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Game Console Genre
Akumajou Densetsu Akumajou Densetsu NES 2D Platforming

Achievement Description
Proof of Blood Proof of Blood Finish first loop using only Ralph without dying

The hard part about this achievement was as the description says you play as Trevor Belmont solo without losing a life. All the characters and team members you find and recruit throughout the game give you a certain advantage in platforms and difficult situations like death pits or holes. But since you’re playing alone as Trevor, you don’t have those things.

Lets start!

The most important thing I would say is nothing about hurrying and slowly trying to remove all the enemies that are on the screen at first. We choose the Sypha Belnades route because I think it’s easier than Alucard. Level one The village in Wallachia is very simple. While you’re playing you should make sure that you find and upgrade your second weapon like holy water or an axe. You do this by destroying either candles or enemies with the secondary weapon several times. Level two is the forest because you ignored the clock tower. The owls section is a little tricky but nothing that your Axe or stopwatch won’t solve. The ghost ship is where the game gets a bit more difficult. The birds before double boss can quickly result in a game over. One step forward with Trevor and one jump to lure them. Then eliminate with the Axe or Whip.

The Tower of Terror is tricky because most of the sections have flying skulls. If you’re not sure, stay on the stairs and defeat the ones with the whip, then walk slightly. Personally, I don’t have any problems with the stair section with the skeleton statues because it’s just a matter of concentration and you can go up slowly. The statues you can destroy please destroy :-D. There are still birds ahead of the boss so be careful and don’t be hasty. The Axe is your friend. The next stage is the Cursed Waterway. Cross the section with the flowing water very slowly. Kill the birds with the axe. Watch out for the mermans coming from the front and back. It’s best not to jump while crossing the current. Kill the mermans that are also coming from behind. Continue your journey. When you go down the stairs wait for the statue to shoot 3 times and then jump down the stairs and destroy the statue. Watch out for the bats. When you get to the bridge, kill the bords carefully and hurry up. Watch out for the jumping mermans. The boss of this level is Hydra. In the version (the Japanese one) the boss is a lot easier. Always stay in the middle.

The Courtyard is the next stage, not to bad. However, there is a very difficult jump that has often meant game over for me. Look at Trevor Sprite and watch his legs. When his second foot is just on the edge on the platform you can jump. There are three bosses in this stage. Grab the cross from the autoscroller section and upgrade it before the boss. The Vampire Killer Stage is easy. Take the Axe (or Holy Water I prefer the Axe) again and upgrade it to the third level. At the boss fight, go straight up to the right platform and throw the axes fast. Fall down and throw them further. Then comes Death’s second form and this one is easy.

Stage 9 Riddle is the hardest in the whole game for me. Whip slowly those falling Fleamans. The section with the stairs and the flying skulls is tricky. Destroy as many statues as you can and don’t rush anything. The autoscroller section is the most important part. At the beginning on the far right is a Holy Water Subweapon. Take it and upgrade it to Level 2 as you progress through the stage. Now comes the point with the waterway. Very tricky section. Lure carefully the Birds towards you and destroy them with the Whip. You can lure them pretty good with Trevor when you jiggle with him left to right or right to left then jump and whip. After this there is the bridge with the Medusa Heads. Be careful and don’t jump at the moving platform. Don’t look back or Medusa Heads will come behind you. Before the Boss there is an Upgrade 3 in a hidden Block grab it. Then when the boss fight starts jump straight up the platform on the right and spam Holy Water and boooom he is done.

The last stage isn’t that hard because the Japanese version is easier and the bats don’t appear before Dracula. In the Autoscroller Section there is a Speedrunner Technique. Stay with Trevor high (not to high unless you die). The Medusa Heads spawns away. The next spot with the rotating floor be slow and carefull. Throw axes against the Statue and whip the Fireballs. Beware of bats. Damage boosts though the Last Statue. After that there is a hidden meat. Grab it of you are low on Health because there is no more Health there. If you haven’t had the Axe yet its time to get this one. Before Dracula upgrade your Axe to Level 3 and Catch some Hearts. Around 40-50 is good. You can get more if you need them. Dracula first Form is the hardest to me. Stay far away from then his Flames spawns far away from each other. I did a Damageless Whip Only Video on my Youtube Channel Retro_Achievements_Jazmataz. Check it out if you need help with that Fight. This Fight is a lot easier in this Japanese Version. Dracula‘s Laser in his 3 Phase is a Joke.

So, you’re looking to 200% Akumajou Densetsu? Then be ready for the Proof of Blood achievement, which requires you beat the entire game deathless with only Ralph Belmont. While the majority of this achievement is just going to come down to practice, I can give you a few tips to help you along your way.

The first, and probably most important thing I can recommend overall for this run is to obtain and keep the cross subweapon as much as possible. Not only does this destroy most bosses with ease, but it’s also very effective at taking care of enemies across precarious pits to make certain jumps far less stressful. Along with the cross, make sure to get the subweapon multipliers by using your subweapon on enough candles until they drop, allowing you to have up to 2-3 subweapons on the screen at once. Keep in mind if you pick up a different subweapon, you’ll lose any multipliers you have, so be careful when destroying candles or enemies that you don’t pick up something else by mistake. The axe subweapon is also fairly useful, especially for taking out flying enemies, but lacks the damage output of the cross on most bosses.

The other major tip is learning where all the wall meat is hidden. Either look up a guide or refer to the video of my playthrough at the end, as I will be getting most of them. The first few levels are fairly simple, just take the lower path after level 1 to skip the clock tower entirely. Take the upper path halfway through level 3, as the lower path is far more tedious and treacherous without being able to use Alucard. Level 4-A is when getting knocked into a bit becomes a serious threat. You can manipulate the headless skeletons into backing up by staying just outside their stab range. Learn where the ghosts spawn and take your time getting rid of them from a safe distance. The crows are the biggest threat, as the movement of their swoop is very random. If you can afford to take a hit and would like to avoid getting knocked into a pit, back yourself up against a wall or get on stairs when you attempt to kill the crows, as you can’t be knocked back.

Level 5A-B has less danger of falling into pits, but taking too many hits can become a serious issue. Take your time as you climb the stairs to whip the gargoyles as they come, and grab the meat just above the door going to 5-B. The autoscrolling section is slow enough that you should have time to lure the spearmen away from the stairs, but they can sometimes turn around immediately. You can afford to take a couple hits here if it means escaping instant death from the bottom of the screen. The fire breathing bone pillars may seem daunting, but they’re nowhere near as bad as the US version of the game. You can stall on the stairs to safely dodge the pillars on both sides. Grab the meat just before the boss and you should be fine.

Level 6A-C is just a matter of patience. Take your time to kill enemies as they come, and use the cross on more dangerous enemies like crows or enemies waiting across pits. Grab the meat just over the door to 6D and proceed. 6D can get a little rough with the falling platforms, just make sure to throw a cross or two ahead of you and jump forward + whip anything the crosses don’t take out. If you have triple crosses at this point, you can easily destroy one of the boss heads on the first cycle, making the rest of the fight very easy.

Level 7 has one of the most dangerous jumps in the game, requiring a near pixel perfect jump to reach. Aside from that, be wary of bone pillars after several pits. If you can’t reach them before they start firing, whip the fireballs before proceeding. The autoscroller section is fairly simple, just jump in place to stall on the crumbling platforms so you have time to drop down to the next platforms.

Level 8 is just a matter of keeping enemies under control. You may choose to switch to axe on this level, as it allows you to kill enemies on the upper levels and is more effective against Death. Level 9-1 is all about keeping the fleamen (bunny monsters?) under control. Slowly make your way to the right and whip them just as they hit the ground to avoid any chance of them jumping over your whip. The stairs in 9-2 can be very deadly. Whip the gargoyles as they come and stall before the bone pillars if they’re about to fire. Remember you can whip the fireballs if you’re caught out in a bad spot. 9-3 is another climbing autoscroller, just be patient, wait for the lightning balls to pass before moving on, and kill the skeleton soldiers as they come. Remember they have the same pattern as the headless skeletons, and can be manipulated to move backwards if you stay just outside their stab range. At the top just before the door is wall meat on the right side, just watch out for the bat spawn. 9-4 has multiple crows that can easily ruin a run. Take out any nearby mermen before getting close enough for the crows to become active so you can dispatch them more easily. If you’ve already done the Doppelganger damageless achievement, you shouldn’t have any issue taking him out, especially if you have crosses or axes.

Alright, final level time. The autoscroller section is considerably more deadly. As soon as you enter, drop down (do NOT jump) to the gears and pass through them. It looks like that should kill you, but you’ll safely drop down to the next platforms. Fend off the medusa heads or drop down to avoid them if the next platform down has appeared. Be wary of the bone pillar before the door as the platforms can crumble. Grab the meat just under the stairs to the right at the start of A-2, just be careful not to grab the holy water. Lure the red skeleton over to the right before killing him, then before climbing the stairs, get to the left of the skeleton above you and force him to move right so you can safely climb the stairs to dispatch him. If you have the cross at this point, Dracula’s first form should go down very quickly. The second phase is pretty simple, just crouch in the left corner when he gets close and he won’t be able to hurt you at all. Last phase just stick to the corner, wait for the platforms to come to you, throw a cross or two, jump off back to the corner, and repeat. The eye beam is considerably smaller in this version and can be easily jumped over. If you have the axe at this point, you can finish off this phase even faster, but I prefer cross since the first phase is much deadlier in this version.

And that’s Proof of Blood done! I hope this guide helped, and if you’d like to see my video to get a better idea of what to do (or what not to do), you can find it here.