NOTE: Data points used are taken from the first of the month and therefor point values reflected are prior to the softcore point change. Updated values will be reflected in next months issue.


The following users and devs listed here reached a new milestone last month.

Points Overall

400,000 Points

Wendigo Wendigo guineu guineu  

300,000 Points

Infernum Infernum    

250,000 Points

Pixelach Pixelach marcelosnp marcelosnp AuburnRDM AuburnRDM

200,000 Points

spikeriley spikeriley    

175,000 Points

TioRyu TioRyu FabinSS FabinSS  

150,000 Points

Retrokaiser Retrokaiser missiray missiray Lonoke31 Lonoke31
Exoddis Exoddis dcmpinguim dcmpinguim danilofent97 danilofent97

125,000 Points

zandro zandro Sef Sef rev rev
raniejogos raniejogos Lokomelo Lokomelo Glendaal Glendaal
bennz13 bennz13 Aeavymetal666 Aeavymetal666  

100,000 Points

ToxicAntidote ToxicAntidote pulsexp pulsexp MrDynamite MrDynamite
Jazerus Jazerus DavidYTBR2 DavidYTBR2 Beulu79 Beulu79
AlluminumMallard AlluminumMallard Alexavelino123 Alexavelino123 Adman77 Adman77
Adenothe Adenothe    

75,000 Points

WarioFan63 WarioFan63 vulgoaleph vulgoaleph vaanxbahn vaanxbahn
Swagneto Swagneto silverfury0634 silverfury0634 pitapocket17 pitapocket17
NickDeleted NickDeleted GusStreamBR GusStreamBR Gejehh Gejehh
FoliatedPupura FoliatedPupura faronheights faronheights DEATHDragon DEATHDragon
Cheshire Cheshire cgdiniz cgdiniz CanadianLooni CanadianLooni
AngeloLeonhart AngeloLeonhart Akai Akai  

50,000 Points

Z3r0Pl4ys Z3r0Pl4ys Warbler Warbler Vaskur Vaskur
Tiagofsp Tiagofsp Thundard Thundard TheRealBillHicks TheRealBillHicks
suspect15 suspect15 SteinbergerAlexander SteinbergerAlexander Spamtec Spamtec
shesharino shesharino seilahehe seilahehe PARKOUR62 PARKOUR62
orangecrush orangecrush NeowaveBR NeowaveBR luizfilipekz luizfilipekz
loganizer loganizer Komojo Komojo KingS1zzle KingS1zzle
joker1000 joker1000 GuiltySlug GuiltySlug Griffin Griffin
Fragnus Fragnus fabrizio78 fabrizio78 Erohs Erohs
elvio26 elvio26 domenyX domenyX Doggy227 Doggy227
Dennis1543 Dennis1543 Deansrule Deansrule Circa Circa
Bowie Bowie BlazingSpade BlazingSpade Blackstar Blackstar
bizarf bizarf alphacomp alphacomp Abigail1905 Abigail1905

Retro Points Overall

1,000,000 Retro Points

Andrey199650 Andrey199650    

750,000 Retro Points

Shianderu Shianderu ramosgamer81 ramosgamer81 BOP95 BOP95

500,000 Retro Points

xRidley xRidley Shmelyoff Shmelyoff Shinrashinobi Shinrashinobi
PMniac PMniac mx01 mx01 missiray missiray
IantasGames1995 IantasGames1995 cavsfan2313 cavsfan2313 Aeavymetal666 Aeavymetal666

250,000 Retro Points

zxmega zxmega YamatoVergil YamatoVergil Vyach59 Vyach59
TerrorVan TerrorVan SteinbergerAlexander SteinbergerAlexander S1324658709 S1324658709
pavelsha pavelsha NickGoat1990 NickGoat1990 gmbgustavo gmbgustavo
Frozt Frozt DEATHDragon DEATHDragon Baobabastass Baobabastass

200,000 Retro Points

Z3r0Pl4ys Z3r0Pl4ys williamgeesdorf williamgeesdorf SteevL SteevL
Spamtec Spamtec silverfury0634 silverfury0634 Retro1989 Retro1989
RestlessTome RestlessTome poopbucket poopbucket Pikacshu Pikacshu
PanchoChancho PanchoChancho Ness64 Ness64 NeowaveBR NeowaveBR
MeV3Ker MeV3Ker MasamuneNKX MasamuneNKX kabukiman5 kabukiman5
Jacobgharibian Jacobgharibian Fretzi Fretzi diablo666 diablo666
arthur4272 arthur4272 Ariel8bits Ariel8bits  

150,000 Retro Points

Zika Zika VinnyBill VinnyBill valeforge valeforge
TucanoPadilha TucanoPadilha ToxicAntidote ToxicAntidote TheNegativeIon TheNegativeIon
TheBatman TheBatman TeacherGus TeacherGus swordlunge swordlunge
suspect15 suspect15 Stryomich Stryomich SOONLOVO SOONLOVO
Skystarmania Skystarmania Skyhurricane Skyhurricane skkyll skkyll
Schp4wn Schp4wn roktapy8 roktapy8 Rimsala Rimsala
PlagueKBR PlagueKBR Nuno Nuno LuyKeltic LuyKeltic
Karlosw21 Karlosw21 karinakaillera karinakaillera Kamikoopa Kamikoopa
Fragmaster007 Fragmaster007 elvio26 elvio26 DarkZeroSider DarkZeroSider
DarkScorpion DarkScorpion Cerlayjux Cerlayjux Buiwsterd Buiwsterd
bTesta bTesta Alexdatadestroyer Alexdatadestroyer Akai Akai
Abigail1905 Abigail1905    

Hardcore Achievements

30,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

HippopotamusRex HippopotamusRex    

15,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

ramosgamer81 ramosgamer81    

10,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

xRidley xRidley Tymestalker Tymestalker Jamiras Jamiras
donutweegee donutweegee    

5000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

Whithbrin Whithbrin Westmoreland Westmoreland Tayadaoc Tayadaoc
soltyd soltyd silverfury0634 silverfury0634 SebastianNebula SebastianNebula
Rafaelsssss Rafaelsssss Portaladz85 Portaladz85 PixieGlow PixieGlow
pitapocket17 pitapocket17 OppaTOM OppaTOM Marcur01 Marcur01
Mangamannn Mangamannn Maize Maize LiveFastCyYoung LiveFastCyYoung
kevinmk760 kevinmk760 Henxorr Henxorr cgdiniz cgdiniz
AngeloLeonhart AngeloLeonhart    

100-Point Achievements

35 100-Point Achievements Earned

donutweegee donutweegee    

25 100-Point Achievements Earned

yopadato yopadato    

20 100-Point Achievements Earned

Blazekickn Blazekickn    

15 100-Point Achievements Earned

MaxMilyin MaxMilyin AlexGatao AlexGatao  

10 100-Point Achievements Earned

Infernum Infernum FlamingDoom FlamingDoom dcmpinguim dcmpinguim

5 100-Point Achievements Earned

zandro zandro Westmoreland Westmoreland SableSoldi3r SableSoldi3r
Metahold Metahold gustavovaladares gustavovaladares GingerTenguin GingerTenguin
Desumi Desumi Arimord Arimord an7xuan an7xuan
AllexGG AllexGG    

Site Awards

700 Site Awards Earned

Infernum Infernum    

600 Site Awards Earned

Blazekickn Blazekickn AuburnRDM AuburnRDM  

500 Site Awards Earned

HolyShinx HolyShinx    

400 Site Awards Earned

Thoreau Thoreau Jungon Jungon  

200 Site Awards Earned

Shianderu Shianderu multonic multonic FlamingDoom FlamingDoom

100 Site Awards Earned

VectorPrime40 VectorPrime40 napu napu KlydeKadell KlydeKadell
Jerboa Jerboa Henxorr Henxorr GregHouse007 GregHouse007
faronheights faronheights dizzykei dizzykei Dennis1543 Dennis1543
BrothersGames BrothersGames bennz13 bennz13 alphacrust alphacrust
Alexavelino123 Alexavelino123    


2000 Leaderboards Joined

AuburnRDM AuburnRDM    

1500 Leaderboards Joined

Retrokaiser Retrokaiser    

1000 Leaderboards Joined

ToxicAntidote ToxicAntidote Shianderu Shianderu PixieGlow PixieGlow
MiningMario MiningMario Jacobgharibian Jacobgharibian donutweegee donutweegee

500 Leaderboards Joined

WanderingHeiho WanderingHeiho Tirbaba Tirbaba raniejogos raniejogos
mudrik mudrik MrDynamite MrDynamite MeV3Ker MeV3Ker
MarioX4 MarioX4 Marcur01 Marcur01 Lokomelo Lokomelo
KitLaska KitLaska Jamiras Jamiras ILLSeaBass ILLSeaBass
geforcefly geforcefly Fragnus Fragnus Alexdatadestroyer Alexdatadestroyer

Achievement Developer Milestones

Achievements Created

2,000 Achievements Created

lordpsycho lordpsycho    

1,000 Achievements Created

GalacticSpear GalacticSpear    

500 Achievements Created

wolfman2000 wolfman2000 multonic multonic  

Points Awarded

5,000,000 Points Awarded to Users

televandalist televandalist    

2,500,000 Points Awarded to Users

cirellio cirellio    

1,000,000 Points Awarded to Users

TeddyWestside TeddyWestside Jamiras Jamiras GalacticSpear GalacticSpear

500,000 Points Awarded to Users

RetroDave82 RetroDave82 jos jos  

250,000 Points Awarded to Users

Seldell Seldell Prism Prism LordKuddy LordKuddy
Lewis50248 Lewis50248    

100,000 Points Awarded to Users

Stax Stax Lumnciol Lumnciol Kekwel Kekwel
jared6502 jared6502 Etron Etron Dravis4 Dravis4
DoctorV DoctorV Cadaxar Cadaxar  

Achievements Awarded

100,000 Achievements Awarded to Users

Searo Searo MarioJunior10 MarioJunior10 Alfex Alfex

Code Notes

5,000 Code Notes Created

Delmaru Delmaru AlexGatao AlexGatao  

2,500 Code Notes Created

WanderingHeiho WanderingHeiho timenoe timenoe Jamiras Jamiras
GameZone GameZone g0dm0d3 g0dm0d3  

1,000 Code Notes Created

ThatAmericanSlacker ThatAmericanSlacker suspect15 suspect15 LiveFastCyYoung LiveFastCyYoung
Falcus Falcus    

Leaderboards Created

500 Leaderboards Created

TeddyWestside TeddyWestside PsyHunter29 PsyHunter29  

250 Leaderboards Created

timenoe timenoe    

100 Leaderboards Created

ThatAmericanSlacker ThatAmericanSlacker kmpers kmpers