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RAdvantage is changing things up. We will be bringing you tips for some of the hardest 100 point achievements on the site. As always, our DMs remain open at RANews, if you have tips for any 100 point achievements you have earned please let us and the rest of the community know.

Game Console Genre
Nayuta no Kiseki [Subset - Bonus] Nayuta no Kiseki [Subset - Bonus] PlayStation Portable Action RPG

Achievement Description
He Must be a Disciple of the Bladelord He Must be a Disciple of the Bladelord Defeat “Starfall Knight” Selam El Ordeen damageless

Selam is one of the hardest fights in the game. Unlike every other boss fight, this one is the closest you get to a 2D fighting game, significantly reducing your options to avoid his attacks. To make matters worse, it’s also the closest to a ditto fight, as Selam has almost every attack that you have, but most of them are even better!

Some of your best moves to hit him with are those with invincibility frames: Wind Slash by pressing Triangle and Circle for a lunging spin attack that can get past Selam’s annoying guard (but doesn’t do a lot of damage), and Swallow Return by pressing R trigger and Circle for a suction move that hits multiple times and usually avoids their guard if they bring it up from getting hit so much.

Selam has three really annoying actions: a jumping spin to counter jumping over them, a guard that is activated if hit 5-6 times before he starts another attack (but will sometimes activate it instead of an attack) and will result in an unavoidable counter attack if you hit him, and a farther reaching lunging spin attack with no windup or indication. It is possible to bait him into using his short-range jumping spin attack by jumping a lot, but this reduces your options to defend yourself from his other moves (your best course of action might be you suction spin attack, which can be activated in the air).

His fast and slow sword combos are the easiest to avoid, provided you have enough room to back up, or double jump over him and perform a mid-air dodge roll. While you might be tempted to use Swallow Return during one of these attacks, he can vary between the number of swings before he decides to do another attack, which might cause yourself to get hit!

If he starts putting his blade to his side (similar to a baseball player getting ready to swing), he’s about to perform a large 360 spin attack. You CANNOT jump over this without ~95% of the time getting hit due to how long the hitbox lasts. Your best actions are to either use your own guard, or one of the two moves that give you invincibility frames

If he jumps into the air, Selam will perform often perform a down thrust attack that spreads out as multiple beams of light that can hurt you. If you cannot run away, try to Wind Slash towards him.

Lastly, Selam has one more attack available once you get them past 50% HP. The screen will darken, both you and him slow down, and then he does a quick short-ranged swing upward. What makes this move so dangerous? It goes through invincibility frames and guards. Your only option is to dodge the move altogether by getting out of its range.

And that is all I can really teach you about this boss, Some of Selam’s attacks give you plenty of time to get some hits in, like his short-range jumping spin, but a lot of them will have you on the edge of your seat in trying to read and predict what he’s going to do. I wish the best of luck to anyone that can defeat this foe.