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What’s happening with the developer side of the site.

New System Support

  • PSP is now supported with nearly 40 sets available on launch day.


RAIntegration 0.79.4 has been released

  • adjust grid column widths for screen DPI
  • improve error message related to malformed leaderboard
  • update Intellivision memory map regions to account for non-8-bit addresses being exposed as 32-bit values
  • fix previous best leaderboard score showing up on wrong user when tied
  • fix bookmark value not updating when changing size while paused
  • fix code note size detection when note contains multiple substring matches


RALibRetro 1.3.8 has been released Primary feature is PSP support


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QUEST #009: Launch Party

  • Goal: Develop a set for any new system big or small, you have a 6 month window per system.
  • Point of Contact: televandalist televandalist
  • Requirements:
    1. Check in with televandalist to make sure the window is still open
    2. Must be a full set (to the extent of the games capabilities, See Watara vs PSP)
    3. Promotion window for PSP and badge eligibility: 2021-10-01 through 2022-04-01.

QA Weekly Wrap

Check out what the QA Team has been up to as of the last month.