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RANews By RANews.


  • God of War is the fastest set on site to hit 2000 Players
  • Playstation 2 crossed 200 sets in under 4 months
  • Site hit a new peak of 1600 users
  • DSi Rollout has begun, as of this publication 24 sets have been finished

RA Minecraft

RetroAchievement now has an official Minecraft server where you build anything you want in the most popular sandbox game ever created.

The server can be accessed at:

If you would like access to the server please contact:
Scott Scott, SporyTike SporyTike, luchaos luchaos or BatFastardJordy BatFastardJordy

Jr Developer Graduates

Graduate Game
starlite starlite Bionicle (Game Boy Advance) Bionicle (Game Boy Advance)
Guinea Guinea Sled Storm (PlayStation) Sled Storm (PlayStation)
RyudoSynbios RyudoSynbios Azure Dreams (Game Boy Color) Azure Dreams (Game Boy Color)
Chr0x Chr0x Vendetta (Arcade) Vendetta (Arcade)
thegotoguyy thegotoguyy Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters (PlayStation Portable) Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters (PlayStation Portable)
acheaplemon acheaplemon DJ Max Fever (PlayStation Portable) DJ Max Fever (PlayStation Portable)

Current Stats: 6 Developers have graduated in 2023 so far


  • #Jr-Dev Help Channel voice channel has been created so Code Reviewers can provide help over a call.
  • #jr-dev-forum channel has been created to help organize the jr-dev requests. Whenever you have a request, no matter if needing help with coding, game page updates or getting added to the review queue, you can now create a forum with the tag and we can easier help you. Additionally we added some guides for a few features with more coming if requested.
  • #ra-the-game channel has been created to document and get input as Scott Scott creates a WASM-4 game based on the website.



Set Updates




Developer Compliance

Code of Conduct Updates

  • New Developer Code of Conduct updates addressing developers changing accounts has been added here.

    The following wording was added: If a user with either Developer or Jr. Developer status changes accounts, achievements and tickets under the old account will be re-authored and reassigned to the new account.

Set Approvals


Site Updates

RAWeb v2.5.0

  • Completion/mastery icons for game progress bars by @EmoonX in #1281
  • Stylized categories/subsets in game titles by @EmoonX in #1274
  • Add Other emulator filter in ticket manager by @Jamiras in #1264
  • Fix wrapping in Claims lists on front page by @luchaos in #1291
  • Show hidden awards count in award header tooltips on user page @EmoonX in #1271
  • Better ordering for Completion Progress list on user page by @EmoonX in #1282
  • Add admin page for viewing player progress through an achievement set by @Jamiras in #1280
  • Fix forum pagination when many unverified posts exist by @Jamiras in #1279
  • Adjust page links to multiple of page size when providing custom offset by @Jamiras in #1276
  • Hide user pages for banned/spam accounts by @luchaos in #1290
  • Prevent logging of invalid image exceptions by @Jamiras in #1277
  • Ensure achievements with no hardcore unlocks get their true ratio recalculated by @Jamiras in #1286

Full Changelog

RAWeb v2.6.0

  • Fix progress bar completion icon alignment by @luchaos in #1296
  • Make stylized tags use game title text color by @EmoonX in #1304
  • Move stylized tags to end of game title by @luchaos in #1297
  • Apply stylized tags to mature content warning page by @Jamiras in #1306
  • Apply stylized tag to breadcrumbs by @Jamiras in #1307
  • Theme aware main menu by @luchaos in #1299
  • Add box shadows to main menu dropdowns and tooltips by @luchaos in #1303
  • Hide game progress if game has no achievements by @Jamiras in #1301
  • Include game name in page titles for game subpages by @Jamiras in #1302
  • Use cards for game award tooltips by @Jamiras in #1300
  • Revoke mastery badge when resetting achievements for a set by @Jamiras in #1298
  • Fix ticket indicator not showing up for junior developers by @Jamiras in #1308
  • Move lib functions into app_legacy subdirectory by @luchaos in #1285

Full Changelog

RAWeb v2.7.0

  • Stylized [m] in achievement titles by @EmoonX in #1315
  • Separate main/subset links in breadcrumbs by @EmoonX in #1314
  • Add API_GetUserPoints.php endpoint by @wescopeland in #1319
  • Revert unintentional changes to API_GetUserCompletedGames.php response by @Jamiras in #1316
  • Fix mastery date sometimes not showing in tooltip by @Jamiras in #1310
  • Fix site award not awarded if user recently earned achievement with same ID by @Jamiras in #1311
  • Fix recalculation of true ratios not ignoring untracked users by @Jamiras in #1322

Full Changelog

RATools Updates

RATools 1.11.0 has been released

  • Add mbf32_le function
  • Add substring function
  • Add ascii_string_equals and unicode_string_equals functions
  • Add XOR operator (^)
  • Add bitwise invert operator (~)
  • Add horizontal scrollbar when file is sufficiently wide
  • Ability to select entire lines by clicking on line number
  • Support for merging bits into bitcount when pointers are involved
  • Fix corruption of local notes containing newlines
  • Fix dumping game using masked pointers
  • Fix exception dumping game with no achievements or leaderboards
  • Fix exception dumping game with incomplete leaderboards (one or more blank fields)
  • Fix exception dumping rich presence with whitespace at the top of the file

Full Changelog


DevQuest Awards

[DevQuest 004] Veteran Deveoper [DevQuest 004] Veteran Developer
voiceofautumn voiceofautumn

[DevQuest 007] Most Wanted [DevQuest 007] Most Wanted
Excessiveiser Excessiveiser Beetle Adventure Racing! | HSV Adventure Racing! (Nintendo 64) Beetle Adventure Racing! | HSV Adventure Racing! (Nintendo 64)

[DevQuest 008] World Traveler [DevQuest 008] World Traveler
gollawiz gollawiz Dragon Quest V (PlayStation 2) Dragon Quest V (PlayStation 2)
Dr. Slump (PlayStation) Dr. Slump (PlayStation)
WanderingHeiho WanderingHeiho Penguin Wars | Pengin-kun WARS (NES) Penguin Wars | Pengin-kun WARS (NES)
Nayuta no Kiseki (PlayStation Portable) Nayuta no Kiseki (PlayStation Portable)
Ys: The Vanished Omens (MSX) Ys: The Vanished Omens (MSX)

[DevQuest 010] It Takes Two [DevQuest 010] It Takes Two
Delmaru Delmaru Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix (PlayStation 2) Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix (PlayStation 2)
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (PlayStation 2) Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (PlayStation 2)
FRAN269 FRAN269 Crazy Frog Racer (PlayStation 2) Crazy Frog Racer (PlayStation 2)
Incredibles, The (PlayStation 2) Incredibles, The (PlayStation 2)
gollawiz gollawiz Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Game Boy Advance) Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Game Boy Advance)
Ratchet & Clank (PlayStation 2) Ratchet & Clank (PlayStation 2)
Fridge Fridge Hot Shots Golf 3 (PlayStation 2) Hot Shots Golf 3 (PlayStation 2)
Ratchet & Clank (PlayStation 2) Ratchet & Clank (PlayStation 2)

[DevQuest 011] Happy Birthday RA! [DevQuest 011] Happy Birthday RA!
TheMysticalOne TheMysticalOne Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun (Mega Drive) Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun (Mega Drive)
suspect15 suspect15 Warlock (Mega Drive) Warlock (Mega Drive)

[DevQuest 012] Hacker's Habit [DevQuest 012] Hacker's Habit
Bryan1150 Bryan1150 ~Hack~ Pokemon Renegade Platinum (Nintendo DS) ~Hack~ Pokemon Renegade Platinum (Nintendo DS)
~Hack~ CTGP: Nitro (Nintendo DS) ~Hack~ CTGP: Nitro (Nintendo DS)
Delmaru Delmaru ~Hack~ Mario Kart Zero (Nintendo DS) ~Hack~ Mario Kart Zero (Nintendo DS)
~Hack~ Legend of Zelda, The: A New Light (NES) ~Hack~ Legend of Zelda, The: A New Light (NES)

[DevQuest 015] Console Conqueror [DevQuest 015] Console Conqueror

[DevQuest 016] Wish This Set [DevQuest 016] Wish This Set
SlashTangent SlashTangent Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness (Nintendo 64) Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness (Nintendo 64)
DarkyAndreas DarkyAndreas Shadow the Hedgehog (PlayStation 2) Shadow the Hedgehog (PlayStation 2)

[DevQuest 017] RA World Cup [DevQuest 017] RA World Cup
suspect15 suspect15 Tecmo Bowl (NES) Tecmo Bowl (NES)
Baseball Stars Professional (Arcade) Baseball Stars Professional (Arcade)
wolfman2000 wolfman2000 Konami's Golf (MSX) Konami's Golf (MSX)
RealSports Volleyball (Atari 2600) RealSports Volleyball (Atari 2600)

Vet Developer Progress

Vet Dev I Vet Dev IHas published at least 1000 achievements AND worked on at least 25 sets as sole or majority developer
timenoe timenoe Bryan1150 Bryan1150 StingX2 StingX2

Vet Dev II Vet Dev IIHas created achievements for at least ten different consoles
Excessiveiser Excessiveiser kmpers kmpers

Vet Dev III Vet Dev IIIHas been an active developer for at least two years
pinguupinguu pinguupinguu Ryudo Ryudo SlashTangent SlashTangent

Vet Dev V Vet Dev VYielded unlocks have exceeded 50,000
timenoe timenoe wolfman2000 wolfman2000

Vet Dev VI Vet Dev VIAs a sole developer, submitted one or more sets for code review and received a cumulative grade of at least 22
Brandovsky Brandovsky ThatAmericanSlacker ThatAmericanSlacker voiceofautumn voiceofautumn
wolfman2000 wolfman2000 BahamutVoid BahamutVoid

Vet Dev VII Vet Dev VIIHas used at least 75 percent of all currently available flags and features [Vet Dev I and VI required]
voiceofautumn voiceofautumn

Vet Dev VIII Vet Dev VIIIHas obtained at least two badges through DevQuest
ThatAmericanSlacker ThatAmericanSlacker Excessiveiser Excessiveiser Sines Sines
suspect15 suspect15

Vet Dev IX Vet Dev IXHas obtained at least five badges through DevQuest
suspect15 suspect15