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Developer Set Claim System

With RAWeb version 1.89 we are happy to announce the site implementation of a set claim system. With this update developers are able to make and manage their claims all on site. We’ve already imported all the claims that we are currently tracking (over 6,000), so any claim that has been made should already be visible on site. There are several new features that all users can utilize. Including viewing all the claim information with various filtering and sorting options, viewing claim information on a game page and userpage, seeing which of the most requested sets have active claims on them, and more.

More information can be found here.

RATools Updates

RATools Version 1.9.0

  • upgrade from .NET Framework 4.6 to .NET Core 6.0
  • add forward/backward navigation via mouse4/mouse5 buttons
  • use APIs for Analysis dialogs (fixes failures caused by scraping website when site changes)
    • added Web API Key field to settings dialog
  • add User Mastery analysis dialog (warning: fetches game stats for every game user has mastered)
  • add Unlock Distance analysis dialog
  • add Rich Presence to the Update Local dialog
  • update Rich Presence size warning to 64KB
  • fix issue dumping script with measured(tally(), when=...) clause
  • fix issue dumping script with tally(1, ...) clause
  • fix issue dumping script when local leaderboards are present
  • fix issue dumping leaderboard value with AddAddress and non-integer multiplier
  • fix issue generating rich presence when lookup is hardcoded for value=0
  • fix issue pasting multiline text into a line with an error indicator
  • fix error generating leaderboard value with measured(..., when=repeated() && never())
  • fix error using multiple nevers in a single repeated clause
  • fix whitespace not being required after else keyword

Full Changelog

RATools Version 1.9.1

  • show error when server returns non-JSON authentication error
  • improve diff logic for rich presence lookups
  • fix optimization of division by self in leaderboard value
  • fix line endings causing rich presence to appear modified
  • fix back navigation when an asset has changed

Full Changelog

Site Updates

RAWeb Version 1.87

  • Allow viewing recent forum posts from a user by @Jamiras in #1004
  • Add first/last links to paginator by @Jamiras in #996
  • Use paginator for ticket list by @Jamiras in #997
  • Allow tab delimiter in admin tools by @luchaos in #1001
  • Add flag to return ticket details when calling API_GetTicketData with g parameter by @Jamiras in #998
  • Add DateModified in API_GetGameList query by @Jamiras in #1005
  • Add ForumTopicID in API_GetGameList query by @Jamiras in #1011
  • Fix broken dev page when first achievement is 0 pointer by @Tsearo in #989
  • Fix sanitized title/descriptions from falsely showing differences by @Tsearo in #990
  • Fix floats from breaking stored hits in mem explained view by @Tsearo in #992
  • Fix relations widget sizing for long title by @MrOwnership in #999
  • Eliminate RA_User cookie by @Jamiras in #994
  • Document remaining public APIs by @Jamiras in #991
  • Remove “How do I play?” tutorial widget from game details page by @luchaos in #1000
  • Several maintenance/cleanup and refactorings by @luchaos in #967, #995, #1002, #1003, and #1008

Full Changelog

RAWeb Version 1.87.1

Full Changelog

RAWeb Version 1.88

  • Do not open links in new tabs by default by @luchaos in #1022
  • move PermissionsToString into Permissions enum by @Jamiras in #1018

Full Changelog

RAWeb Version 1.89

Full Changelog

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