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Episode 4 - Maestros of the Soundchip

Throughout the years music has become a harkened call for memories of times long passed - join TimeCrush TimeCrush and Fridge Fridge as they run headlong into the chiptunes and more from before, on our next episode of the RetroAchievements Podcast: Maestros of the Soundchip!

Episode 5 - Noise Ahoy

Set sail on the open seas of sound effects with TimeCrush TimeCrush and returning guest Fridge Fridge, as they scour their histories both passed and present to locate those treasures and sirens songs of years before. As a goal we chose to avoid the most iconic or first immediately thought of noises, and chose effects closer to home. We also reveal what I’m calling the “Podcast Playalong”, which as voted by the community will be from the PSX console. Join us in the discord channel #rapodcast to discuss the reveal and your experience with the game of choice!

Climb aboard and weigh anchor, we’ve got noises to seek!

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