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RANews By RANews.


Game Console Genre
WarioWare D.I.Y. WarioWare D.I.Y. Nintendo DS Minigames

Point of Contact: Bryan1150 Bryan1150

What is RAWare you ask? It’s a community event in which we are going to gather microgame, comics and record submissions made in WarioWare D.I.Y. (Nintendo DS) by our RA Community, then put all of them in a save file and make a Subset out of it! Everyone can participate! The game itself has a bunch of tutorials in how to make all the stuff, so you just need creativity!

For the exact details please read the forum topic.

Irritating Stick

Game Console Genre
Irritating Stick Irritating Stick PlayStation Puzzle

Point of Contact: timenoe timenoe

Irritating Stick features a game mode to easily design up to 4 courses. Each RA user can submit up to 4 courses, each course will have their own achievement! Your RA username will appear in the name of the achievement(s) as, <RA Username>'s Irritation <I-IV> (or your own custom name), and your RA profile picture will be used for the badge(s), with some irritating style of course!

If you would like to contribute to the set, detailed steps are in the forum topic.

Armored Core: Master of Arena

Game Console Genre
Armored Core: Master of Arena Armored Core: Master of Arena PlayStation Third-Person Shooter

Point of Contact: Falcus Falcus

Ever dreamed of becoming a top ranking AC? Want to get revenge against Nine-Ball? Then look no further! Registrations for RA Arena Leaderboards will be coming soon!

What are these RA arena leaderboards? They are a set of custom created leaderboards for Armored Core: Master of Arena, where you can submit your very own AC as a contender! These custom leaderboards will then be used to create a subset designed around defeating RA community submissions!

You can find more information in the forum topic.