In many ways, 2021 has been the year of Quality Assurance and the year of Revisions. Although being worked toward for a long time, back in April we revealed the QA Team which has become the fourth pillar in how we run things.

The focus of the QA Team is development compliance and working with developers. Under this branch falls: Code Reviewers, Writing, Hash-Links, RA Patch Project, Site Cleanup, Tickets Cleanup and more!

What I’m here to talk about today is a brand new way of handling Developer Events, DevQuest!


What is DevQuest?

We are changing the way we do Developer events by not having limited time events anymore. Things such as Devember, Great-Jacko, are gone. Previous time-constrained developer events have caused them to lose participants and die-out fairly quickly. We still want to award developers with their hard work, but on their own time and contributions.

In place of timed events, we will have QUESTS that act like an MMO. These quests do not have a time limit, and by completing each one you earn a site badge. You can start a quest today, one week later, or even three months later: they will still be there for you!

How do I mark my progress?

A document will be created for you to fill out as a participant. Upon completion of a quest, a member of the QA-Team will verify that you have completed the quest requirements, and you will be awarded the site badge for it.

When will new quests be created?

New quests will be added when deemed necessary by QA-Team, You will probably get a ping/notification when this is done.

Is Anything retroactive?

Except Vet Dev time and work you put in, no. The goal of developer events even at their core was to help clean the site.

Can we suggest quests?

DM a QA team member the idea and we will discuss it in QA Team

Current DevQuests

QUEST #001: Ticket Massacre - Close/Resolve 50 Tickets

  • Goal: Fix/Close 50 tickets and get the Badge (please mark the ticket you are working on in doc and in #tickets-cleanup )
  • Best Contact Point: SlashTangent
    1. Bold warning here that falsifying ticket closures will result in a long talk with QA Team and Moderation
    3. Network Issue tickets do not count but please close these terrible tickets anyway out of the kindness of your heart
    4. These must be new tickets closed/fixed.
    5. Tickets cannot be YOUR tickets or tickets you edited for someone else before
    6. You must document each ticket you solve in provided doc under your name.
    7. Whenever you reach 50, contact QATeam member and get badge


  • Goal: Fix 3 Sets from Provided Batch (It will be refilled)
  • Best Contact Point: StingX2
    1. Pick a game and then contact QA Team for a quick sit down
    2. Make the revision claims as usual procedure
    3. Resolve any open tickets for achievements kept in the set, Tickets for achievements being left demoted can be simply closed with reason of demotion cited
    4. Revisions must fix all broken logic of kept achievements, fix broken challenges, add on missing content, and add missing challenges. These MUST be full revisions, content amount will vary depending on the size of the game.
    5. If questions contact QA team to try and improve plan
    6. When the set is ready mark it down on the doc under your name to be signed off by a QA member

QUEST #003: One Single Condition

  • Goal: Fix 20 achievements to make them not just single condition achievements
  • Best Contact Point: Anyone on QA Team
    1. If developer is active must get permission first
    2. This is a chance to tighten the code up, do not just add a bad line of code
    3. You do not need a revision vote to tighten

QUEST #004: Veteran Dev

  • Goal: Graduate from Dev to Veteran Dev
  • Best Contact Point: televandalist
    1. Has worked on at least 25 sets as sole or majority developer
    2. Has created achievements for at least ten different consoles
    3. Has been an active developer for at least two years
    4. Has used at least 75 percent of all currently available flags and features
    5. At least 85 percent of sets have dynamic rich presence
    6. Pending Leaderboard requirement
    7. Yielded unlocks have exceeded 50,000
    8. As a sole developer, submitted one or more sets for code review and receive overall grade of at least 20
    9. Has obtained at least two badges through DevQuest

NOTE: It’s recommended to test it on one of your own sets first before attempting this quest

QUEST #005: Trigger Happy

Goal: Update 20 sets with the Trigger and Measured flags.
Note: IF applicable. Do not use it if there is no instance that applies
Point of Contact: Any QATeam member

  1. If developer is active must get permission first
  2. Must put measured and/or triggered where it makes sense
  3. You can do your own sets at 0.5 per set value.
  4. PLEASE LEAVE Comments on set page for what you changed for log purposes

There is no list for this quest. I estimate we have 2500 + sets without this