The following users and devs listed here reached a new milestone last month.

Note: Developer Points and Achievements Awarded counts are prior to the most recent RAWeb update.

Points Overall

300,000 Points

HippopotamusRex HippopotamusRex    

200,000 Points

AmericanNinja AmericanNinja    

150,000 Points

AuburnRDM AuburnRDM    

100,000 Points

TheLooseGroose TheLooseGroose Pudpod Pudpod  

75,000 Points

RomaKiev RomaKiev NEOMAR NEOMAR MrBird MrBird
GalacticSpear GalacticSpear AirRazorX AirRazorX  

50,000 Points

williamgeesdorf williamgeesdorf TheNegativeIon TheNegativeIon SuperMeatBro SuperMeatBro
Ryudo Ryudo MatheusBrazuca85 MatheusBrazuca85 Jaeger42 Jaeger42
dorayaki dorayaki Cheshire Cheshire Akai Akai
14ausher 14ausher    

25,000 Points

Zytahui Zytahui Zealord Zealord Zaykros Zaykros
WeerDough WeerDough uenostation54 uenostation54 TripleDeek TripleDeek
Szhymphild Szhymphild spikeriley spikeriley Speedway Speedway
Snighter Snighter shnick1980 shnick1980 Seldell Seldell
Portaladz85 Portaladz85 PenguGG PenguGG OmaruSupimpa OmaruSupimpa
mudrik mudrik MplsVATO MplsVATO MjDias MjDias
MelodyAsh MelodyAsh Macaconiggalouco Macaconiggalouco LouisDoucet LouisDoucet
jester1610 jester1610 IzaNamiZX IzaNamiZX Galante Galante
Dominick Dominick dokaikan dokaikan Deikorim Deikorim
CassetteCobra CassetteCobra BinoAdm BinoAdm alyxhawk alyxhawk
ae90 ae90    

Retro Points Overall

750,000 Retro Points

marcelosnp marcelosnp    

500,000 Retro Points

ShadwSonic ShadwSonic Pixelach Pixelach Jungon Jungon

375,000 Retro Points

Glendaal Glendaal BahamutVoid BahamutVoid  

250,000 Retro Points

XashTheStampede XashTheStampede pulsexp pulsexp mx01 mx01

125,000 Retro Points

xTr4ceur xTr4ceur xnaivx xnaivx woifi woifi
williamgeesdorf williamgeesdorf TheNegativeIon TheNegativeIon Spamtec Spamtec
ReversePolarity ReversePolarity Ness64 Ness64 Meneboy88 Meneboy88
Kryle Kryle gabrieldomingos0805 gabrieldomingos0805 DuggerVideoGames DuggerVideoGames
Dododo Dododo DireWareWolf DireWareWolf Chauckles Chauckles
blaze386 blaze386 azulejo azulejo arnautg2002 arnautg2002
AgentYous AgentYous    

100,000 Retro Points

Val1407 Val1407 TheClassicOne88 TheClassicOne88 StingX2 StingX2
shotmaker shotmaker seilahehe seilahehe PARKOUR62 PARKOUR62
pandarion pandarion NickDeleted NickDeleted Nekonoob Nekonoob
napu napu Mavincenzi Mavincenzi Jazmataz Jazmataz
jabman696 jabman696 HydroBobOmb HydroBobOmb Foxyman1113 Foxyman1113
flaviodnz1 flaviodnz1 Erodion Erodion elvio26 elvio26
BrunoKiko BrunoKiko AllKindsOfJames AllKindsOfJames Akai Akai

75,000 Retro Points

zemaduvant zemaduvant xeiden xeiden TotalRecall911 TotalRecall911
Stab Stab slashfour21 slashfour21 sarahumbra sarahumbra
PenguGG PenguGG nexcoyocoatl nexcoyocoatl Mioty Mioty
MelodyAsh MelodyAsh LucianoD3M LucianoD3M kdash kdash
JetForceGeneric JetForceGeneric IzaNamiZX IzaNamiZX foxsevent foxsevent
ferminius ferminius eytchjey eytchjey CraneD CraneD
clevertonheusner clevertonheusner BrianDavis13 BrianDavis13 BinoAdm BinoAdm
AriMaeda AriMaeda AeronBorjil AeronBorjil  

Hardcore Achievements

25,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

FabricioPrie FabricioPrie AmericanNinja AmericanNinja  

20,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

Infernum Infernum CobaltZeroni CobaltZeroni AuburnRDM AuburnRDM

15,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

zanyeyedzach zanyeyedzach DUT DUT Arekdias Arekdias

10,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

Tiagoxxx Tiagoxxx TheJewker TheJewker Sylrifaide Sylrifaide
Orph Orph NEOMAR NEOMAR fabiotwotwo fabiotwotwo
bennz13 bennz13    

5,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

yonwan yonwan TheRealBillHicks TheRealBillHicks soundogg soundogg
SirRamEsq SirRamEsq ruuzilla ruuzilla ReversePolarity ReversePolarity
Pronin86 Pronin86 NeowaveBR NeowaveBR mudrik mudrik
mtgsolid mtgsolid GuiltySlug GuiltySlug FBernkastelKues FBernkastelKues
Excessiveiser Excessiveiser coolscribble coolscribble CerinianShadowGaming CerinianShadowGaming

4,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

Zerosignx Zerosignx zephyr97 zephyr97 Zaykros Zaykros
yngwiedmb yngwiedmb Tiagofsp Tiagofsp sulpemago sulpemago
SonicZ16 SonicZ16 RighteousBush RighteousBush prismfighter prismfighter
mefaun mefaun KingisKong KingisKong kdash kdash
JankyyAF JankyyAF Erodion Erodion DoomYoshi DoomYoshi
dokaikan dokaikan djlain djlain diablo666 diablo666
Den4ig300c Den4ig300c Chaos447 Chaos447 blaze386 blaze386
Bill Bill AllKindsOfJames AllKindsOfJames  

3,000 Hardcore Achievements Earned

Zealord Zealord wolfman2000 wolfman2000 WKGames WKGames
WeerDough WeerDough TheTudeDude TheTudeDude ThatAmericanSlacker ThatAmericanSlacker
TechnoCop88 TechnoCop88 swordlunge swordlunge suspect15 suspect15
rbloodriver rbloodriver PenguGG PenguGG PARKOUR62 PARKOUR62
Noid Noid MDGeist MDGeist Maisumjoaoninguem Maisumjoaoninguem
Macaconiggalouco Macaconiggalouco IzaNamiZX IzaNamiZX grapeisgreat grapeisgreat
Gamerking23 Gamerking23 flaviodnz1 flaviodnz1 Dabot Dabot
Craymeco Craymeco Cheatsalot123 Cheatsalot123 CassetteCobra CassetteCobra
Bakagami Bakagami azulejo azulejo Asvel Asvel
alexbubble alexbubble    

100-Point Achievements

70 100-Point Achievements Earned

donutweegee donutweegee    

30 100-Point Achievements Earned

HippopotamusRex HippopotamusRex BahamutVoid BahamutVoid  

20 100-Point Achievements Earned

YamatoVergil YamatoVergil    

15 100-Point Achievements Earned

Wendigo Wendigo MaxMilyin MaxMilyin marcelosnp marcelosnp

10 100-Point Achievements Earned

Swagneto Swagneto DavidYTBR2 DavidYTBR2 AirRazorX AirRazorX

5 100-Point Achievements Earned

smokinstylish smokinstylish PKRadash PKRadash JohnCold JohnCold
InVaines InVaines ilikepie345 ilikepie345 Foxyman1113 Foxyman1113
djlain djlain bobolopster bobolopster Biscoitero Biscoitero
Amir96lx Amir96lx AbysswalkerSoul AbysswalkerSoul  

Site Awards

1,000 Site Awards Earned

guineu guineu    

800 Site Awards Earned

Infernum Infernum    

600 Site Awards Earned

ShadwSonic ShadwSonic    

400 Site Awards Earned

Lonoke31 Lonoke31    

300 Site Awards Earned

Tiagoxxx Tiagoxxx    

200 Site Awards Earned

mx01 mx01 Gamechamp Gamechamp GalacticSpear GalacticSpear
dcmpinguim dcmpinguim chocolatiel chocolatiel AllKindsOfJames AllKindsOfJames

100 Site Awards Earned

xClawz xClawz Whynot15 Whynot15 TheClassicOne88 TheClassicOne88
Tayadaoc Tayadaoc SuperMeatBro SuperMeatBro Sirhero Sirhero
pandarion pandarion Mentro Mentro Hunser Hunser
hardcoregamertop hardcoregamertop FBiDev FBiDev CuddleBugs CuddleBugs
Cheshire Cheshire azulejo azulejo 14ausher 14ausher


3,500 Leaderboards Joined

TheNegativeIon TheNegativeIon    

3,000 Leaderboards Joined

Retrokaiser Retrokaiser Amir96lx Amir96lx  

2,500 Leaderboards Joined

Grahamtams Grahamtams djlain djlain AuburnRDM AuburnRDM

2,000 Leaderboards Joined

mefaun mefaun    

1,500 Leaderboards Joined

zanyeyedzach zanyeyedzach Venomothim Venomothim Shioxus Shioxus
Pudpod Pudpod KoruKGR KoruKGR echoscreen echoscreen
donutweegee donutweegee bizarf bizarf  

1,000 Leaderboards Joined

Zouiguipopo Zouiguipopo Thoreau Thoreau Smoka Smoka
Sigrev2 Sigrev2 DavidYTBR2 DavidYTBR2 cavsfan2313 cavsfan2313
Bryan1150 Bryan1150 BeekBeek85 BeekBeek85 AllKindsOfJames AllKindsOfJames

500 Leaderboards Joined

wolfman2000 wolfman2000 Toerka Toerka TheRealBillHicks TheRealBillHicks
Tehachapi Tehachapi Strykeforce0 Strykeforce0 stonedphilosopherleo stonedphilosopherleo
Orosius Orosius neonknight neonknight Mentro Mentro
Koroske Koroske Griffin Griffin GamerGal1992 GamerGal1992
Femtopi Femtopi FBiDev FBiDev diablo666 diablo666
D0ubleWhammy D0ubleWhammy CerinianShadowGaming CerinianShadowGaming AngeloLeonhart AngeloLeonhart

Achievement Developer Milestones

Achievements Created

6,000 Achievements Created

Snow Snow    

4,000 Achievements Created

Alena Alena    

2,000 Achievements Created

wolfman2000 wolfman2000 Cadaxar Cadaxar  

1,000 Achievements Created

WanderingHeiho WanderingHeiho suXin suXin EulerMoises1981 EulerMoises1981
Blazekickn Blazekickn DarknessZedzi DarknessZedzi Brandovsky Brandovsky
BigWeedSmokerMan BigWeedSmokerMan    

500 Achievements Created

Layton Layton Griffin Griffin Falcus Falcus
Darkc0m Darkc0m    

Points Awarded

1,000,000 Points Awarded to Users

siouxerskate siouxerskate blendedsea blendedsea  

250,000 Points Awarded to Users

xTr4ceur xTr4ceur TheMysticalOne TheMysticalOne ThatAmericanSlacker ThatAmericanSlacker
Kayesay Kayesay    

100,000 Points Awarded to Users

TheJediSonic TheJediSonic Protoblubb Protoblubb LordAndrew LordAndrew

Achievements Awarded

1,000,000 Achievements Awarded to Users

dude1286 dude1286    

500,000 Achievements Awarded to Users

televandalist televandalist FernandoFFS FernandoFFS  

100,000 Achievements Awarded to Users

1990in1 1990in1

Code Notes

25,000 Code Notes Created

SporyTike SporyTike    

10,000 Code Notes Created

Delmaru Delmaru    

5,000 Code Notes Created

valts valts Excessiveiser Excessiveiser  

2,500 Code Notes Created

MelodyAsh MelodyAsh    

1,000 Code Notes Created

Scott Scott Numberman Numberman Namuh Namuh
EulerMoises1981 EulerMoises1981 Darkc0m Darkc0m  

Leaderboards Created

250 Leaderboards Created

WanderingHeiho WanderingHeiho TheJediSonic TheJediSonic Anic Anic

100 Leaderboards Created

Tybis Tybis Released Released LiveFastCyYoung LiveFastCyYoung
BigWeedSmokerMan BigWeedSmokerMan