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  • where you farmed extra-lives
  • where’s that spot where the boss can’t hit you
  • or even your super-personal approach to get it done!

And if you strategy is hard to describe with words, no problem! Send us some images or even a video (like the ones you’ll see below for Metroid Fusion and Final Fight 3).

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Vectorman (Mega Drive)

Achievement Game
Achievement Badge Insane Vector Vectorman (Mega Drive)

The game is fair and fun to play! Very generous with the lives you can get with his score/item multiplier feature!

Do not be afraid in dying a couple of times to gain knowledge on a level before trying a winning run! Just expect to lose about 2-4 lives per level if you don’t upgrade your max health! To help you better, there’s a way to get 10 Lives on 2 Levels: Day 3 and Day 9 (Day 1 has a secret area for lives but not to that BIG extent, enough for getting to Day 3 with major mess-ups), there’s a TV that you can break that gives you a 10x Multiplier, in which you have to run to get the other TV that gives you a 1-up, in turn, you’ll get 10 1-ups in one go!

Use Level Select and explore those two levels and you’ll understand where the locations are! Just be mindful that using Level Select voids some of the achievements, particularly this one, so you got to have every bit of knowledge on the game to manage it through! Seems like an impossible task but with the amount of life ups you can get AND the possibility of upgrading your Max Life, you should have very little trouble! Even you’ll have fun taking on such difficulty!

Good luck!

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PlayStation)

Achievement Game
Achievement Badge Death of Death Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PlayStation)

Like most no damage achievements, you can just play safe and take your time. However, things get tricky once Death starts shooting green skulls. They are way harder to dodge than the previous attacks, but there’s one easy trick here! Since Death is a boss with attacks tied to what phase it’s in, you can predict what it does next with some practice. Once you know you’re entering the troublesome phase, just jump on it and spam dive kicks as fast as you can. If you did that right, you end the phase before it even starts. Then, just go back, play it safe and read Death’s actions.

Puzzle Bobble 3 (Arcade)

Achievement Game
Achievement Badge One Coin 2.5 Traveler Puzzle Bobble 3 (Arcade)

One Coin 2.5 Traveler can be a tricky achievement even [i]with[/i] a solid route planned out. Without a route, it can be downright daunting. I’ll share the route I used to get the achievement in hopes of giving any One Coin hopefuls a launching off point. In my experience, the safest route is B>D>H>M>R>? (the final stage is called “?”). If you find yourself having trouble with stage B, starting with stage A works too.

Pokemon Snap (Nintendo 64)

Achievement Game
Achievement Badge Cave Adventure Pokemon Snap (Nintendo 64)

Slow your speed in Pokemon Snap for the perfect shot! I had a hard time with this achievement and Articuno. Until, I found online that you spam C-buttons left and right so you can stall yourself! This works on every level and can help with the sizing and timing of Snaps.

Rugrats: Search for Reptar (PlayStation)

Game Console Genre
Rugrats: Search for Reptar Rugrats: Search for Reptar PlayStation Adventure

This is a tip for the whole game.

There will be many situations when you are on the clock and on the second floor of the Pickles home. As you may know, babies aren’t great at climbing up and downstairs. But, never fear, as this game lacks fall damage. So, if you aren’t currently in motion, you can jump off the top of the stairs and fly toward the bottom. If you are running even slightly though the jump trick will fail.

Final Fight 3 (SNES)

Achievement Game
Vectorman The Leader of the Skull Cross Gang Final Fight 3 (SNES)

The best characters to do it are Guy and Lucia, due to the distance of their dodge. I’m gonna show 2 fighting modes: an easier one, taking advantage of a small “bug” in the game, and another one going to a more intense combat, with a small risk of losing a life.

  • “Easy Mode” - we need to lock Black in the bottom right corner, putting him away from the screen. The best way to do it is when he uses the spin, because he stays in the right spot. Do a dodge movement and go to his back and take him down. He’s going to move forward but will never attack, until the lifebar becomes yellow, which is when the screen moves forward automatically. At this point you just need to be careful and easily defeat him. Obs.: what happens here is that Black only attacks when he’s at a certain distance, and as we’re never allowing him to reach such distance, we can beat him.

  • “Normal Mode” - this fight is based only in dodging and attacking only when he throws his daggers. Avoid going to him under any ohter circumstances in order to avoid unnecessary damage.

Here’s a video showing both ways (Easy Mode in the first part of the video, Normal Mode starts at 2:42):

Metroid Fusion (GBA)

Achievement Game
Achievement Badge Wrecked SA-X Metroid Fusion (Game Boy Advance)
Achievement Badge Bare-bones Metroid Fusion (Game Boy Advance)

This is a trick about how to defeat SA-X in a much simpler way, which can bring good results when trying to unlock Wrecked SA-X and Bare-bones, hopefully making those challenges a little less frustrating.

In the first SA-X fighting form (the hardest part of the challenge) she’ll always be running from a side to the other in the bottom-left corner, reaching a point where she can’t move. This will depend a little on RNG so she can do the right move, allowing us to lock her. Another important point: after locking her you’ll need to take good care controling the right timing to charge your weapon. A minimum flaw can ruin this strategy.

In the second fighting form, there’s no secret, you only need to stay in the highest place of the map, charging and shooting her.

In the third and last part you just need to be careful to stay away, use the missile and jump when the nucleus open up.

Here’s a video showing this strategy: