.

The Genes of All

Submit a photo of Mew worth 10,000 points.

This is fairly hard to do. Mew is the only Pokemon in the Rainbow Cloud and you need a perfect picture. You need to knock it shield around first and then when it comes from behind, you need to hit it so it gets stunned, keep hitting it until it is in front of you. You need it close enough to see it’s pose before it disappears, plus it’s biggest size. Keep hitting it, when you think it is close enough, start spamming the pictures and hopefully it will strike it’s pose and you’ll get it while it filled the picture.

Best Friends!

Submit a photo of Charmander worth over 1,000 Same Pokemon score.

See Charred Barbeque.

Surfs up!

Submit a photo of Pikachu Surfing.

This is taken on the Beach, the first Pikachu you see on the right, use the Pokefood to lure him to the surf board and he’ll hop on.

Rollin’ Through

Submit of photo of Pikachu on a Ball.

On the Tunnel, you’ll see a Pikachu right at the start on the right. Snap pictures of it and it will move towards the rolling Electrode, when it’s close enough it will hop on.

Totally Stumped

Submit of Photo of Pikachu on a Stump.

On the Beach, in a grassy area on the left, you will also see some flower patches, throw Pesterballs in there to flush some Pikachu out of the grass and they will get on the stumps on the other side.

Pikachu, Use Agility!

Submit of Photo of a speeding Pikachu.

Close to the end of the River course, you will see a log with a Pikachu sticking out of the top, strike it with an apple and it will run out, snap it’s picture.

Full of Hot Air

Submit a photo of a Balloon Pikachu.

In the Cave, you need to hit the Pikachu that is being carried by the Zubat, hit the Zubat with a Pesterball and the Pikachu should drop and grow some balloons, snap a photo.

Soaring Through the Air

Submit a photo of a flying Pikachu.

Similar to the Balloon Pikachu, you hit the Zubat, get Pikachu with its balloons and then you need to wake the Articuno, it will go to the Pikachu and you can get a picture of the Flying Pikachu.

Time For A Solo

Submit of photo of one Jigglypuff on the stage.

There are 3 Jigglypuff in this stage being bullied by Koffing. You need to rescue at least one of them (But not all three). Before the end, on the right side, you’ll see Jigglypuff on stage singing, snap a photo.

Singing in a Trio

Submit of photo of a Trio of Jigglypuff on stage.

Just like Time For A Solo, you will need to rescue Jigglypuff, rescue all three and you will see all three on the stage singing together, take a picture.

Hot Headed

Submit a photo of Fighting Magmar.

The best spot on the Volcano for this is after the Moltres Egg, you will see two Magmar, throw Pokemon food between them and they will fight over it. Take a picture of them fighting.

Caught in the breeze

Submit of photo of Gust Using Pidgey.

This is done on the Beach, Meowth are chasing some Pidgey, free the Pidgey and then right before the end on the right, you will see some Pidgey use Gust on Meowth.

Getting My Groove On

Submit a photo of Dancing Graveller.

In the Valley, after you go down the big slope in the river, across from the waterfall, you’ll see graveller, they will dance if you are playing the Pokeflute.

The Treasure of the Rainbow

Submit a photo of the Rare Pokemon Mew.

Mew is the only Pokemon on the Rainbow Cloud, take it’s picture but you need to make sure it is not in its shield.

Mega Beach Party

Complete the Beach Challenge.

See Challenging Valley Ride!

Tunnel Vision

Complete the Tunnel Challenge.

See Challenging Valley Ride!

Hot Time on the Hill

Complete the Volcano Challenge.

See Challenging Valley Ride!

River Rafting Blast!

Complete the River Challenge.

See Challenging Valley Ride!

Cave Adventurer

Complete the Cave Challenge.

See Challenging Valley Ride!

Challenging Valley Ride!

Complete the Valley Challenge.

These challenges are all about getting lots of pictures on your run though the course. There are two factors here, the point value for the shot you took and then the number of Pokemon species you photographed in the run, including signs. So, the strategy to these is to take a picture of as many different Pokemon/signs you can which will act as multipliers to the score, but then also the point value of the shots so take them in their best poses and such. The goal to hit is to get at least 1,510,000 points in the course through all pictures taken. So take the best shots, and as many different Pokemon as you can to get the highest multiplier that you can get.

Rainbow Cloud Soaring

Complete the Rainbow Cloud Challenge.

This one is mostly the same as the other Challenge Scores however, there is only one Pokemon and it’s Mew. So, the best way to do this is to get as many photos of Mew as possible. To get good ones, use the same strategy as the The Genes of All achievement but use your entire camera roll. With that strategy, it shouldn’t take long to get this.