What’s going on in the achievement creation scene.


For this month (yeah, September) we’re going to start a new DevQuest.

If you want more info about all DevQuests, we centralize information about them in this forum topic.

QUEST #008: World Traveler

  • Goal: Develop two sets for games that were never released officially in English.
  • Point of Contact: Infernox
  • Requirements:
    1. All claims intended for this quest must follow normal procedure.
    2. They must be full sets. Fodder for the Progression Only hub won’t count towards the badge.
    3. If you already have a suitable game claimed, your progress must be under 50% complete to count towards the quest.
    4. Any sets intended for World Traveler will not stack with any other quests based around developing new content.
    5. Games that possess English translation patches do count towards the quest.
    6. Hacks and homebrew do not count towards the quest. Unlicensed titles might count as long as they aren’t blatant bootleg ports or hacks of another game. If you’re unsure if a game is valid, contact Infernox.
    7. Once your sets are finished, run it by Infernox so your progress can be marked as complete.

QA Weekly Wrap

QA Team started to post the things they have done on a weekly basis. You can check them in the links below: