Blaster Master (NES)


This is not an official manual, official walk through or critical review. This document is a simple guide for the current achievement set available on RetroAchievements. This page will give the player tips on earning the achievements, hash compatibility and any other necessary or useful information.


Blaster Master is a platform/run and gun shooter released by Sunsoft in 1988 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Originally, it was released under the name Chô Wakusei Senki Metafight in Japan, developed by Tokai Engineering. For the localized release, the plot was changed from your typical run and gun, space planetary defender storyline to a boy (Jason) on a mission to rescue his pet frog (Fred) from uncertain doom. The search for Fred underground leads to a bigger adventure, leaving Jason to go up against an alien force with an even sinister plan to invade and take over Earth. More specifically, Earth’s radioactive plutonium waste is what is attracting this unknown, but evil force, multiplying the radioactive dangers already polluted by mankind. It’s up to Jason to save his frog, Fred and the Earth.


Blaster Master was included in Worlds of Power, a series of Scholastic book adaptions of localized NES games. The book added characters such as Eve, a humanoid alien heroine who lands on Earth, solely set on defeating the Plutonium Boss. Jason assists Eve by eradicating the aliens while Eve drives the Sophia 3rd. Other games novelized in the series are Ninja Gaiden, Simon’s Quest, Mega Man 2, etc.


If your game matches the following hash Md5s, it is compatible with the available RA set. The confirmed hash is the one which was used to create the set, making it the recommended version. Blaster Master (NES) is compatible with the following MD5s:

  • 0654418bc6e67d0ac964b34552421935
  • 2b4788a56c7bc211eeb68e08e6a62454
  • 350eec77cb0ad9c6f7488eb2598721b3
  • 4e748b0f638476809a1f39e7d01ff6c4
  • cf3aa7de0b25b6093ed4b1196bb24580
  • d21a0d6f39f8f3a6f7a346b995095af9 // confirmed, Blaster Master USA/U [!]
  • e72f32db5cb6569b4eb0584d2c537030

Save Support

Blaster Master is not supported by a password system or built-in saves. Continuous gameplay through the 8 areas you need to reach, could be less than two hours.


Total achievements: 26

  • 8 item achievements
  • 10 progress achievements
  • 1 Completionist achievement
  • 3 Boss challenge achievements
  • 2 Missable achievements
  • 2 End-game challenge achievements

Additional Notes

Achievements are no longer compatible with the infamous boss glitch. If you attempt to pause the game and use the trick, further achievements will be nullified.

Target Practice Target Practice

Use Homing Missile

Classification: Item based

This achievement is unlocked when Sophia 3rd is equipped with this item and used. It shoots a homing missile by selecting this object on the inventory screen, then holding down and pressing the “B” button (while in the vehicle). It can either be picked up by the vehicle itself or by Jason on foot. Due to RAM instability, this is the among the trickiest of the easiest achievements in the entire game. You have to hold down the fire button until this unlocks (or repeatedly press fire).

Lightning Strikes Lightning Strikes

Use Thunder Break

Classification: Item based

Unlocks when Sophia 3rd is equipped with this item and used. It shoots a thunder beam from below while in the vehicle (see Target Practice).

Triple Threat Triple Threat

Use Multi-Warhead Missiles

Classification: Item based

Unlocks when Sophia 3rd is equipped with this item and used. It shoots a spread of 3 missiles while in the vehicle.

Full Blast Full Blast

Maximize Gun Energy

Classification: Item based

Collect enough of this item to maximize Jason’s gun (gauge), then this achievement will unlock. 4 Gun units should do it.

Ready for Blast-Off Ready for Blast-Off

Maximize Hover Gauge

Classification: Item based

Collect the “H” orbs dropped by enemies to fill Sophia 3rd’s hover gauge. You must obtain the hover equipment first (see Hovercraft), which will allow the achievement to unlock (once the gauge is full). It is possible to fill the gauge before you obtain the equipment, but the achievement cannot unlock without the equipment obtained.

Max Homing Max Homing

Collect full ammo of Homing Missile (99x)

Classification: Item based

Maximize Homing Missiles ammo (99x) in your inventory. You can see the amount you are carrying by pressing start. There are two ways to achieve this: either enter and clear as many rooms with Jason on foot, or just simply don’t use any special weapon ammo until this unlocks. Either way, you still have to pick up enough enemy drops to max out ammo.

Max Thunder Max Thunder

Collect full ammo of Thunder Break (99x)

Classification: Item based

Maximize Thunder Break ammo (99x) in your inventory (see Max Homing).

Max Warhead Max Warhead

Collect full ammo of Multi-Warhead Missile (99x)

Classification: Item based

Maximize Multi-Warhead Missile ammo (99x) in your inventory.

KO the Gatekeeper KO the Gatekeeper

Defeat the mutant blocking the gateway in Area 1.

Classification: Progress based

To advance to the next area, you must get past this guy. The achievement unlocks once you have eliminated him. You need to attain Hyper from the first boss in order to proceed (see Hyperactivity).

Detour Detour

Find the shortcut in Area 3.

Classification: Missable

This will unlock if you can find the pathway in Area 3, but Area 3 must be cleared first by obtaining Crusher (see Crush Them). Look for orange blocks.

Fred ?! Fred ?!

Reunite with your mutant pet.

Classification: Progress based

Based off of the Worlds of Power novelization, Jason finds Fred much earlier as one of the plutonium bosses. This achievement will unlock when you first meet the mutated frog in Area 4.

Water-Resistant Water-Resistant

Sink Sophia into the abyss in Area 5.

Classification: Missable

Jason has to swim his way through most of Area 5 to reach the boss. You can’t get any further if you don’t destroy the blocks. Simply shoot with Sophia’s Crush beam to destroy the blocks which prevent you from proceeding. You can either leave Sophia in that very same spot, or earn the achievement by dropping the vehicle into the opening where the blocks stood. Keep in mind, if you do not bring Sophia in as deep as she can go, you would have to take a longer route when returning to the vehicle, after defeating the boss of this area.

Seventh Heaven Seventh Heaven

Defeat all 7 Warlords

Classification: Progress based

If you made it this far, you have eliminated all the bosses including the final Warlord in Area 7. This will unlock as soon the 7th Warlord goes down.

Hyperactivity Hyperactivity

Obtain Hyper

Classification: Progress based

Dropped by the first Warlord. Without it, you cannot proceed to Area 2. Achievement unlocks when Jason picks this up.

Crush Them Crush Them

Obtain Crusher

Classification: Progress based

Dropped by the second Warlord. Without it, you cannot proceed to Area 3.

Hovercraft Hovercraft

Obtain Hover

Classification: Progress based

Dropped by the third Warlord. You will have difficulty accessing further areas without it, in fact, you cannot escape Area 3 without this. Hover enables Sophia to do exactly what it says by holding down the A button while jumping in the vehicle. After Jason picks this up, be prepared to fill up the hover gauge, return to Area 1 (the start of the game) to reach Area 4.

I am the Keymaster I am the Keymaster

Obtain the Key

Classification: Progress based

Dropped by the fourth Warlord. You cannot proceed to Area 5 without this.

Propellers "R" Us Propellers “R” Us

Obtain Dive

Classification: Progress based

Dropped by the fifth Warlord. Areas 6 is inaccessible without this.

On the Wall On the Wall

Obtain Wall I

Classification: Progress based

Dropped by the Sixth Warlord. After Jason picks this up, Sophia the 3rd can now scale walls. Return to Area 2 after obtaining this to access Area 7.

Defy Gravity Defy gravity

Obtain Wall II

Classification: Progress based

Dropped by the Seventh Warlord. After Jason picks this up, Sophia the 3rd can climb the ceiling. You can now avoid the spikes in Area 3, which leads to Area 8, the final area.

On Eve's Ride On Eve’s Ride

Complete Blaster Master

Classification: Completionist

The achievement unlocks after the Plutonium Boss is felled and the game ends.

Keen as Howard the Duck Keen as Howard the Duck

KO the Overlord guarding the Plutonium chamber, with full health and max gun.

Classification: Boss challenge

The foreboding creature standing between you and the Plutonium Boss in Area 8. Suspiciously looks similar to the marionettes used in the 1986 film Howard the Duck. Just dodge the bouncing plutonium bubbles it spews out of its mouth (it’s weak point), strafe and flank it. You have a chance to buff Jason before entering this room, by destroying the blocks 2 doors down and picking up the power-ups they drop. The gun at maximum can pierce through the plutonium, making this fight a breeze.

Not a Scratch Not a Scratch

Defeat the Plutonium Boss without getting the whip. (Requires full health)

Classification: Boss challenge

Rewarded if you do not get hit by the Plutonium Boss. If you get hit, you can try again on the next life or continue. I believe you can even walk out of the room, back 2 rooms, to the hall with the destructible blocks and power-ups to buff Jason. You just have to be quick and run out of there before the Plutonium Boss appears. The strategy is to penetrate his armor with the gun’s gauge on at least, level 3. Flank him and get out of the way when he charges your direction. His whip will hit at a 45 degree angle, but you must be nimble enough to escape it. If you have played Fester’s Quest and fought any of the bosses in that game, you’ll find this not too difficult.

Overpower the Plutonium threat Overpower the Plutonium threat

Defeat the Plutonium Boss with max gun.

Classification: Boss challenge

Rewarded if you bested the Plutonium Boss with Jason’s gun at maxed level (this is after picking up 4 gun units). The Plutonium Boss is actually easier with the gun at maximum, since it can penetrate his tough armor like a laser. The catch, is to maintain the gun in the previous challenge (see Keen as Howard the Duck) and not get hit. Getting hit will reduce the gun’s power - this was the main reason why you must have full health for Not a Scratch, otherwise these challenges would be too similar. As said previously, you might have a chance to buff Jason by leaving the room before the Plutonium Boss appears, walking back to the hall, 2 doors down toward all of the power-ups.

Master Blaster Master Blaster

Complete Blaster Master without using any continues.

Classification: End game challenge

As the description says, get to the end game credits without using a continue. Created for players who know the game the best. Everyone starts with 3 credits and once you lose all your lives, you are given a chance to continue. If you use the continue, this achievement won’t unlock when the end game credits roll.

In One Go In One Go

Complete Blaster Master without losing a life.

Classification: End game challenge

You get one shot and that’s it. The only tip available, is to study the boss attack patterns throughout the game and exploit the Plutonium Boss’s weakness.