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QUEST #006: The Unwanted Addendum

  • What: Intellivision was removed from automatic re-spin eligibility.
  • Why: Updates to the core resolved the issues that made it eligible before.

  • What: Developers can now re-spin ONCE if their claim expires or if they drop the set. However, if they drop the set, they will still need to wait until the claim would have expired. For example: Claim is made on September 1st and then dropped on November 1st. The re-spin would still need to wait until December 1st. Remember that this can only happen once so choose wisely
  • Why the penalty: Because it keeps someone from doing re-spins until they get what they want, which is the exact opposite of what the DevQuest is about ??

QUEST #011: Happy Birthday RA!

  • Goal: Develop a set for the Mega Drive/Genesis to celebrate RA’s first achievement!
  • Point of Contact: televandalist televandalist or really anyone on QA
  • Requirements: 1. All claims intended for this quest must follow normal procedure. 2. Must be full sets. 3. Sega CD and Sega 32X games are not eligible. 4. No prototypes or hacks. 5. Quest is available year round. 6. If you already have one claimed you must be under 50% progress for it to count. 7. Not stackable with other quests and not retroactive!

    Addendum as of 11/26/2021

  • What: Major/Significant revisions will now be accepted for this DevQuest, Collabs are also accepted but do not stack with DevQuest #010
  • Why: There are still a lot of Mega Drive/Genesis games that don’t have sets, but considering it was the first supported console on RA, there are still tons of sets that are in dire need of repair and/or expansion.

QA Weekly Wrap

Check out what the QA Team has been up to as of the last month.

Revision Changes

  • What: 1. Changing the description to clarify or correct it to match the logic that is already present does NOT require a revision vote. 2. Altering the achievement’s objective in any way DOES require a revision vote as always.

  • Why: There’s a bunch of achievements out there from back in the wild west days where developers would put “Collect a bunch of coins” or “Waste a bunch of time before fighting the boss”. These give no indication of how much or how long someone has to spend doing it without looking at the code.

Devember 2021

  • Goal:
    • Developers: Clear as many tickets as possible or provide save states for current tickets/inactive developer sets
    • Regular Users: Provide save states for current tickets/inactive developer sets
  • Point of Contact: SlashTangent SlashTangent

  • Current Progress:
    • Total Tickets Cleared: 671
    • RPG/Long Game Tickets Cleared: 157
    • Developers Cleared of Tickets: 11
    • Games Cleared of Tickets: 25
    • Save States Submitted: 2363
    • Full Game Save States Submitted: 60
  • Rankings:

Recycled Game Pages

  • Announcement: Over the past few months there have been a few cases of game pages without sets having all their information wiped and the entries recycled. Unless it’s a duplicate entry, please do not do this. If there is a legitimate reason for why you believe an entry should be trashed, please message the QATeam instead.

RAWeb v1.76 Released

What’s Changed

  • Add new console IDs by televandalist televandalist in #863
  • Fix first place display when an Untracked user is tied by Searo Searo in #850
  • Devs can now close a ticket as a mistaken report by AlmightyXor AlmightyXor in #834
  • Update Facebook link to add www by coliff in #839
  • Fixed sorting by ‘Last Updated’ field for games list by anegoda1995 anegoda1995 in #855
  • Add an empty cell under the Last Updated column by LordAndrew LordAndrew in #856
  • make dorequest?r=login behave like login_app by Jamiras Jamiras in #842
  • don’t hide forum topics if last post is from an unverified user by Jamiras Jamiras in #843
  • Prevent blocked users from sending private messages by Jamiras Jamiras in #847
  • add confirmation prompt when creating official forum topic by Jamiras Jamiras in #854
  • show leaderboards with no entries on game page by Jamiras Jamiras in #857
  • allow official forum topic sidebar link when not logged in by Jamiras Jamiras in #858
  • show recent players on game page by Jamiras Jamiras in #859
  • eliminate second call to expensive query by Jamiras Jamiras in #861
  • add uploadleaderboard dorequest api by Jamiras Jamiras in #862
  • don’t show leaderboards with DisplayOrder<0 on game pages by Jamiras Jamiras in #866
  • don’t show banned users in recent players list by Jamiras Jamiras in #867