Wish This Set

Wish This Set is a showcase for our passionate community members to write about the games they love that aren’t yet represented on the site. Is there a game you’d like to see receive an achievement set? Let us know by sending a private message to RANews RANews. We encourage you to explain what makes the game so special to you, and you may be featured in a future issue of RANews!

Tetsuya Komuro: Gaball Screen (PlayStation)

Game Console Genre
Tetsuya Komuro: Gaball Screen Tetsuya Komuro: Gaball Screen PlayStation Rhythm

Imagine LSD: Dream Emulator as a licensed game promoting a famous Japanese musician starring a sentient sneaker. Open your eyes and it’s there: Gaball Screen. It’s as bizarre as it sounds, but unlike LSD, it actually has objectives. Tetsuya Komuro, a successful 90s J-pop producer, leaves his apartment, and one of his shoes — that is, you — accidentally break his synth. Your mission: travel between virtual worlds to retrieve the CDs. It’s very strange, but if you like weird Japanese imports, it’s worth checking out, and since there are some goals, it’s not as difficult to make a set concept for as LSD.

LifeSigns: Surgical Unit (Nintendo DS)

Game Console Genre
LifeSigns: Surgical Unit LifeSigns: Surgical Unit Nintendo DS Adventure

This game is basically like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney with doctors instead, but it also has some other things. There’s also a prequel, but it was only released in Japan.

We control Dr. Tendo Dokuta and do surgeries to X patients across the game. What I love about this game is that it has 3 endings for every chapter available, being a bad, a normal and a good/true one, which I discovered only after replaying it! It also has a variety of minigames, which don’t last that long but are something different to play with, as well as a great soundtrack that even tops the Ace Attorney one! It also has a Challenge mode which is available after beating the game and the surgeries are WAY harder than in the normal mode! If this game ever gets a set I hope it gets the treat it deserves!

WWF Royal Rumble (Dreamcast)

Game Console Genre
WWF Royal Rumble WWF Royal Rumble Dreamcast Wrestling

WWF Royal Rumble for the Sega Dreamcast may share a name with a Genesis and SNES title, but that is the only similarity. Developed by Sega and Yuke’s, Royal Rumble is an arcade-style wrestling game where up to 4 players can compete in the titular Royal Rumble match, where the goal is to eliminate as many opponents as you can. Since this game can hold up to 9 people in the ring at one time, things can get really chaotic.

There’s also a standard Arcade Mode, where you pick your Superstar and a Partner (who is really more like an Assist from Marvel Vs. Capcom; hell, you can even choose one of 3 Assist Types, like Marvel 2) and run a 10-stage Gauntlet to become WWF Champion.

If you want to see why I would like to see a set of this game, I recommend looking up newLegacyinc’s video on it.

Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal (Game Boy Advance)

Game Console Genre
Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal Game Boy Advance Action RPG

As someone that loves the platforming genre, I love the Klonoa series. I actually discovered this series after playing and mastering both of the Klonoa games on the GBA. However, what if I was to tell you there was a third Klonoa game that doesn’t play like any of the others? Klonoa Heroes is a Japanese-exclusive Action-RPG GBA game and the last original Klonoa game to be released (the Wii game and upcoming Klonoa game are just remakes of the PS1/PS2 releases). I have no clue what this story is about or how fun the gameplay is, but with the release of a translation patch a couple of months ago, I would love to see a set made to complete this trilogy.

~Hack~ Touhoumon Insane Version (Game Boy Advance)

Game Console Genre
\~Hack~ Touhoumon Insane Version ~Hack~ Touhoumon Insane Version Game Boy Advance Role-Playing Game

Admittedly, I’m not too familiar with the Touhou series, or even the popular series of Touhoumon fangames. However, I am familiar with this romhack. This game takes all the standard Kaizo hack tropes and turns them up to a thousand. Tedious map design, crude offensive “humor”, and the frankly stupid difficulty make this one of the worst Pokemon hacks ever created. To put the difficulty into perspective, the first Rival fight after obtaining your starter has multiple Full Restores and an X Attack, and the optional Rival fight on Route 22 (the second trainer in the game) has 4 Pokemon in their mid 20s. While I can’t provide screenshots, the dungeons in this game are the most painful thing I will ever have to play in a video game. Hour long dark mazes without flash with random warps everywhere that send you back to the start, and all of them are like this. If you want me to suffer, please develop a set for this hack.

Tekken Card Challenge (WonderSwan)

Game Console Genre
Tekken Card Challenge Tekken Card Challenge WonderSwan Collectible Card Game

Get ready for the next battle!

Releasing in 1999, two years after Tekken 3 (something you’ll notice rather quickly), Tekken Card Challenge for the WonderSwan could be considered the strangest spin-off in the series. What makes it stranger than the also card-based mobile releases? Being an RPG-esque game would likely be a good start as you try to reach the exit under a move limit, all while you pick up cards and fight enemies to level up, unlock new moves, and defeat Ogre at the end. While I expected to drop the game in minutes when I first tried it, it wound up being surprisingly captivating. The 21-character roster adds a surprising amount of replayability as each one varies in difficulty from easy to pain, making you adapt to each one’s style including juggles, combos, counters, unblockables, and so on (protip: you get a chance to unlock a character by beating them in a fight, with the chance possibly increasing if you win without losing HP). Although the game’s in Japanese, you’ll quickly be able to understand it with just bit of time put into it.

In my opinion it’s definitely a beast worth taking a look at, with enough content for a not-so-long but sweet set worth playing through.

Super Battleship (SNES)

Game Console Genre
Super Battleship Super Battleship SNES Strategy

This hidden gem for the Super Nintendo, based on the Milton Bradley classic, reimagines the iconic board game as an exciting turn-based action/strategy game. Featuring two game modes, players can choose to play against the computer in a faithful recreation of the original in Classic Battleship, or navigate enemy infested waters in Super Battleship, the real meat and potatoes of this cartridge.

Super Battleship mode lets players manage a fleet of ships in many distinct levels with unique goals to achieve. You’ll need to utilize various tools and weapons such as radar, sonar, torpedoes and depth charges to wipe out enemy forces, while maintaining key components of your own fleet, like the engines, rudders, and guns. Encountering an enemy ship or submarine will enter you into real-time naval combat where you must quickly disable the opponents many systems however you can, or be destroyed!

This isn’t a particularly difficult game but can be a decent challenge at times if you’re not careful enough with your resources. Super Battleship is fairly slow-paced for an action game, and with not much background music to mention, I’d have to recommend playing while listening to the RAPodcast. This games mechanics would lend itself easily to an achievement set, perhaps by having players complete certain tasks without losing any ships, or beating a level in under a certain number of moves. If you’re a fan of classic SNES and RTS games, this is one you might want to check out.

Dream Pinball 3D (Nintendo DS)

Game Console Genre
Dream Pinball 3D Dream Pinball 3D Nintendo DS Pinball

Originally a PC game, Dream Pinball 3D is one of TopWare Interactive’s classic games that brought Polish PC owners some nostalgia. I remember I owned a copy with a Polish PC game magazine, but I wasn’t really familiar with it until I revisited it on Steam. When looking up the full library of TopWare’s games, I was surprised to find out that some of their games got ported over to other platforms. In the case of Dream Pinball 3D, it got a port for iOS, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and in this case, Nintendo DS.

Dream Pinball 3D contains six pinball machines with different themes: Knight Tournament, Monsters, Aquatic, Dino Wars, Spinning Rotors and Amber Moon - the fantasy pinball machine linked to TopWare’s other game, the more famous “Two Worlds” series. The game also boasts that it has 6 dynamic camera positions, 6 materials for the balls, and realistic physics. But what separates the DS version from the other versions is the inclusion of a unique “mission mode”, in which the player needs to reach certain goals within a limited amount of time like, say, getting a point multiplier of ten. The fact the game has a mission mode, as well as six pinball machines, makes for a very compelling achievement set, so it would bring a lot of replay value.

Despite the Steam release having mostly negative user reviews, the DS release is a surprisingly decent and extended port of an PC game that, believe it or not, won a lot of awards from German gaming publications. I believe Dream Pinball 3D makes for a set that is as big and addictive, and maybe could even be the biggest pinball game on RetroAchievements when taking account the six tables and a mission mode.

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2: Remix (PlayStation Portable)

Game Console Genre
Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Remix Tony Hawk’s Underground 2: Remix PlayStation Portable Extreme Sports - Skateboarding

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 is a landmark title of extreme sports and skateboarding, but did you know there was a port to the PSP that added MORE stuff? Unlike other portable Tony Hawk games, this one’s just straight up the console version, which is good because that game was one of the best Tony Hawk games gameplay wise. Sure, the story is… well, edgy to say the least, but that doesn’t mean playing the game isn’t fun! Remix added a total of 4 new levels on top of the already huge list of locations, and the best part is they’re both in story mode and classic mode! It does, however, shove some returning old school levels out of classic mode… but they’re still in the game, gaps and all hiding in free skate mode. By the way, if you’ve ever played Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, 3 of the new levels might be familiar to you, because they were in that game. Fun fact, the fourth level Atlanta was in a collector’s edition of American Wasteland only for the PS2.

I think more people should be aware of the fact that this game not only exists but adds onto an already great console game. Only minor problem being the fact that the PSP notably does not have two joysticks, but the game still controls as good as it needs to to keep a combo going. Anyway, game’s cool, deserves a set, and whatever you do DON’T graffiti tag with the southern belle in Atlanta.

Mickey’s Wild Adventure (PlayStation)

Game Console Genre
Mickey's Wild Adventure Mickey’s Wild Adventure PlayStation Platforming

This is most unique version of Mickey Mania - not only have the graphics been completely reworked to take advantage of the console, but this version also includes all the stages from the previous versions plus a few more! About the game itself, it’s a very simple platform game in design. You just jump and throw marbles most of the time, but each of the levels are quite varied and takes place in several old Mickey shorts. The game is also very challenging, which keeps you interested in playing from start to finish. It would be interesting to see how different this set could be compared to the SNES and Mega Drive sets.