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Playstation 2 Launch Event

Celebrating PS2 and 10 Years of RetroAchievements!

In what will be our last big console launch for the foreseeable future, as well as our biggest launch ever (75+ games when the previous high was 30). The Events Team is having a simple contest to jump into the library.

Earn 5 PS2 Masteries = Earn a Bronze Badge
Earn 10 PS2 Masteries = Earn a Silver Badge
Earn 15 PS2 Masteries = Earn a Gold Badge

This ends at the end of the year. The full list of PS2 sets can be found here.

Retro Olympics 2022

Ready for the Retro Olympics? The team of volunteers is! It’s time for the 2022 Retro Olympics Opening Ceremony! Who got teamed up with who? What teams will face each other in the group stage? And most importantly, what games and challenges will the competitors be taking up to the test? Check it all out here.

Want a recap of everything told, or want to know when you are up to play? All information you need will always be available in the Retro Olympics 2022 Schedule, available here.

The first Best of 3 will take place on November 5th, so make sure you contact all your teammates, get together in a Discord group, and pick what 3 members of your team will be competing to take home that very important first win of the tournament! More info will follow as soon as the RetroOlympics chat channels are up!

RA Teams

RAEvents Team

There’s a new team in town. The RAEvents team has been formed with the team responsibilities consisting of approving new events, helping run/organize events and hosting events that do not have a dedicated host.

Current team members:

If you would like to contact the team you can send message to RAEvents RAEvents.

RANews Team

TimeCrush TimeCrush has joined the RANews team, brining a new article series to the community. Check out It’s a Long Way to the Top debuting in this issue.

Site Updates

RAWeb v1.91.2

  • Change Achievement Distribution graph to bar chart by @Jamiras in #1113 #1113
  • Fix white points calculation on daily/weekly leaderboard by @Tsearo in #1102 #1102
  • Fix hardcore indicator on player history page by @Jamiras in #1107 #1107
  • Fix first mutual follower showing follow link by @Jamiras in #1108 #1108

Full Changelog

RAWeb v2.0.0

  • This is an infrastructure release. There are several visual changes, but no new features.
  • While this will enable development of some features that have always been v2+, none are currently planned or prioritized. They will come when they are ready.
  • Let us know if you experience any problems.

Full Changelog

RAWeb v2.0.1

  • Lazily load tooltip cards by @luchaos in #1142
  • Cache currently active on front page by @luchaos in #1143
  • Use standard colors for comments widget by @Jamiras in #1145
  • Show decimal tooltip for hex values when viewing trigger by @Jamiras in #1140
  • Fix resetting progress from achievement page by @Jamiras in #1117
  • Fix resetting progress from game page by @Jamiras in #1120
  • Fix points not being returned by API_GetUserRankAndScore by @Jamiras in #1118
  • Fix news image header path by @luchaos in #1119
  • Fix Mastered being displayed when 99.5+% of achievements earned, but not 100% by @Jamiras in #1121
  • Fix server error loading profile when user has hardcore unlocks for a game but not softcore unlocks by @Jamiras in #1126
  • Capture timing information for non-laravel queries by @Jamiras in #1127
  • Fix exception processing truncated trigger by @Jamiras in #1131
  • Return 404 for dev stats of deleted user by @Jamiras in #1132
  • Prevent 500 response when attributed developer was hard deleted by @Jamiras in #1133
  • Prevent exception visiting game compare page before playing any games by @Jamiras in #1134
  • Fix navigation when search string contains apostrophe by @Jamiras in #1141
  • Fix ‘Malformed UTF-8’ error when rich presence truncated mid UTF-8 character by @Jamiras in #1144
  • Handle missing referers in wiki edit redirects by @luchaos in #1136
  • Use cachable configuration values instead of environment variables by @luchaos in #1139

Full Changelog

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[DevQuest 001] Ticket Massacre [DevQuest 001] Ticket Massacre

[DevQuest 004] Veteran Deveoper [DevQuest 004] Veteran Developer

[DevQuest 005] Trigger Happy [DevQuest 005] Trigger Happy

[DevQuest 006] The Unwanted [DevQuest 006] The Unwanted

[DevQuest 007] Most Wanted [DevQuest 007] Most Wanted

[DevQuest 008] World Traveler [DevQuest 008] World Traveler

[DevQuest 011] Happy Birthday RA! [DevQuest 011] Happy Birthday RA!

[DevQuest 013] [DevQuest 013]

[DevQuest 014] Laudable Leaderboards [DevQuest 014] Laudable Leaderboards

[DevQuest 016] Wish This Set [DevQuest 016] Wish This Set

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