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Devember 2022

It’s that time of year where we unite to destroy tickets

Devember🍂 2022 has officially started and will run until December 23rd at 23:59 GMT.

Once again, both Developers and Non-Developers can participate. Players can provide saves/states to help knock out the tickets!

All necessary info can be found in the #🍂devember-2022 and #🍂devember-submissions Discord channles.

Retro Olympics 2022

Join in on the Retro Olympics fun, The live-streamed competition where tons of RA’s strongest players are facing off against eachother today to defend the glory of their country & continent!

Twitch Stream:

Week 2 Matches of The Lion King:

New Retro Olympics Webiste in the making here.

All information you need will always be available in the Retro Olympics 2022 Schedule, available here.

RAEvents Team

RAEvents RAEvents team has added new members:

Site Updates

RAWeb v2.1.0

  • New layout for dev box on game page by luchaos luchaos in #1176
  • Allow user to create new ticket for achievement if previous ticket has been closed or resolved by Jamiras Jamiras in #1170
  • Disable button while submitting forum post to prevent multi-submission by Jamiras Jamiras in #1163
  • Allow devs to make collab claims when they have no claim slots available. by MrOwnership MrOwnership in #1158
  • Update Time(Milliseconds) to Time(Centiseconds) in leaderboard editor by Jamiras Jamiras in #1162
  • Add Reddit footer link by luchaos luchaos in #1189
  • Revert default game icon by luchaos luchaos in #1167
  • Jump to comment from recent forum comment links by Jamiras Jamiras in #1181
  • Update update/unlink hash comments to match current format by MrOwnership MrOwnership in #1164
  • Remove console name from games list by luchaos luchaos in #1156
  • Render default icon for deleted user avatar by luchaos luchaos in #1155
  • Fix user avatar word wrap by luchaos luchaos in #1154
  • Fix exception viewing dev stats for new developer where first unlock was softcore by Jamiras Jamiras in #1157
  • Match ticket avatar icon size with other avatars by luchaos luchaos in #1172
  • Fix scrollbar on manage claims page by luchaos luchaos in #1175
  • Fix achievement link on game compare page by luchaos luchaos in #1179
  • Fix html entities in page title by luchaos luchaos in #1185
  • Prevent divide by zero if user has reset softcore but not hardcore by Jamiras Jamiras in #1182
  • Prevent exception accessing history with an invalid date by Jamiras Jamiras in #1153
  • Use loadCard for active players by Jamiras Jamiras in #1166
  • Cache ability to create tickets by Jamiras Jamiras in #1169
  • Cache recently played games by Jamiras Jamiras in #1171
  • Cache top achievers per game by Jamiras Jamiras in #1174
  • Bump doctrine/dbal from 2.13.9 to 3.4.5 by @dependabot in #1180

Full Changelog

RAWeb v2.2.0

  • Junior developers are now allowed to update game information, rich presence, and achievement order for games where they have an active new set claim by MrOwnership MrOwnership in #1211
  • Add explain blocks for leaderboards by Jamiras Jamiras in #1216
  • Add Type filter to search page by Jamiras Jamiras in 1195
  • Eliminate ticket karma by Jamiras Jamiras in #1203
  • Only show recent players from the last six months on game pages by Jamiras Jamiras in 1197
  • Separate PC Engine CD from PC Engine by televandalist televandalist in 1129
  • Restore Set Exists marker on All User Set Requests page by Jamiras Jamiras in 1193
  • Fix display issue when embedding game and achievement with same ID in same page by Jamiras Jamiras in 1198
  • Fix notes not showing up for PS2 achievement definitions by Jamiras Jamiras in #1210
  • Fix completion badge not being awarded if last unlock was hardcore by Jamiras Jamiras in 1196
  • Fix rank calculation for lower is better leaderboard when rank is shared by Jamiras Jamiras in #1202
  • Fix player activity not showing up when invalid by Jamiras Jamiras in #1204
  • Fix hardcore border not showing on game compare page by Jamiras Jamiras in #1218
  • Fix RSS feeds date, strip HTML tags, add guid by Krylan Krylan in #1223
  • Prevent creating account with invalid username by Jamiras Jamiras in #1206
  • Prevent exception trying to create a ticket when not logged in by Jamiras Jamiras in 1190
  • Prevent exception trying to return data for non-existent game by Jamiras Jamiras in 1191
  • Prevent exception calling RecentlyPlayedGames without a user by Jamiras Jamiras in #1205
  • Don’t try to send email to deleted user when closing ticket by Jamiras Jamiras in #1213

Full Changelog

Emulator Updates

RAIntegration v1.1.0

  • Support for indirect code notes (code notes derived from a note on a pointer)
  • If the first line of a code note contains the keyword “pointer”, then any following line that starts with a plus (no indent) immediately followed by a number (hexadecimal [0x prefix] or decimal, no whitespace) is treated as an indirect code note. After the number, any number of whitespace characters and/or a single non-alphanumeric character separate the indirect note from the offset. Following lines that don’t start with a plus are also considered part of the indirect note. Some examples are shown here.
  • Support for local code notes
    • Allows making temporary notes while trying to narrow down addresses
    • Fixes loss of note-in-progress if selected address is changed
    • Note modifications are kept locally until published to the server
    • Unpublished notes will appear in red in the code notes window
    • Notes are deleted by reverting (if not published) or by setting to blank and publishing
  • Support for offline development (if the game was previously loaded in online mode)
    • Offline mode is only activated if the server cannot be contacted during login.
    • It’s not meant to be something a developer can just activate whenever they want.
    • Changes will be saved to local file (XXX-User.txt)
    • Publishing is disabled
    • Achievements unlocked in offline mode will not be sync’ed to the server, and will not be eligible for manual unlocks.
  • Add Open All and Code Notes items to RetroAchievements menu
  • Add MBF32 LE memory size
  • Add BitCount search type
  • Add XOR (^) AddSource/SubSource modifier
  • Add ASCII as selectable size in bookmarks window
  • Add warning when serialized size exceeds limit
  • Add Export button to search results
  • Automatically change asset filter to local if local assets exist and no published assets exist
  • Changed points field on achievement editor to dropdown
  • Allow Invert to be selected for non-value logic
  • Allow rich presence monitor to be resized
  • Fix app title being updated on login/logout when not using RA_UpdateAppTitle
  • Fix search results being cleared when switching between disks of a multi-disk game
  • Fix crash enabling highlights without a loaded asset
  • Fix comparison against initial values for aligned searches
  • Fix redundancy warning between trigger and non-trigger conditions
  • Fix decoding of denormalized floats (values where exponent is 2^-127)

Full Changelog

RALibretro v1.4.0

  • support for identifying CHD-formatted CDs
  • ability to launch game using command line arguments
  • cascade Select Core menu if it contains more than 20 systems
  • attempt to report error from core when savestate loading fails
  • separate PCEngine from PCEngine CD
  • enable FreeChaF core for Fairchild Channel F
  • enable SameDuck core for MegaDuck

Full Changelog

RATools v1.10.0

  • new internal representation of logic
    • small performance boost due to not having to reevaluate on each usage
    • allows for more optimization opportunities NOTE: this causes errors to be generated for several previously allowed syntaxes:
      • implicit always_true() and always_false() are no longer supported in logic chains. logic such as: 0=1 && never(byte(0x1234) == 3) will now collapse to false as 0=1 can never be true. script authors must replace the 0=1 with an always_false() to preserve the logic in the output.
      • always_true() and always_false() are no longer supported for leaderboard values. use measured(repeated(0, always_true())) and 0 instead.
      • memory addresses can no longer be compared to true or false. Compare to 1 or 0 instead.
      • integer division is no longer implicitly converted to floats for leaderboard values: byte(0x1234) * 3 / 2 will no longer be automatically converted to byte(0x1234) * 1.5. use byte(0x1234) * 3.0 / 2 for automatic conversion.
      • calling repeated or tally with a count of 0 is no longer supported outside of a measured clause of a value expression. Doing so implies an unbounded hit requirement which cannot be reached and is equivalent to always_false(). Using these to generate an AndNext/OrNext chain was not intended. If you absolutely want to prevent the OrNext from being converted to alt groups use the __ornext(condition) function. If you have a valid reason for forcing an AndNext chain let me know.
      • measured(A && B) will now generate an error instead of just setting the Measured flag on B. The actual logic it previously generated was A && measured(B) or measured(repeated(0, A && B)) depending on whether it was being used in a trigger expression or a value expression.
      • once(A && once(B)) will now keep a separate hit count for B and for the entire clause by reordering the conditions or injecting an always_false() condition to hold the total count.
      • once(unless(A)) will now generate an error. use unless(once(A)) or disable_when(A) instead. Similarly, unless cannot be used inside repeated or tally clauses.
      • repeated(10, trigger_when(A)) will now generate an error. use trigger_when(repeated(10, A)) instead.
      • repeated(10, measured(A)) will now generate an error. use measured(repeated(10, A)) instead.
  • support for local code notes
  • add Progression analysis dialog (open from Game Stats dialog)
  • add ability to autogenerate function names in New Script dialog
  • fix “measured(bitcount(X) == 8)” being converted to “measured(byte(X) == 255)”
  • fix “measured(X + 100 > 200)” being converted to “measured(X > 100)”
  • fix “float(X) < 0” being converted to “always_false()”
  • fix never in tally clause being replaced with AndNext
  • fix Copy to Clipboard not working on Rich Presence and Leaderboard title/description
  • fix duplicating of file extension for local badge images
  • fix dumping Rich Presence with measured value in display string
  • fix viewing Rich Presence diff where lookup was removed

Full Changelog

Developer Compliance

New Members

Code of Conduct Updates

  • Set Plagiarism rules introduced
  • Reservation Renewals
    • Added details about the progress reports requirements.
    • Adjusted of the cooldown after denied progress reports (from 3 months to 1 month) to align with the “drop and resume before 1 month” rule.
    • Added the requirement to post progress reports after every renewal if an 1-month cooldown happened.

Approved Subsets

Pac Man subset rejected Pac’n Roll (Nintendo DS)

Inappropriate Achievement Titles Fixed:

Demoted Achievements


DevQuest Awards

[DevQuest 001] Ticket Massacre [DevQuest 001] Ticket Massacre

[DevQuest 004] Veteran Deveoper [DevQuest 004] Veteran Developer

[DevQuest 006] The Unwanted [DevQuest 006] The Unwanted

[DevQuest 009] Launch Party! [DevQuest 009] Launch Party!

[DevQuest 010] It Takes Two [DevQuest 010] It Takes Two

[DevQuest 012] Hacker's Habit [DevQuest 012] Hacker’s Habit

[DevQuest 016] Wish This Set [DevQuest 016] Wish This Set

[DevQuest 017] RA World Cup [DevQuest 017] RA World Cup

Vet Developer Progress

Vet Dev II

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Vet Dev III

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Vet Dev VIII

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