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Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (Nintendo 64)

Achievement Game
Using the Environment [m] Using the Environment [m] Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time - Master Quest Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time - Master Quest

One of the most creative achievements I’ve earned recently involves clearing the Deku Tree without using your sword and firing only a single required shot from the slingshot. First, make sure you purchase the Deku Stick capacity upgrade from the Business Scrub under the bridge leading to Hyrule Field. You’ll also want to make sure you’re carrying as many Deku Nuts as possible before entering the dungeon. For rooms in which you need to kill all the enemies, Gohma Larvae can be defeated by throwing a Deku Nut before the egg hatches. Deku Nuts have a larger hitbox than you may expect, and this can even be used to destroy eggs as they fall from the ceiling. The infinite Deku Stick glitch, though not required for this challenge, is pretty helpful as well: simply take damage shortly after breaking a stick and before Link disposes of it, and you’ll be able to keep reusing that single stick!

Mega Man 5 (NES)

Achievement Game
Darkness and Despair Darkness and Despair Mega Man 5 Mega Man 5

The most painful achievement to get was beating Dark Man 1 damageless, for a few reasons. He, at least for me, was the most deceptively hard boss fight, because of how he fires. Getting a Game Over after too many failed attempts results in you replaying the stage again, which got very annoying. If you’re wondering about tips, I would start with a charge shot when the fight starts, and then switch to Water Wave right after, because using too much Water Wave results in only getting 1-2 good runs before running out. Hitting him until he gets quicker at the start is what I recommend, and afterwards, learn when to jump over him, his bullets, and when to shoot, and you’ll eventually get it all down.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PlayStation Portable)

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Farming for those orbs is a real pain, isn’t it? Having to break their bravery again and again, just hoping for that golden star to pop up… good to know there is a way to get it much more easily!

Step 1: Get all the accessory slots you can get, along with raising your luck and battlegen rate as much as possible.
Step 2: Have Deathgaze as your set Summon
Step 3: Select your target. Make sure to put them at level 100. If need be, adjust the difficulty.
Step 4: Look at your target’s bravery. If it doesn’t end in a 5 or 0, forfeit the match, exit back to the menu and challenge again. Changing the difficulty might help out. However, for some, you might need to lower the level by one or two.
Step 5: If their starting bravery does end in a 5 or 0, immediately use Deathgaze. If you get the orb, defeat them. If not, select “Retry” instead of Forfeit. That way, you’ll fight the exact same one again. Once you win, make sure to select “Rematch” to fight the exact same one again.
Step 6: Once your summon runs out, keep forfeiting and rematching until it’s ready again. Once you have the orbs, go to the next one.

Do note there are two exceptions to this.

Cloud of Darkness requires hitting her with an HP attack. So set her difficulty to 1 and just pummel her until you get them. Gabranth requires an EX Burst hit, so craft a couple of Arcane Resins to start with the gauge all filled up, then just hit him with it and if you get it, finish him off, otherwise, retry so you won’t lose it.

Happy hunting!

Spyro: Year of the Dragon (Playstation)

Achievement Game
Bested Sorceress Bested Sorceress Spyro: Year of the Dragon Spyro: Year of the Dragon

The fight has three rounds, each of which introduce a new weapon to use and cause a change in the attacks the Sorceress uses. The first round is before the first two hits with the cannon weapon, the second is until the Sorceress hits half health and the third is the final half of her health bar.

Each of the ranged attacks the Sorceress uses, which are covered below, have a wind up animation which is colored the same as the attack. This gives you time to make a choice on how you want to dodge.

Agent 9 will shoot down weapons for Spyro to use on the Sorceress as she cannot be harmed by regular flame or charge attacks. When a round is over the current weapons will disappear along with whatever weapon Spryo is using at the time. It seems that when you get close to a weapon the Sorceress has a higher chance of using a fireball, which has a mild lock-on effect. If she casts one, shown by the orange wind up animation, get off the weapon immediately and charge away, there will always be another weapon dropped by Agent 9.

Leading your shots when you have access to the mobile hover cannon and the flying saucer is the key to a quick fight as you can hit the Sorceress multiple times between her attacks.

First Round

The sorceress has three attacks. A fireball that has mild lock-on (this is the bane of any Bested attempt but is telegraphed well since it the only attack that is orange). An area attack composed of three blue balls that are fired in an arc at Spyros’ position at the time. They explode into a ring of damage upon hitting the ground. And a green melee attack shaped like arrows if you get too close to her. Your only weapon is a static cannon with 10 shots that have to be arched at the Sorceress while she runs to different positions across the arena.

Second Round

The same attacks are present and now she also has a large area attack made of the same blue balls which spread all over the arena. the wind up animation is the same as the three ball attack but the projectiles take longer to land and are more spread out. They cast a shadow on the ground which you can use to avoid them, watch out for clusters because if you get trapped between them the rings of damage will overlap onto you. During this round you gain access to a mobile hover cannon, again with 10 shots. This can be used to chase the Sorceress across the arena for a better chance to hit her. The cannon shoots in a straight line so as long as you lead your shots and the Sorceress doesn’t run out of the way you should be able to hit her multiple times with the same weapon. Don’t get too close though or her melee ability will trigger, damaging you and knocking you off the weapon.

Third Round

You gain access to a flying saucer with unlimited ammo. This is the most dangerous part of the fight as the only attack the Sorceress will use is the fireball which has a very aggressive lock on feature. If you see her start to charge a fireball attack try to fly behind her or parallel to where she is casting from to try and lead the fireball behind your position or make it lose tracking. If you fly right at her then the fireball will lock on and almost certainly hit you as you fly over it. The same advice for the mobile hover cannon applies here, lead the shot from the saucer to where the Sorceress is running to and don’t get in her space unless you want to get slapped. The big thing to remember is that the saucer is constantly moving forward and it’s speed is dependent on how close you are to edge of the arena. You can only control he direction it travels in and the closer to the wall of the arena you get the slower the craft becomes which can make it difficult to maneuver when a fireball is chasing you.

~Unlicensed~ Escape from Atlantis, The (NES)

Achievement Game
Level 05 Level 05 ~Unlicensed~ Escape from Atlantis, The ~Unlicensed~ Escape from Atlantis, The

In this strange NES game you must clear a specific task on each stage without taking damage. If you take damage you end up in the underworld and need to dodge the grim reaper until you can touch a heart to revive. On stage 5 you encounter a giant cyclops and have the ability to attack him. You are supposed to do enough damage to push him to the back of the stage and then walk to victory. Well that takes too much time! Simply stun him once and run by him to the end of the stage, when he’s stunned his damaging hitbox vanishes and you can run away like the coward you are!