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In July we started the DevQuest #7.

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QUEST #007: Most Wanted

Game Console Genre
Most Wanted [DevQuest] Most Wanted [DevQuest] Events Developer Event
  • Goal: Develop a set for one of the most requested sets on the site that appears in the Most Wanted Games segment of RANews. Once you claim it, you’re good even if it falls off the list.
  • Point of Contact: StingX2
  • Requirements:
    1. You must have an open claim as you will need to claim your set
    2. Must be a full set, not just progression. Badges will be denied to those who make incomplete sets.
    3. If you already have one claimed you must be under 50% progress for it to count
    4. Must run it by StingX2 so he can mark you off as claiming it. “I’m not a mind reader!”