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Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (Nintendo DS)

Achievements Game
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

There are a couple of things you can do to make fighting the bosses on Hard Mode Level 1 cap much easier. It may be safe, but equipping an INT boost to do more skill damage is definitely worthwhile. The best skill that can be used against a variety of bosses and enemies also. Finally, for bosses that stay on the ground, darting works best because you can spam skill and backdash cancel to cause a lot of damage. Just a slight warning that this can be a little risky! If you follow these ideas, you’ll be certain to get these achievements.

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation (Nintendo DS)

Achievement Game
Sir Hero [m] Sir Hero [m] Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation

Make sure to save in the church of Somnia in case you are defeated by Garrett, and you won’t go back to Haggleton and lose the trial (in my case). For the battle, make sure you are level 7 and have learned Sap. It will make it easier. Use Sap on Garrett twice, but it won’t affect him after the third. Be careful in healing, for it will be a wasted turn, and make sure to defend on the next turn when unsteady. The types of attacks he uses are a leg sweeping attack (which you’re likely to avoid and if you’re unlucky, may knock you down) and a whirling attack that could deal about 15 HP. Before I forget, make sure you buy enough medicinal herbs to fill your inventory, not your bag. If you finish the battle, he will open the door to a chest which will contain the Restless Heart. NOTE: This is the real accessory Captain Blade is looking for. If you go to the fifth floor and head to the right most room, you will find a soldier. Talk to him and he’ll give you a gold ring (which you should equip with the Copper Sword if you haven’t yet) and tell you to bring it to Captain Blade if you think it’s the right one. DON’T GO TO THE CASTLE YET, especially if you haven’t reached the top yet. If you do go to the castle, you will lose the Gold Ring…you do not want that to happen. It won’t really matter in the game anyway as Carver will be recruited also.

Vigilante 8 (Playstation)

Vigilante 8 Vigilante 8

Playing as a vigilante is harder than the coyotes (bad guys), since in the arcade mode besides destroying all enemies, you need to also make sure they don’t destroy what you’re tasked with protecting. The trick is getting as far away as possible from those places, so that the enemies won’t target them. Another thing to notice is that items don’t de-spawn, so when there are fewer enemies left, the repair kit you probably need is in that area you were avoiding.

World Ends with You, The (Nintendo DS)

World Ends with You, The World Ends with You, The

Rejection of Heaven: Forget about Neku, just keep dashing with him so he wont get damaged and focus on attacking with Joshua. When Tigris Cantus goes to the same height as you either press up or down to go to the other height and keep attacking, you can finish this fight without getting hit or using pins if you react fast enough with Joshua and keep moving with Neku.

Pacifist: in A New Day before the slam-off at Molco there will be an NPC you can fight with at 104. The AI on that fight is REALLY bad, so just hide and wait, making this an easy win.

Cannibalism Denied: On Phase 1 you wont have many problems, just keep hitting the normal Noise and let the Taboo Noise alive. On Phase 2, wait for Tigris to attack and use pins like Frozen/Blizzard Cool and Pyrokinesis pins to stagger Tigris and keep her vulnerability going. On Phase 3, ignore Neku and keep dashing. On Beat’s side keep attacking only one side. If you follow Tigris Cantus the number of clones will pile up on both sides and you won’t be able to attack her. On Phase 4, you can hit Tigris Cantus right at the start of the phase by constantly clicking the middle left side of the screen where she spawns. If she doesn’t die there, then follow the sparkle yellow ball and hit it there after a second or two. Welp, that was a long explanation.

The Heart of the Pins: 500 Yen pins are GREAT for Tin Pin Slammer, just keep using Stinger (the spike ball) when something gets near you and send them off the table. Another great pin to use is Frozen/Blizzard Cool, one of these is enough for most battles.

Yoshi’s Island (Nintendo DS)

Yoshi's Island DS Yoshi’s Island DS

From World 4 onwards, including the 5 extra stages and the 5 secret stages, the game becomes much more difficult (Almost as hard as Kaizo!) in terms of reaching 100 points on each individual level.

Whenever you can, clean the scene by defeating or turning enemies into eggs and stock the limit of 6 units with you. Parts of the stage where there is a flat ceiling or platform without deformations, use Baby Mario and throw your eggs against the surface. While turning them yellow and red after the ricochet, always use Yoshi’s tongue attack to return to your stock. Eggs reward you with 2 stars each after colliding with enemies or clouds of items.

While advancing to each stage, always ignore the arrows that appear on boards and pipes, as they always point to the path that leads to the partial and final completion of the stage. The correct path we can say is often a one-way street.

Make sure to scour all the places so that nothing is lost and left behind. Final stages tend to take about 10 minutes or more and no one would want to have to repeat such a long stage because of a miserable lost item.

There are stages in which enemies do not stop spawning, even after defeating or turning them into eggs several times. To avoid touching any of them and ending up losing 100 points near the end of the stage, avoid turning Yoshi sharply and run out of the way. Then, wait for the screen to refresh and the enemies to move first.