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Game Console Genre
Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear Solid PlayStation Action, Stealth

Achievement Description
Big Boss Big Boss Earn the Big Boss rank on a new game file (No stealth camo or bandana)

I believe this achievement to be the reason that Metal Gear Solid has such a low completion percentage. However, I’m here to tell you if you have the patience for it, it isn’t too bad of a challenge.

My first tip is to make sure you are fully familiar with the entire map. You won’t have a radar in extreme mode so you really got to know your way around Shadow Moses. I would recommend going through the game at least twice to familiarize yourself.

The next tip is save often. I would recommend saving right before every boss, and almost every room you enter with guards. If you get spotted, you have to reset your game, so it’s best to save as often as possible. You have up to 80 saves to get big boss rank, so you shouldn’t be too worried about using a lot. A requirement for big boss rank is to not die, so if you get a game over, reset the game instead of selecting continue.

My next tip is to use your ration. Some people might want to play the game with as few playthroughs as possible, and may want to not use a ration for the Not THAT Hungry achievement. I wouldn’t recommend this. You can use up to one ration and still get big boss rank, and I would recommend to use it. It will make the playthrough easier.

The next tip is to take minimal damage. You are basically only going to take damage from bosses since you won’t have any encounters. I would recommend getting hit at most once in each boss fight. This can be difficult for some of the bosses, but they all have patterns. I remember Psycho Mantis was the most troubling for me, but after a while, you will get used to his attack patterns and persevere. If you take more than one hit during a boss fight, you might be cutting it close towards the end of the game. If you can, I would save your ration for the very very end of the game when fighting liquid. I found that escaping in the jeeps was the most difficult part to avoid damage on.

Hopefully with some of these tips, it might be easier for someone who was trying to get this achievement, whether they have tried and failed, or were turned away by the difficulty. The biggest part is patience, since you will be restarting A LOT, but I believe that with enough practice and time, this is doable by mostly anyone.

Good luck!