Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

ikki5 By ikki5.

1) Synopsis

Set Difficulty: 2/10
Approximate time to Master: 2-3 Hours
Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1
Number of Missable Achievements: Potentially one (See Walkthrough)
Does Difficulty Affect Achievements?: N/A

2) Introduction

Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves is an action/RPG/adventure game for the NES released back in 1991. The game is based off the 1991 movie. Overall the game is a fun adventure with various types of gameplay. The gameplay is mostly a top down action adventure however will occasionally change one on one duels, to large battle fields where all the characters are fighting many enemies and then two sections of a side scrolling when you’re riding a horse. The game also involves you being able to equip your character to be able to have a few attack styles or weapon styles ranging from ranged combat, fast or slow strong attacking.

3) Walkthrough

Step 1

The first step is the play the game. Playing through the game will earn you most of your achievements as many of them are story related. Doing this step of just playing the game will unlock the following achievements:

Prison Break
Welcome Home?
Forbidden Love
Wedding Crashers
Hunting for Bacon
Missing Man
Magical Dagger
Robin Hood and His Merry Men
Master of Fighting
Mystical Water
To War!
To The Town
Storm The Castle!
Happily Ever After

Step 2

Pretty much the clean-up, some of these you should have gotten just from normal play. You should be able to gain one level; in fact, I don’t think it is possible to complete the game without gaining at least one. Now, if you have missed some achievements thus far, you can grind the rest out in the last castle. So, before completing the game, you should grind out these last few achievements:

Got a Good Supply
Why use the bow?
Should be enough to pay taxes
Wait, shouldn’t this be given to the poor?
I feel a little stronger
Powering Up
I am Robin Hood!
Carrying a Burden -=Missable=-
Gotta go fast

Upon the last dungeon, you should be able to get the rest of these if you never got them during normal play. However, Carrying a Burden is potentially missable at this point depending on how much stuff you dropped when you got to town. This normally shouldn’t be a problem but if you dropped too much, you may not be able to get enough supplies to be able to increase your load large enough to meet the conditions of this achievement.

4) Achievements

Achievement Description
Got a Good Supply Got a Good Supply Have 250 arrows on hand.

See “Why use the bow?” for more details.

Achievement Description
Why use the bow? Why use the bow? Have 500 arrows on hand.

This is a pretty simple achievement to get, a little grindy. Arrows can be found all over the place but your constant supply will come from soldiers. This does get harder as you progress though the game and later on the soldiers themselves get a bow so it is easier to grind this early on than later. I found the best place was the path after Locksley Castle. You have a constant supply of soldiers and once you get the achievement, you do not need to horde arrows making it easier to kill enemies later. This can also be used to grind levels however there is a better method to grind levels which I will explain later.

Achievement Description
Should be enough to pay taxes Should be enough to pay taxes Acquire 200 gold.

See “Wait, shouldn’t this be given to the poor?” for more details.

Achievement Description
Wait, shouldn't this be given to the poor? Wait, shouldn’t this be given to the poor? Acquire 500 gold.

This is very similar to the arrows achievements, kill the soldiers and they will drop gold. There is also a mission where you will be given gold to hire a fighting instructor which will be a great help however, at the end of the mission, you will lose the gold so try and get these achievements before you spend the gold on the instructor.

Achievement Description
I feel a little stronger I feel a little stronger Gain a level.

This one is simple, just kill some enemies and you’ll eventually gain a level (100 EXP). You will usually get this sometime in the sewers or when you get to Hadrian’s Wall.

Achievement Description
Powering Up Powering Up Get Robin to Level 4.

Just keep killing things and you’ll eventually get to level 4.

Achievement Description
I am Robin Hood! I am Robin Hood! Get Robin to Max Level.

This one can be a bit of a grind. You can keep killing enemies and you will eventually get this however, there is a much easier way that is less grinding. On the mission where you are fighting the boar, if you equip the staff you get when Little John joins your party, you can just hold the attack button down and the staff will always spin. When the boar charges down, it will run into you and with you spinning the staff, it will be killed very, very quickly. When the boar begins to explode, you will see you gained your EXP and if you leave before the boar finishes blowing up, you can re-enter and the boar will be alive again. You do this again and just repeat until you are max level. It is still grindy but it is much faster than killing regular soldier.

Achievement Description
Carrying a Burden Carrying a Burden Have someone carry a load of 100 or more and look at their page.


This one isn’t too hard to do, it is better when you are max level and later in the game when you have many items in your inventory. What you need to do is take one character and get them to hold the heaviest things you can, chain mail, leather, sword, etc. Just load it all on and this one should pop. You will be able to see how much items increase the weight when you put it on them.

Achievement Description
Gotta go fast Gotta go fast Have Robin’s agility 180 or higher.

This is another one that is best done at max level. As you level, your speed will increase. Once you are max level, strip Robin from all his items and you should get this achievement. Don’t forget to give hi his stuff back after you do this, otherwise you may be unprepared later.

Achievement Description
Prison Break Prison Break Escape prison and make it to the Hadrian’s Wall.

{Story related}

Just get out of prison, make it through the sewer and make it to Hadrian’s wall, simple. You will need to fight your first battle here. When the battle is over, Peter will be wounded. If you want to keep his stuff, un-equip him before the battle, it is recommended you at least take all healing items off him.

Achievement Description
Welcome Home? Welcome Home? Make it to Locksley Castle.

{Story related}

Make your way through the forest until you see Guy, he will welcome you home but he wants to kill you. There will be a battle here however, it’s a little more encloses but still fairly simple; beware of the people with bows as they can kill you quickly. Head north after the battle, talk to the kid in the tree then head west to Locksley Castle.

Achievement Description
Forbidden Love Forbidden Love Meet Maid Marian.

{Story related}

Maid Marian is in Dubois Manor, just talk to her and this will pop. Watch out for the guards.

Achievement Description
Camping Camping Arrive at the Camp.

{Story related}

After your horse chase, you will need to make your way through the forest. You will come across Little John on a log. Talking to him will trigger a duel. Win the duel, he will join your party and this achievement will pop when you arrive at the camp in the Sherwood Forest.

Achievement Description
Wedding Crashers Wedding Crashers Stop the illegal wedding.

{Story related}

When you arrive at the Castle where the wedding is taking place, there is a hole in the wall, you will need to enter that and get the note which is the evidence to show that the wedding is illegal. Be prepared for a duel, win the duel and you’ve pretty much done this.

Achievement Description
Hunting for Bacon Hunting for Bacon Kill the Boar._

{Story related}

Just wander through the forest until you find a cave. Enter the cave and you will see the Boar, it will attack right away, you won’t have much time. Kill the Boar and head back to the camp.

Note: This is the mission where it is best to grind your EXP.

Achievement Description
Missing Man Missing Man Learn what happened to the missing man.

{Story related}

Wander through the forest and you will come across a well with a dead person by it. Go a little to the right and grab the rope and head down the well. Make your way through the well and you will find a new area in the well. There are a few rooms, enter the rooms and get the letters and read them if you wish. Your main goal is go to the end of the hall and see this skeleton thing. Engage in the conversation. Then you can leave back the way you came and head back to camp.

Achievement Description
Magical Dagger Magical Dagger Get Druids Dagger from Marian.

{Story related}

Make your way through the forest to thee northwest and get to the chapel. You will find Maid Marion on the left. Talk to her and she will give you Druids Dagger.

Note: Do not mix this dagger up with other knives or daggers. NEVER throw this away, if you do, you will be locked from finishing the game.

Achievement Description
Robin Hood and His Merry Men Robin Hood and His Merry Men Find all companions.

{Story related}

This one is story related, once you do the tax wagon mission. Pretty much travel south, you will see the wagons with Guy playing with his sword. Talk to him and you will enter a duel. Win this duel and make sure you talk to the man who appears to be Friar Tuck and this achievement will pop.

Achievement Description
Master of Fighting Master of Fighting Hire the Master Fighter.

{Story related}

You will be given money here to higher an instructor. Go through the forest until you find the instructor to the south. Talk to him, you will enter a duel. Win the duel and he will join you. Head back to camp.

Achievement Description
Mystical Water Mystical Water Solve the issue with the water (and make it back to camp).

{Story related}

Make it through the forest until you come across a pond with 3 monster in it that fire arrows. Use your sword to reflect them back or use your own bow to kill them.

Note: If you have a water flask, you can fill it to use for healing later.

Achievement Description
To War! To War! Win the battle when the camp is attacked.

{Story related}

The camp is under attack! Win the battle and you will pop this achievement.

Note: After you win the battle, you will have the opportunity to get a disguise, make sure you pick this up.

Achievement Description
To The Town To The Town Make it to town.

{Story related}

Your friends are about to be executed so you need to make it to town. Wander through the woods until you find the horses. If you don’t have a saddle, there is one in the forest; you just need to find it. But ride the horses, jumping over the rocks until this sequence is completed.

Achievement Description
Storm The Castle! Storm The Castle! Break/Sneak into the Castle.

{Story related}

You need to be careful here, if you are discovered, there will be a battle. So make sure your men are fully healed and have some health items on you. There can be multiple battles depending on how many times you are caught. When you get to town, get rid of your armour and the saddle to lessen your chance of getting caught. If you picked up the disguise before, put it on. Now, there is a guard standing in the doorway of the castle, you should be able to strike down the guard which will start the only battle if you did everything correctly to not get yourself caught. Enter the castle and you’re done.

Achievement Description
Happily Ever After Happily Ever After Get married (Complete the game).

{Story related}

In the castle, make your way though it until you find a way downstairs where you will find Mortianna and his skeleton. You may have a battle or two in the castle. Downstairs, you will need to kill the Skeleton using Druid’s Dagger. Equip the dagger (I really hope you did not throw this away) and use it to strike the skeleton. Wait for the skeleton to attack and then run u and hit him, then run back, repeat until it is dead. Once you kill the skeleton, Mortianna will blow up. Heal yourself if needed and proceed. You will find the sheriff and will duel him, this is your last duel. Beat him and you’re done. Sit back watch the ending scene.