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Console Support

Arduboy & WASM-4

Two new homebrew consoles launched on May 8th, 2022!

  • Arduboy
    • Core: Arduous
    • Sets at launch: 37
    • Current total: 47
    • A miniature game system the size of a credit card - Whether you are a beginner just getting started or a seasoned developing professional, the Guides section has something for everyone! Tutorials to learn the basics or advanced walkthroughs of more complex topics can be found in the community.
  • WASM-4
    • Core: WASM-4
    • Sets at launch: 24
    • Current total: 29
    • WASM-4 is a low-level fantasy game console for building small games with WebAssembly. Game cartridges (ROMs) are small, self-contained .wasm files that can be built with any programming language that compiles to WebAssembly.

Playstation 2 Support

We’ve officially launched our PS2 Rollout and figured we might as well let everyone know to not cause any rumors or over-hype. PS2 coming to RetroAchievements is a thing thanks to Stenzek on the PCSX2 standalone team.

There is currently no ETA for PS2 support! However, many developers are actively working on achievement sets! Developers are using an early QT build of the PCSX2 standalone, which can be kept up with here.

More info on support will be posted here as we go.

Active claims, completed sets, and testing info will also be listed here

Game Developer Date
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Ty the Tasmanian Tiger blendedsea blendedsea 2022-05-20
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter LogicalFallacy LogicalFallacy 2022-05-21
Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures Ed, Edd, ‘n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures LogicalFallacy LogicalFallacy 2022-05-21
PopCap Hits! Vol 1 PopCap Hits! Vol 1 TeddyWestside TeddyWestside 2022-05-22
Mega Man X7 Mega Man X7 AlexGatao AlexGatao 2022-05-22
TimeSplitters 2 TimeSplitters 2 SlashTangent SlashTangent 2022-05-28
TimeSplitters 2 [Subset - Platinum Trophies] TimeSplitters 2 [Subset - Platinum Trophies] SlashTangent SlashTangent 2022-05-28
Mega Man X Collection Mega Man X Collection AlexGatao AlexGatao 2022-05-28
Katamari Damacy Katamari Damacy blendedsea blendedsea 2022-05-29
Okage: Shadow King Okage: Shadow King Cadaxar Cadaxar 2022-05-29
Fairly OddParents, The: Breakin' Da Rules Fairly OddParents, The: Breakin’ Da Rules pinguupinguu pinguupinguu 2022-05-30
Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME wolfman2000 wolfman2000 2022-05-30
Gauntlet - Dark Legacy Gauntlet - Dark Legacy ventuz ventuz 2022-06-01

Emulator Updates

RAIntegration 1.0.3

  • Add rich presence to asset list
  • Remember previously selected game for Test Compatibility feature
  • Relax trigger validation when pasting
  • Show Inspecting Memory (instead of Developing Achievements) in rich presence if no local or core assets exist
  • Limit ‘does not trigger’ submissions to five achievements at a time
  • Fix issue uploading non-PNG achievement badges
  • Fix measured value from hitcount not resetting when paused
  • Export _RA_GetPopupMenuItems function as alternative for _RA_CreatePopupMenu for non-WinAPI menuing systems
  • Support for non-standard ports when using a custom host

RAIntegration 1.0.4

  • Fix client ignoring server-modified rich presence script
  • Fix exception pressing New button with Rich Presence filter selected
  • Prevent saving achievement in invalid state when using Save All
  • Add _RA_InstallMemoryBankBlockReader export

RALibretro 1.3.11

  • Enable cores for Arduboy (arduous) and WASM-4 (wasm4)
  • Add [Game Focus] indicator to title bar
  • Pass up to 256 characters to DLL for estimated game title
  • Fix multi-touch input polling (disable; not supported)
  • Support for #SAVEDISK: m3u extension

RetroArch Updates

  • Beetle Saturn Core Updated: Support on Android devices & new update part of the buildbot!

Site Updates

RAWeb Version 1.85

  • Additional ticket filters by @Tsearo in #958
  • Add tooltip to game rating by @Jamiras in #960
  • Add date picker to user history page by @Jamiras in #954
  • Only use hardcore unlocks for calculating retro ratio by @Tsearo in #963
  • Display error on failed password resets from reset url by @Tsearo in #965
  • Authorize forum posts when giving Jr-Dev or higher permissions by @Tsearo in #966
  • Add NumAchievements, NumLeaderboards, Points, and Hashes to API_GetGameList by @Jamiras in #964
  • Fix shortcode parsed auto-link URLs including trailing sentence-punctuation characters by @luchaos in #952
  • Return failure messages when provided with an invalid file by @Jamiras in #961
  • Added configuration for docker setup that allow to use Xdebug in your IDE by @anegoda1995 in #849
  • Only run code quality tools on changed files by @luchaos in #953
  • Ensure variable type is specified for match clauses by @Jamiras in #962

Full Changelog

RAWeb Version 1.86

  • Add warnings for account deletion by @Jamiras in #980
  • Add Request ticket state so ticket authors will be more cognizant when the developer needs more information by @Jamiras in #978
  • Use paginator for forums by @Jamiras in #981
  • Allow multiple Similar Games to be removed at once by @MrOwnership in #984
  • Add PS2 console message to game info and game list pages by @luchaos in #985
  • Fix total players displayed and used in RR calc from using Unofficial by @Tsearo in #976
  • Fix pagination calculations for achievement unlocks by @Jamiras in #973
  • Fix other tickets for an achievement not showing up by @Jamiras in #975
  • Return null rank in public APIs for untracked users by @Jamiras in #974
  • Enable pagination of API_GetTicketData by @Jamiras in #979
  • Validate Arduboy and WASM-4 on site. by @televandalist in #977
  • Add TicketFilters enum by @Jamiras in #970
  • Add AchievementType enum by @luchaos in #986

Full Changelog

Discord Updates

Quality Assurance

Developer Compliance


DevQuest Awards

[DevQuest 001] Ticket Massacre [DevQuest 001] Ticket Massacre

[DevQuest 002] Summer Set Repair [DevQuest 002] Summer Set Repair

[DevQuest 003] Singles In Your Area [DevQuest 003] Singles In Your Area

[DevQuest 005] Trigger Happy [DevQuest 005] Trigger Happy

[DevQuest 006] The Unwanted [DevQuest 006] The Unwanted

[DevQuest 007] Most Wanted [DevQuest 007] Most Wanted

[DevQuest 008] World Traveler [DevQuest 008] World Traveler

[DevQuest 009] Launch Party! [DevQuest 009] Launch Party!

[DevQuest 010] It Takes Two [DevQuest 010] It Takes Two

[DevQuest 011] Happy Birthday RA! [DevQuest 011] Happy Birthday RA!

[DevQuest 012] Hacker's Habit [DevQuest 012] Hacker’s Habit

[DevQuest 013] [DevQuest 013]

[DevQuest 014] Laudable Leaderboards [DevQuest 014] Laudable Leaderboards

[DevQuest 015] Console Conqueror [DevQuest 015] Console Conqueror

[DevQuest 016] Wish This Set [DevQuest 016] Wish This Set

Vet Developer Progress

Vet Dev I

AlexGatao AlexGatao Searo Searo SlashTangent SlashTangent
stfN1337 stfN1337    

Vet Dev II

Brandovsky Brandovsky ladynadiad ladynadiad Infernox Infernox
LordAndrew LordAndrew siouxerskate siouxerskate StingX2 StingX2
TheMysticalOne TheMysticalOne AlexGatao AlexGatao Cadaxar Cadaxar
Blazekickn Blazekickn    

Vet Dev III

TheJediSonic TheJediSonic    

Vet Dev IV

Searo Searo SlashTangent SlashTangent stfN1337 stfN1337
voiceofautumn voiceofautumn AlexGatao AlexGatao BrunoKiko BrunoKiko
Delmaru Delmaru MGNS8M MGNS8M  

Vet Dev VI

TheMysticalOne TheMysticalOne    

Vet Dev VIII

wolfman2000 wolfman2000 Jamiras Jamiras Searo Searo
Cadaxar Cadaxar Blazekickn Blazekickn  


The goal of this event is to help the website as a whole, whether it be rescores, grammar corrections, ticket save states or full game save states. This event can evolve over time to include more if the community would like, but this is a good starting point for the event.

Community Contributions

Category Contribution
Save States - 4,192 save states received since the start of the event
- 6,362 save states in the repo including Devember
- States for 36 different tickets received
- ~4 tickets fixed with provided saves
Grammar 213 Achievements grammar corrections received & updated
Art - 5 Incorrect badge sizes fixed
- 2 Homebrew boxart’s made
- 7 Hub icons created/fixed