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RAdvantage is bringing you tips for some of the hardest 100 point achievements on the site. As always, our DMs remain open at RANews, if you have tips for any 100 point achievements you have earned please let us and the rest of the community know.

Game Console Genre
Mega Man: Powered Up [Subset - 468 Stages] Mega Man: Powered Up [Subset - 468 Stages] PlayStation Portable 2D Platforming

Achievement Description
You Absolute Madman! You Absolute Madman! Complete all 468 stages

First off, is farming for extra lives. That is easy. Simply use either Mega Man or Oil Man. Go to the Ice Man level and use the Oil Slider to go just a little bit ahead. Grab the extra life, exit and do it again. Now, here’s some boss tips.

Overall: Keep in mind that in Normal mode, bosses have a powerful attack that they start using when they’re at half health and right off the bat in Hard mode. For the purposes of this, I’m gonna call them Desperation Attacks, or D.A for short. With the exception of Time Man, they do not show up in Easy mode.

Bomb Man: In Hard Mode, when he throws the two small bombs, stay still and jump right when they explode. Most of the time, you’ll avoid damage. For his D.A, listen to what he says. If he says “That’s a bit harsh”, that’s the long throw. If he says “I’ll show you!” it’s the bouncy throw. Run under past the bomb after the second bounce. In the Copy Robot level, the quotes are changed to “Hah!” for the bouncy throw and “Back at ya!” for the long throw.

Guts Man: Jump right before he hits the ground, otherwise, you’ll fall on your butt and be stunned for a moment. When he jumps straight up, he’s about to throw his block. This can be difficult to determine if he’s in one of the corners. Just keep an eye out. For his D.A, when he burrows under the ground, run to the left side, wait for a moment, then run to the right and just in case, jump right before he pops up. In Hard Mode, he’ll do this three times in a row. Other than that, he’s pretty easy.

Cut Man: Don’t get too close to him if you can help it. Remember that his scissors will come back to him like a boomerang. For his D.A, jump over the scissors, then run in it’s direction. It will not go straight down into the corner. In Hard Mode, you need to do this twice in a row.

Elec Man: First to note is that he attacks at three different positions unprompted. They are at the left side of the gray beam thing, on the right side of the W and when he’s standing between the two circular thing on the right. He alternates between ground and jump shots. When he uses his D.A, those pattern do not change. If he does a ground shot, then his D.A, his next normal attack will still be air. In Hard Mode, he shoots out three thunderbolts. They can break the Guts Block, but if you’re playing as him and lock him in place and completely break his pattern. He’ll just keep running into the block like an idiot.

Ice Man: Just keep firing away without mercy. Stay at a corner until he gets too close for comfort, then leap over him as soon as possible. For his D.A, in Normal, don’t worry about it too much. In Hard Mode, consider jumping on top of one of the icicles once it lands. It might provide some protection.

Fire Man: Chase after him. He won’t attack if you’re close to him. Once he turns around, shoot and jump over him at the same time. For his D.A, if you keep this up, it should not be a problem in Normal Mode, but it might be trouble in Hard Mode, especially when playing as Oil Man. On that note, when playing as him, as before, shoot and jump over him at the same time. If he does one normal shot, just repeat the cycle. If he does two normal shots, quickly jump and shoot another oil into the ground in front of him. He’ll run into it and take damage. For his hard mode D.A, I unfortunately could not find a reliable method of avoiding damage. It might be a bit luck-based or some serious Matrix shenanigans. Either way, if you have no choice, run into him for some contact damage. Trust me, it’s WAY less deadly than running into his flame wave.

Oil Man: When he starts shooting his oil, stay close to him and take a few steps back with each one. For his D.A, just jump with timing. Not too hard once you get it done.

Time Man: Like I mentioned before, he’s the only one who has his D.A on all difficulties and can use it from the start. It’s his signature Time Slow. On Easy and Normal, it’s not too bad. Just jump with timing to avoid his attacks. On Hard Mode, be careful when you try to attack, cause he might dodge it and respond with an attack of his own. Like with Elec Man, by using Guts Man’s power, you can completely lock him in place. He’ll still use his Time Slow, but he cannot attack.

Mega Man?: Jump, shoot, jump, shoot, jump, shoot. Rather simple. Be careful of his Charge Shot, time your jumps well and you’ll get it done easily.

Yellow Devil: First and foremost is the most important thing about this guy: The pattern on how his body travels. In Easy Mode, you don’t have to worry about it. But in Normal and Hard, they travel in a pattern. To help, here’s how they travel. N stands for “No” and J stands for “Jump”. As they go from one place to another, repeat this mantra to yourself.

Normal Mode: N, J, N, J, N, J, N, J, N, N, N, J, N, N, J

Hard Mode: N, J, N, J, N, J, J, N, N, J, J, N, N, N, N

Additionally, in Hard Mode, it might be a bit harder to dodge his lasers. When he goes up to down, run forward until you’re just about right where his fingers are. When he goes down to up, run to the corner and as soon as it crosses the last line, jump. When it disappears, attack.

CWU-01P: Attack like your life depends on it! Nothing much to say here, it’s much easier with some than others.

Copy Robot: This is a boss rush. Use all the tricks you’ve learned so far and annihilate them all. For your copy, in most cases, each attack will only deal one point of damage to you, with the exception of contact damage.

Wily: You’ve made it this far! In Easy Mode, it’s extremely simple. Attack, attack, attack until he’s done. No Phase 2 here. In Normal and Hard, it’s gonna be trickier as he uses all the weapons at random. The color will determine what he’s using. If you hit him with the one he’s weak to, it’ll cancel out and he’ll take extra damage. You might need to pray for good RNG for this one.

Next up, are some stage tips.

Cut Man: Grind for health on the Octopus batteries if needed.

Fire Man: The screw thingies are extremely pesky in both Normal and Hard for some characters. For Roll and Mega, you might need to resort to taking damage and using your invincible frames to get past them. In fact, it might be your best option for most of the characters in this segment. Remember to then grind for health on the enemy that shoots out the little fireballs afterwards. There is a Big Eye near the end after all.

Copy Robot: One important thing is the extra life. A tip is to NOT get the checkpoint after reaching the boss rush room. Instead, take out some of the pesky bosses, then if you die, you’ll respawn at the beginning of the stage. You can then get that extra life and make your way back to the boss rush room with all the bosses you’ve already taken out still dead. This can be repeated infinitely.


Stay focused, have fun and do NOT panic! Remember that the impossible is possible. All you gotta do is MAKE IT SO! Good luck!