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Developers for translation support

  • What: QA-Team would like to know if there are actually developers that are interested to add support. This doesn’t mean you need to add support to something every day or week, more like a bulletin board with requests and developers can check if there is something they are interested in.
  • Why: Our community is growing every day, with many people coming from different countries and speaking different languages. Lately, we get more and more requests of adding translation patches, updating these patches or supporting different versions of games so players are able to play games in their native languages. While this is technically a great idea, obviously it also is connected to work because it often requires to confirm that memory is the same or need you to code the achievements “multiple times” to support all versions.

Developer’s Code of Conduct update

  • Ticket Handling: Added a recent expansion to updating achievement descriptions that allows to match the wording of said description with the the current logic.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

  • What: To all developers, if you have gotten help from the @Art-Helper , past, present or future, please credit the creator of your badges/icons in the top post of the forum topic if you haven’t already. If you don’t own the forum topic, post a request in admin-site-cleanup and one of us will take care of it for you. Developers and art helpers have been given access to this channel for this purpose. If there’s any other corrections you’d like us to add to a forum topic for you, you can post it there too.

Forum Post Take-Over

  • What: If you are the sole/majority dev or current maintainer of a set and do not have control over the first post in the forum topic, but would like to, there’s a kinda/sorta solution to this:
  • Go to the top of the current topic and click “Requests/Ideas” above the title.
  • Ignore the fact that 90% of Official Topics are opened in the Mega Drive/Genesis forum by default.
  • Click “[Create New Topic]”
  • Enter the entry title in the “Title” field

  • Sample template for how the first posts should be:
Official Topic Post for discussion about [game=GAMEID]
Created DAY MONTH, YEAR HH:MM by [user=YOU]




[url=]Original Topic (Archived)[/url]
  • Make a request in admin-site-cleanup, which should follow this format:
**Topic Transfer**

QA Weekly Wrap

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