Welcome to RANews, your #1 source for everything RetroAchievements. It’s been another crazy year in the RetroAchievements community but we made it through. We are making this the biggest issue of RANews yet to celebrate the new year.

Thank you to everyone for the dedication, support and work you do for the RetroAchievements community. Wishing everyone the best of luck for 2022, both in RetroAchievements and in real life. Lets see what we can accomplish this upcoming year.

Quick Overview

What to expect from this issue.

A Year of Stats

Stats, stats and more stats. We’ve pulled a wide variety of stats over the past year for those of you who love looking at data.

A Year In Review

Check out all that has happened over the past year.

Current Events

List of running events in the RetroAchievements scene that are still open to join.


Stay up to date with what’s going on in Achievement Creation scene.

Devember 2.0

The yearly ticket clearing event has completed. Check out the number of tickets resolved, save states submitted and much more about the results of the event.

Play This Set

Community members talking about their favorite sets and why you should play them.

Wish This Set

Wish This Set is intended to convince other members to request a game that doesn’t have an achievement set yet.

[For those who don’t know if a game doesn’t have achievements, you can Request a set for it by clicking in the Request Set link in the game’s page.]


Another year is in the past, but there’s no time like the present to present you with a link to Nepiki’s RAGuide for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It will help you get that mastery in the near future.


pinguupinguu brings us 5 new tips from the community members to help you with your achievement hunting.

HotCheevs Monthly

List of achievement sets released in the last month.

Revisions and Rescores

Which sets got a revision or a rescore.

Art Updates

Which sets got their game icons and/or badges changed.

Top Players

Some statistics about the top 300 players of RetroAchievements and how they progressed over the last month. New updates for this month data.


Highlighting the members who have been with us and for how long.

Top Masteries

Who are the champions of each console? This section takes a look at which users have the most mastery badges for various categories.

Most Wanted Games

List of games with no achievement sets that community is excited to see. Hopefully it can encourage some achievement creators to pick a game and create a set for it. DevQuest surprise starting this month.


In this issue SporyTike brings a new Spot the Difference challenge submitted by Tayadaoc from Sonic Rush: Adventure (Nintendo DS).


StingX2 chats with one of RetroAchievements most well know artists, the man who brought you Cheevo and RAChan, Nydaxn.

How to Contribute with RANews

If you have an idea for an article to be published in the RANews, please go to the RANews profile page and send us a message.

Keep in mind that the article must be written in Markdown format. If you don’t know it, you can learn it in 10 minutes following this online tutorial here: (it’s pretty similar to what you may be already using on discord).


The RANews project wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of many passionate community members. Special thanks to the members who made this issue possible.

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