The following users and devs listed here reached a new milestone last month.

Points Overall

150,000 Points

metalbubble403 metalbubble403 cochese788 cochese788 ChronoGear ChronoGear

125,000 Points

Jungon Jungon    

100,000 Points

Shianderu Shianderu BahamutVoid BahamutVoid  

75,000 Points

WanderingHeiho WanderingHeiho renanbrj renanbrj FlamingDoom FlamingDoom

50,000 Points

YamatoVergil YamatoVergil Westmoreland Westmoreland VenHur VenHur
soltyd soltyd Rafaelsssss Rafaelsssss Pikacshu Pikacshu
MGNS8M MGNS8M MarioX4 MarioX4 Kiutgh Kiutgh
GreninjaMan GreninjaMan dericobanjo dericobanjo AirRazorX AirRazorX

25,000 Points

Zedrugs Zedrugs TindalosKeeper TindalosKeeper thundere thundere
TheJohanx TheJohanx SuperMeatBro SuperMeatBro Strykeforce0 Strykeforce0
SOONLOVO SOONLOVO SirRamEsq SirRamEsq Sevelik51 Sevelik51
Player2Forever Player2Forever PlagueKBR PlagueKBR partnerslayer partnerslayer
Ness64 Ness64 MustadioB MustadioB LuyKeltic LuyKeltic
Kofigao Kofigao Fretzi Fretzi DarknessMan DarknessMan
Cerlayjux Cerlayjux CerinianShadowGaming CerinianShadowGaming Caelum Caelum
CABBAGES CABBAGES Buiwsterd Buiwsterd  

Retro Points Overall

1,000,000 Retro Points

Sarconius Sarconius    

250,000 Retro Points

AirRazorX AirRazorX    

100,000 Retro Points

zenanomaly zenanomaly Warbler Warbler vcnomeucolo vcnomeucolo
vaanxbahn vaanxbahn ToxicAntidote ToxicAntidote TindalosKeeper TindalosKeeper
Sirhero Sirhero shroome shroome redmelon424 redmelon424
Pablo Pablo leothelyon17 leothelyon17 kryptin kryptin
Kryle Kryle Flemm Flemm Erohs Erohs
Emoon Emoon DuggerVideoGames DuggerVideoGames Dominic Dominic
Cerlayjux Cerlayjux beav1s beav1s Allucardz Allucardz
Abigail1905 Abigail1905    

Hardcore Achievements

25,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

Sarconius Sarconius    

15,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

Slime95 Slime95 Retrokaiser Retrokaiser Grahamtams Grahamtams

10,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

ToxicAntidote ToxicAntidote missiray missiray IantasGames1995 IantasGames1995

5000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

YamatoVergil YamatoVergil williamgeesdorf williamgeesdorf SteevL SteevL
SonicRanticoot SonicRanticoot Sairotra Sairotra pandarion pandarion
NotEnoughCredits NotEnoughCredits L4stMinuteHero L4stMinuteHero Kyluya Kyluya
heintsi heintsi Grungust Grungust Griller80 Griller80
Gejehh Gejehh FoliatedPupura FoliatedPupura Dennis1543 Dennis1543
celestorion celestorion bizarf bizarf AirRazorX AirRazorX

100-Point Achievements

45 100-Point Achievements Earned

donutweegee donutweegee    

15 100-Point Achievements Earned

Pampa50 Pampa50 dcmpinguim dcmpinguim  

10 100-Point Achievements Earned

Skystarmania Skystarmania Shianderu Shianderu  

5 100-Point Achievements Earned

xRidley xRidley missiray missiray Kiutgh Kiutgh
KingKong4221 KingKong4221 JackSamEss JackSamEss Glendaal Glendaal
Erohs Erohs    

Site Awards

800 Site Awards Earned

guineu guineu    

400 Site Awards Earned

HippopotamusRex HippopotamusRex    

300 Site Awards Earned

Retrokaiser Retrokaiser Lonoke31 Lonoke31  

200 Site Awards Earned

voiceofautumn voiceofautumn RomaKiev RomaKiev Nastas Nastas
missiray missiray Maximdraco Maximdraco Jacobgharibian Jacobgharibian
Beulu79 Beulu79    

100 Site Awards Earned

soltyd soltyd Sairotra Sairotra Rafaelsssss Rafaelsssss
perdiga perdiga PablloVittar PablloVittar NeowaveBR NeowaveBR
mudrik mudrik MatheusBrazuca85 MatheusBrazuca85 LiveFastCyYoung LiveFastCyYoung
Kofigao Kofigao GreninjaMan GreninjaMan GIGsnake GIGsnake
domenyX domenyX Dododo Dododo CMatador CMatador
Adenothe Adenothe    


2000 Leaderboards Joined

CobaltZeroni CobaltZeroni    

1500 Leaderboards Joined

Wiiner Wiiner Wendigo Wendigo ToxicAntidote ToxicAntidote
Sarconius Sarconius Kinglink Kinglink Grahamtams Grahamtams
Blazekickn Blazekickn    

1000 Leaderboards Joined

TheNegativeIon TheNegativeIon Orph Orph Kingsombra Kingsombra
Henxorr Henxorr GalacticSpear GalacticSpear bman7 bman7
AmericanNinja AmericanNinja    

500 Leaderboards Joined

Xotoco Xotoco xClawz xClawz woifi woifi
WeerDough WeerDough Urraca3k Urraca3k Swagneto Swagneto
PsyHunter29 PsyHunter29 oddgoo oddgoo NickDeleted NickDeleted
NEOMAR NEOMAR missiray missiray miccmike miccmike
LETSPLAYmarkus LETSPLAYmarkus Lalilulelo Lalilulelo heintsi heintsi
Emoon Emoon echoscreen echoscreen dtkiller dtkiller
Bryan1150 Bryan1150 BrothersGames BrothersGames bizarf bizarf
AllKindsOfJames AllKindsOfJames Aeliana Aeliana  

Achievement Developer Milestones

Achievements Created

5,000 Achievements Created

Snow Snow    

3,000 Achievements Created

pinguupinguu pinguupinguu    

1,000 Achievements Created

wolfman2000 wolfman2000    

500 Achievements Created

timenoe timenoe TheJediSonic TheJediSonic Etron Etron

Points Awarded

1,000,000 Points Awarded to Users

NgNvNn NgNvNn Mutawarrior Mutawarrior  

500,000 Points Awarded to Users

guindev guindev    

250,000 Points Awarded to Users

Firebrand4 Firebrand4 anty anty  

100,000 Points Awarded to Users

timenoe timenoe ThatAmericanSlacker ThatAmericanSlacker gollawiz gollawiz
FireRabbit FireRabbit Bryan1150 Bryan1150 blueYOSHI blueYOSHI
BennyBurrito BennyBurrito    

Achievements Awarded

500,000 Achievements Awarded to Users

SporyTike SporyTike    

250,000 Achievements Awarded to Users

SamuraiGoroh SamuraiGoroh    

Code Notes

5,000 Code Notes Created

MrOwnership MrOwnership ladynadiad ladynadiad Blazekickn Blazekickn

2,500 Code Notes Created

LordAndrew LordAndrew Fridge Fridge  

1,000 Code Notes Created

kmpers kmpers herrshaun herrshaun  

Leaderboards Created

100 Leaderboards Created

Falcus Falcus Etron Etron Dennis1543 Dennis1543
DarkyAndreas DarkyAndreas