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RAIntegration 1.0 Released

For players:

  • Measured achievements report raw values (instead of percentage) by default
  • Fix percentage calculation for very large measured targets
  • Fix issue where flickering challenge indicator could disappear entirely when fast forwarding
  • Fix crash when attempting to display multiple challenge indicators in the same frame in RAProject64
  • Fix display of unlocked achievement count when user has unlocked Unofficial achievements
  • Prevent activating achievements if runtime was initialized for a console other than the game’s console

For developers:

  • Leaderboard editor
  • New sizes: Float, MBF32, 16-bit BE, 24-bit BE, and 32-bit BE
  • Add logical warnings (i.e. comparing 8-bit address to 16-bit number) to asset editor
  • Search functionality should be slightly faster and use less memory
  • Add tooltip to search results that displays the initial and last value of each search result
  • Option to specify whether Measured achievements should show raw value or percentage
  • Add ability to link hash from Test Compatibility mode
  • New/Clone buttons prompt to disable hardcore instead of being disabled when in hardcore mode
  • Freeze button text on bookmarks window changes to Unfreeze when only frozen bookmarks are selected
  • Increase address column width in search results and bookmarks for systems with more than 16MB of RAM
  • New built-in macros for Rich Presence: @Number, @ASCIIChar, @UnicodeChar, @Seconds, @Minutes, @Float[1-6]
  • Fix disappearing search results in Text search mode
  • Fix AddAddress resolution (tooltip/jump to address) not working after adding new conditions to achievement
  • Fix Exclude Selected always using last page of results instead of selected page

Full Changelog

RATools 1.8.3 Released

  • add true and false constants for script logic (continue to use always_true() and always_false() for trigger definitions)
  • add word_be, tbyte_be, and dword_be big-endian memory accessor functions
  • add max_of helper function for leaderboard value clause
  • add rich_presence_macro function
  • support for floating point numbers
  • support for writing leaderboards to local file (direct import to 0.80 DLL)
  • support for generating code for leaderboards from New Script dialog
  • add format parameter to measured function to support raw vs. percent display
  • allow negative offsets when processing pointers
  • allow bcd() to be called inside prev()
  • allow trigger(a || b) to expand to alt groups
  • allow loading file without a game id
  • lookup entries that match the fallback value are no longer included in the generated Rich Presence script
  • improved underflow adjustment calculations
  • fix empty array/dictionary showing up orange
  • fix loss of hit target when final condition of clause is optimized out
  • fix loss of ResetIf when used in Measured value
  • fix cannot apply Trigger to ResetIf error when using never inside repeated in trigger_when
  • fix highlighting issue when pasting lines that start with combining characters (&&, +, …)
  • fix stack overflow processing very long chain of conditions
  • fix maximum recursion error when processing very long AddSource chain inside prev
  • fix maximum recursion error when editing the same function over and over
  • fix crash updating local achievements when system culture uses comma as decimal separator
  • fix stats not showing up without an ApiKey

Full Changelog

RAWeb 1.79 Released

  • add lazy loading attribute to profile and game images outputted by JS by Krylan Krylan in #893
  • Prefix URLs with (missing) https protocol by luchaos luchaos in #896
  • prevent negative offset in lbinfo query by Jamiras Jamiras in #897
  • use different escaping function for Tip() by Jamiras Jamiras in #895
  • don’t lookup notes for values by Jamiras Jamiras in #894
  • Sanitize tooltip output to prevent xss attacks by Jamiras Jamiras in #900
  • delay new forum post notifications from unverified users by Jamiras Jamiras in #902
  • make account deletion wording more verbose by Jamiras Jamiras in #903
  • add mature content warning by Jamiras Jamiras in #904
  • Prevent shortcode parser changing case … by Jamiras Jamiras in #899

Full Changelog

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