Devember 2.0


Developers participating in this event are awarded points for fixing tickets, clearing games of tickets, clearing inactive developers of tickets, submitting savestates, and completing bounties. New this year was the ability for non-developer user to participate. Users could participate by submitting save and savestates for both ticketed and non-ticketed games. This helped developers resolve tickets faster during the event and will continue to be helpful in resolving future tickets.

This years event was hosted and co-hosted by none other than SlashTangent and wilhitewarrior.

Check out the results of the event below.

Tickets Resolved/Closed 824
Starting ticket Count 1259
Ending ticket Count 596
Inactive Developers Freed of Tickets 63
RPG/Long Game Tickets 188
Games that started with 10+ tickets knocked down to 0. 6
Games that were between 5-9 tickets knocked down to 0. 27
Savestates received 3313
Complete Game Save States Received 74
Total Points Awarded 6830

Overall Points

Place User Points
1st SlashTangent SlashTangent 546
2nd Snow Snow 501
3rd televandalist televandalist 476

Savestates Submitted

Place User Savestates
1st BahamutVoid BahamutVoid 849
2nd Etron Etron 495
3rd Xymjak Xymjak 386

Tickets Resolved

Place User Tickets
1st televandalist televandalist 112
2nd SlashTangent SlashTangent 102
3rd Snow Snow 100

Hardcore Winners

BahamutVoid BahamutVoid Bartis1989 Bartis1989 blendedsea blendedsea
Etron Etron Gamechamp Gamechamp HolyShinx HolyShinx
JAM JAM Mekevin255 Mekevin255 Moka Moka
Ryudo Ryudo Searo Searo ShadwSonic ShadwSonic
siouxerskate siouxerskate SlashTangent SlashTangent Snow Snow
SporyTike SporyTike StingX2 StingX2 televandalist televandalist
Whynot15 Whynot15 wilhitewarrior wilhitewarrior xnaivx xnaivx
Xymjak Xymjak ZZKer ZZKer  

Causal Winners

AlmightyXor AlmightyXor ArcaneJames ArcaneJames Bendyhuman Bendyhuman
bonecrusher1022 bonecrusher1022 Delmaru Delmaru H1gh5pd H1gh5pd
LordAndrew LordAndrew msdmario msdmario ockerjj ockerjj
Pebete Pebete s0uth s0uth Sairotra Sairotra
soltyd soltyd Superspy Superspy Tayadaoc Tayadaoc
TeddyWestside TeddyWestside Themooncow Themooncow Zpeligo Zpeligo