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Wish This Set is a showcase for our passionate community members to write about the games they love that aren’t yet represented on the site. Is there a game you’d like to see receive an achievement set? Let us know by sending a private message to RANews RANews. We encourage you to explain what makes the game so special to you, and you may be featured in a future issue of RANews!

Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze (PlayStation 2)

Game Console Genre
Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze PlayStation 2 Action

Golden Wind (Ougon no Kaze) was the last Jojo game published by Capcom (unless you count the shortly lived HD release of Heritage for the Future) before Bandai wrestled the rights away from Capcom.

Golden Wind serves as a game that functions like it’s mostly a boss rush, with each stage almost entirely serving as a fight against an enemy stand user. Like previous Jojo games, you are ranked on how well you did in the fight and get bonus points known as “Secret Factor” if you are able to perform moves on the enemy that they also suffered from in the manga. During fights the player can activate and deactivate their stand, perform light and heavy attacks, and do a classic stand rush where your stand juts forward and performs it’s cry while punching rapidly. You’ll have to get a good grasp of this games combat system or otherwise learn to savor the taste of pain because in order to master this game you’ll need to do every fight absolutely flawlessly.

If you are a fan of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, please consider checking this game out. It is underrated in the shadow of it’s Capcom brothers, and often overlooked because it isn’t a fighting game.

WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2006 (PlayStation 2)

Game Console Genre
WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2006 WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2006 PlayStation 2 Sports - Wrestling

Wrestling games are, like the first half of the moniker “Sports Entertainment”, practically a yearly affair. A roster update, maybe an entrance change, some minor tweaks to the gameplay itself, bingo bango new game release. Wrestling games have a distinct advantage over their Football and Hockey counterparts because there happens to be Story and Drama involved in oiled up half naked people smacking each other around.

The story mode in this particular wrestling game… not the best. What sets this game apart is the first iteration of the GM Mode that the community was clamoring for (I frequented many a wrestling board at the time, and fantasy booking was always a thing, but putting that aspect into an endorsed game, when there was only one major player in the industry was a HUGE deal). As it was the first, it was a tad bare bones. There is a strong case for the NEXT game being better, but I personally prefer this one.

Sure, you miss out on selecting “Storylines” for your rivalries, but you don’t actually see any cutscenes or story segments, it just affects star rating for the rivalry itself. The main draw for me preferring 06 over 07 in the GM mode department is the freedom to use any match type at any show. 07 limited some of the larger match types for the Pay Per View events, but the first GM mode did not place this limitation on the player. Have a Hell in a Cell on the second Smackdown of the month seems like a small thing… and it is, but there you have it.

GrimGrimoire (PlayStation 2)

Game Console Genre
GrimGrimoire GrimGrimoire PlayStation 2 Tower Defense

Vanillaware is well known for their excellent games and absolutely gorgeous art style, but while Odin Sphere, Muramasa: the Demon Blade, and Dragon’s Crown have quite the reputation, GrimGrimoire stays hidden behind her younger brother’s success. It’s not a “hidden gem” by any means, and not the best Vanillaware game, but it doesn’t have the pretension to be either. What you see is mostly what you get: a very cute 2D side-view RTS/Tower Defense (literally) game made for console. Due to that limitation it’s not the deepest or most complex game of the genre, but with how beautiful the game looks it’s a shame that it is not more well known.

The setting takes place in a Wizard School following the young Lillet Blan and her time loop adventures. Following up on a attack on the school, Lillet is sent back in time 5 days before and now has to not only get stronger in order to defend herself, but also try to understand why all of this is happening. It definitely deserve to be better known and that why I’d love to see a set for it.

Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut (PlayStation 2)

Game Console Genre
Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut PlayStation 2 Action RPG

The Tales of series has been a staple of the JRPG scene. Its action-oriented, combo-focused battles set it apart early on from its turn-based contemporaries, and it has enjoyed success and iteration ever since. Tales of Destiny was one of the first titles in the series, and in 2006 it was remade for the PS2, followed a couple of years later by a phenomenal ‘Directors Cut’ edition packed with extra content. Tales of Destiny DC was one of the last entries in the series that enjoyed 2D battles, and its pixelated characters were a last (beautiful) hurrah to the artform before the series moved on to 3D spritework. It results in arguably the best looking game in the series, and it’s explosively colourful battles are never anything but frantic fun. It doesn’t hurt that the game is bursting with charming characters including a talking sword, hilarious writing, and a touching story.

It was never released in the West, but over the years a hardworking team called Life Bottle Productions have been chipping away at this behemoth, and a few months ago finished their 100% translated build of the game (current translation version is 0.0.239, and everything on the checklist is now complete, with only minor tweaks rolling out every few months). By adding Retro Achievements to this game - my favourite game from my favourite series - you would be enticing hundreds, if not thousands of new fans into playing one of the greatest JRPGs that many of us would have missed otherwise.

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius - Attack of the Twonkies (PlayStation 2)

Game Console Genre
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius - Attack of the Twonkies Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius - Attack of the Twonkies PlayStation 2 Action-Adventure

I am an avid achievement hunter, and RetroAchievements plays a huge role in that. This is a game that is for the PS2, which put simply, was the console that defined video games for me as a child. With the new release of PS2 achievements, I’ve been retro achieving nonstop, and while I have the desire for MANY sets that are not currently present, this is the one I would want the absolute most.

I cannot say enough good things about this game. It’s an incredibly fun experience. The purpose of the game is to run around in different levels as Jimmy, collecting parts to make inventions that will help you throughout the level. You will also use these inventions to combat “Twonkies,” the primary enemy of the game. The game is fairly linear and does not have much you can miss other than a few invention pieces. I see this as another plus because it gives players less to worry about and more to enjoy without having to stress about missing anything, which would also potentially make developing a set much easier. Furthermore, it is not a very long game either, which would give more incentive to develop a set for this game. It’s nothing short of a somewhat brief but undoubtedly fun experience.

Thank you for reading and considering this game!

Bucky O’Hare (Arcade)

Game Console Genre
Bucky O'Hare Bucky O’Hare Arcade Beat ‘em Up

When it comes to arcade beat-em-ups, Konami no doubt made some of the best like Metamorphic Force and Violent Storm. However, their more memorable games in the genre were, funnily enough, ones based on licensed IPs. They made games like The Simpsons, some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles entries, and X-Men, all of which rightly have their own achievement sets here on RetroAchievements. Despite all being in the same genre, they each still manage to have their own unique mechanical differences for even the common casual player to prefer one over the others. You could tell that these guys gave a damn about making something leaving you wanting to come back for more no matter what IP they held.

However, despite the common celebration of many of these titles and some even seeing revitalization in recent years (like The Simpsons Arcade 1Up cabinet and The Cowabunga Collection), there’s one Konami arcade beat-em-up I was quite surprised that no one ever talks about despite having debatably the fairest challenge of them all and, ergo, my personal favorite that they’ve put out in arcades.

Bucky O’Hare is a very unique spin on the beat-em-up genre. So unique, in fact, that there’s a debate to be had as to whether or not it even should be classified as such. Rather than punching and kicking your way through hordes of enemies and obstacles, the characters are equipped with laser guns, allowing players to maintain their distance during combat. From this, it may seem like it’s a side-scrolling shooter, but because it controls like a Konami beat-em-up, it’s actually an uncanny blend of both genres.

Of course, that’s not the only thing this game has going for it. The game may only have three buttons, but you can actually do more cool stuff than what it appears. There’s a melee attack that you can trigger by firing close to an enemy that has a multi-hitbox, a dive kick that makes you invulnerable for half of a second upon landing a hit, and pressing the jump and shoot buttons simultaneously activates a special attack that costs virtually nothing to use and you can even have two active at once. Each of the four characters have their own unique special attacks and they all have fairly balanced pros and cons. One is a flamethrower-like weapon that lacks range but does immense damage while another can follow enemies but has a lot of start-up time. There’s bound to be a character that meshes well with the players’ personally preferred playstyle.

The US version only allows you to have one special attack active, but in exchange, it lets you manually trigger your melee attack and replaces Button 3’s screen nuke to the special attack. So whichever version to make the set for would be a topic of discussion in of itself, but wouldn’t mind either one as melee attacks do have their uses. Regardless, Bucky O’Hare just doesn’t get the time and attention that Konami’s other beat-em-ups regularly do even though it should. Hopefully, an achievement set would be able to bring more of a spotlight to this criminally overlooked diamond-in-the-rough. Who knows? Maybe it’ll even get the 1Up Arcade treatment one day.

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (PlayStation 2)

Game Console Genre
Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit PlayStation 2 Action

This is a game based off of the Wallace and Gromit movie featuring two player co-op that I played back when I was but a wee lad. I replayed this game a couple years back to see if I would still enjoy the game like I did back then. All in all, I honestly did enjoy this game after replaying it, and ever since PS2 achievements released I’ve wanted this to get a set. It has the potential for some creative achievements such as growing a marrow in your greenhouse to the maximum size, earning all the collectible cards, beating missions and time trials under a certain time limit set by the dev, and maybe doing some silly tasks like finding a specific item somewhere (such as a glass bottle of milk), sucking it up, and shooting it at Victor’s face.

As for the gameplay, there are day and night missions. Day missions are the most fun and unique. You have to lead rabbits to drains to safely collect them; you can do this by herding them or sucking them up with your Bungun and shooting them towards the drains. Eventually these missions increase in difficulty, adding a time limit and a variety of different creatures with different behaviors, and you’ll eventually be herding turkeys! The night time missions aren’t all that interesting but some can be challenging. These levels mostly consist of destroying generators and fighting creatures such as Were-Badgers… Were-Weasels… Were-Slugs uh… The list goes on but there are no Were-Rabbits, at least until the end of the game. There are also many missions that don’t fit into either of these categories, such as playing football or finding vegetables to make a delicious pie. Both Wallace and Gromit have different abilities - Wallace can jump higher and Gromit can wall jump, and at night you get to play as Hutch the Rabbit who can do both!

I think this is a fun open world game with some unique gameplay that I haven’t seen in other games, and I’m not just saying that because my favorite animals are rabbits and I’m British!

NBA 2K3 (PlayStation 2)

Game Console Genre
NBA 2K3 NBA 2K2 - NBA 2K12
NBA Live 2001 - NBA Live 2009
PlayStation 2 Sports - Basketball

Hello to all my RA developers! I am writing this message today in hopes of seeing any NBA 2K or Live game on the PS2 receive achievements. I know you’re all probably like WHAT!? A BASKETBALL GAME!! I know I’m in the vast minority of enjoying these sports titles, but hear me out please on why I think 2K or Live deserves a set.

So fist and most importantly, you can do some research on whatever year it is to match the game and see what type of amazing milestones were hit in the sport. For example, if Kobe dropped 53 on the Pistons that season, have a achievement of dropping 53 with Kobe versus the Pistons. Same thing for assist, steals, blocks, etc. Have a achievement of winning the NBA title in Season Mode with the same team that won it that specific year. Have a win streak achievement, have an achievement for breaking in-game NBA records, like most points in a game (101) to beat Wilt. I seriously hope this gets at least a thought because I’d love to see some more sports simulators get achievements.

I’m also a walking basketball history vault. I’ve been a lifelong fan of the sport and have kept up with it all my life. I can tell you full rosters from the 50’s up. I’d be more than happy to lend my knowledge of records, season milestones, etc. Plus, who knows, this could get someone else into basketball games as well, that’d be amazing. Anyways, hopefully this gets a thought and we can see a 2K or Live game get support. Again, if you want ideas or need some assistance just shoot me a message and I’m onboard! :)

Crash of the Titans (PlayStation 2)

Game Console Genre
Crash of the Titans Crash of the Titans PlayStation 2 3D Platforming
Beat 'em Up
Crash: Mind over Mutant Crash: Mind over Mutant

The reboot of the franchise at the hands of Sierra, like Spyro, this new reboot gives a complete twist to the franchise while conserving some classic essence like with the platforming and collecting. A lot of people hate this game, but I really like it. The fights are on par with the platforming, which is pretty solid in my opinion, with pretty challenging levels if playing on Hard difficulty and a lot of side missions that are pretty fun. It also includes collectibles and upgrades that add a sense of progression and replayability. I even prefer it over some old classic Crash games like Bash or Fusion, and while it’s obvious that it is not even close to the originals, like Spyro: A New Beginning, it’s definitely a solid entry that I still would enjoy nowadays. We already have a set for the PSP version, but I would like to have one for the superior PS2 version in RA.

As for the sequel, Mind over Mutant, what else can I say that I didn’t say before - this game is in essence the first game but enhanced and better! The game is now a open world of sorts, and you can store a titan instead of just dropping it/killing it! With more collectibles and more challenges, this sequel really fixes some of the problems of the first game and offers, in my opinion, the definitive Titans experience compared to all games and versions (GBA, DS, PSP, PS2).

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc (PlayStation 2)

Game Console Genre
Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc PlayStation 2 3D Platforming, Action-Adventure

I think Rayman 3 could have a very fun/interesting set because of a lot of things. One of the reasons is the point combo system. There could be achievements for maintaining a combo for x amount of time, chaining power-ups, etc. There are also many secrets in the game for cheevos, like freeing the creatures in The Bog of Murk for red Lums. Possible leaderboards include speeding through The Longest Shortcut or getting the most points in the Snowboard level. All these challenges are really fun but don’t unlock much in-game, making them perfect for achievements.