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RAdvantage is bringing you tips for some of the hardest 100 point achievements on the site. As always, our DMs remain open at RANews, if you have tips for any 100 point achievements you have earned please let us and the rest of the community know.

Game Console Genre
Twisted Metal 2 Twisted Metal 2 PlayStation Vehicular Combat

Achievement Description
No One Can No One Can Complete the game as Sweet Tooth on hard without dying

The achievement is deceiving, because I could.

Doesn’t mean it’s not HARD, if not downright IMPOSSIBLE for the average player. Expect to get out of your comfort zone and fight in one of the nastiest levels you’ll ever see in your life. “The fight of your life” in TM1 is NOTHING compared to this one. Holland will be the usual run ender. Expect Spectre to ruin most of your runs too.

Here’s something to ease your passage towards that level, so you can reach it more consistently, but first… Get to know the Freeze and Shield codes very well, practice them, because you cannot just tap them quickly… You need a certain rhythm to them to input them correctly, and you don’t wanna panic doing them. Oh no no no. DON’T… Your Special is also incredibly useful too. Fast recharging and hit hard’ing, so abuse it as much as possible, but don’t rely on it too much. You also need other weapons when you can. Abuse it as possible in “safespot available” stages, that is!

Los Angeles: Just fight, simple as that, BUT try to bring a Remote and as many Homing Missiles for the next stage. Because that stage is a mini-Holland. Easily survivable with minimal stuff but you want to win, so…

Moscow: This place has a somewhat safe-spot available for you. With the Remote I told you, destroy all the bridges, then stand next to a broken bridge, facing yourself to your right, watching the ramp in front of you… Your enemies will take their time to climb the ramp in front of you to try and get you. Freeze and shoot with the Homings you farmed until they are all dead. First Roadblock over. Onto the next!

France: The Library Teleporter to go on top of a square sized spot. Use that to kill anything coming to you. Kill Spectre ASAP, because he can get you here.

Amazonia: There’s a building with two entrances… Go into the one with the HP up, which is the right one and stay there to camp. Kill Spectre and Shadow, since both can get you there. Minion is a pushover in this spot. GATHER AT LEAST 3-5 RICOCHET AND EVERY HOMING MISSILE YOU CAN, because you’ll need those for the worst map of them all, and this map gives you an opportunity to gather Homings very easily. Use this to your very advantage, because you don’t wanna farm Homings later.

The Minion boss fight can be cheesed by using the same spot I told you to use, use Specials and your Machine Gun to kill him, don’t use your homing rockets you collected until Holland!

New York: Go to the pool area in the building, then stand to the right, outside of the pool, facing directly to the exit of that pool area or whatever that is… Like with the Moscow spot, they will take their sweet time to leave the pool to attack you. Use your Freeze/Specials to kill them outright… If you can’t, just leave the spot and reposition again. In order to do so, learn how to teleport up to the rooftops and go back to the safespot. ONLY use your Freeze and Specials here. Keep your Homings at all costs, same as your Ricochets, because those Ricos will be useful next stage.

Antarctica: The obvious glacier Island spot. Now use your Ricochets to knock down people easily from the spot for an insta-kill. Don’t move out of the spot as your opponents might wipe themselves out from the glaciers falling down. Replace spent Ricochet with Homings.

Holland: The ultimate survival test: 9 opponents vs you. No safespots, at least none that can be used consistently. I cannot help you much but give you good luck and fight like hell. The only protection you have, is the broken windmill to the right of the map, which has a full HP inside… If that windmill breaks down, say good-bye to the full HP spawn, expect it to be destroyed, which happens 100% of the time… You’d have to rely on the 4 HP Spawns scathered around the map which has ZERO protection, you have to be very lucky or very fast and crafty to not get hit, and they spawn very randomly. Your opponents may also come individually to that windmill spot to try to kill you. Counter accordingly and destroy your opponents FAST!. You may run out of Homings when you kill half of the competition, so do your best to restock Freeze/Specials/Ammo, which means leaving the comfort zone, AGAIN. Be very careful, though… The AI becomes much more aggressive once there’s less opponents, so you need to stop that crap right away. KEEP SOME TURBO IF YOU MANAGE TO WIN THIS MAP!

Hong Kong: Phew… You came here alright? Congrats! Well, guess what? You can camp in the Temple, on the second floor, right where you teleport, but you need to fidget a bit so you aren’t in your opponent’s teleport spot. Position yourself diagonally, to avoid enemy fire, and so you don’t miss your shots, and make sure they are facing forward when teleporting, so they cannot retaliate. When you run out of Freeze/Specials, get out of there and go into the Subways until you are able to leave them… If an opponent is inside the Subways, you can try to bring them down there or run away, but if it’s Spectre there, KILL HIM, DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO KILL THAT GUY, or he will kill your run there. It will be hard to return to the temple, but it’s possible to continue the same strat. Very stressful, but it indeed works. The only opponent that can get you there is Outlaw 2, since her Special can get you from below, and Lightning can trigger sometimes here, so expect to be damaged by it at any time, a full HP is available near you, but you either need a Jump, or Turbo to get there, which is why I’m telling you to keep the Turbo.

Dark Tooth: There’s pretty much a safe-spot involved, but you need to use something you probably never used: The handbrake, lol. In the temple, you see those ramps to get in there? You need to stay at the very top of one to the leftmost side of the temple. You can then use that area to Freeze/Special/Machine Gun the boss with not much damage involved. If you feel like you are about to die or something, simply grab the full HP in the temple. If you see the Boss disappear, it spawned inside the building, so get out of the spot by simply accelerating forward and wait for him to spawn again outside, which he’ll do to the rightmost side of the temple, then use the spot again, repositioning as fast as possible. Repeat until Dark Tooth dies. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE, CAMP IN THE CENTER RAMP OR THE RIGHTMOST RAMP! You came this far, don’t fumble it!

Dark Tooth 2: Much much simpler and squishier than the first. Do the same and it will go down faster.

CONGRATULATIONS! You beat this hard as hell achievement! You’d be pumped like I just did, specially when a World Record TM2 Holder watched the entire run, helping me on the way and imparting his knowledge that I am providing you.

Hope it serves you well too! :)