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QUEST #010: It Takes Two

  • Goal: Develop a collab set with at least 1 other dev
  • Point of Contact: Snow Snow & SlashTangent SlashTangent
  • Requirements:
    1. Set must have a fair share of the work done by each dev - Sets like Animal Crossing DS would not be approved.
    2. Must be a full set covering every aspect of the game
    3. Each Dev must publish at least 20 achievements each.
    4. Achievements must make sense, no fluff to fulfill requirement.
    5. Must Follow Dev CoC as per usual.

QUEST #011: Happy Birthday RA!

  • Goal: Develop a set for the Mega Drive/Genesis to celebrate RA’s first achievement!
  • Point of Contact: televandalist televandalist
  • Requirements:
    1. All claims intended for this quest must follow normal procedure.
    2. Must be full sets.
    3. Sega CD and Sega 32X games are not eligible.
    4. No prototypes or hacks.
    5. Quest is available year round.
    6. If you already have one claimed you must be under 50% progress for it to count.
    7. Not Stackable

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