Wish This Set

Wish This Set is a showcase for our passionate community members to write about the games they love that aren’t yet represented on the site. Is there a game you’d like to see receive an achievement set? Let us know by sending a private message to RANews RANews. We encourage you to explain what makes the game so special to you, and you may be featured in a future issue of RANews!

Scarface: The World Is Yours (PlayStation 2)

Game Console Genre
Scarface: The World Is Yours Scarface: The World Is Yours PlayStation 2 Action-Adventure, Sandbox

Scarface: The World Is Yours is an action-adventure, third-person shooter, almost open-world game released in 2006 by Radical Entertainment that serves as sequel of Brian De Palma’s movie in an alternate timeline in which Tony Montana survives the siege at his mansion and looks to get revenge and rebuild his empire. It is a very underrated game, with lots of interesting features and set potential including:

  1. It has the soul of GTA, especially Vice City. Replicated in Miami with wonderful scenarios and very similar gameplay, but with the unique style of Scarface.

  2. They respect the lore of Brian De Palma’s movie; some characters reappear and others are new. The dubbing is awesome. Al Pacino couldn’t do it, but personally choose the actor who would do almost his exact Cuban accent. There are lots of references to the movie and the phrases of Tony from the movie.

  3. Missions are diverse and not monotonous, and the empire-building concept gives a different but wonderful approach to the progression.

  4. There are lots of options for achievements in the set, not only progressing with missions and defeating bosses, but related to the empire-building mechanics, unlocking features, secondary missions, getting exotics, drug and goods business, cop and gang heat, increasing your “balls”, rage meter, getting “femme fatale” to live in your mansion, weapon variety, etc.

  5. An awesome history in which you could be able to get revenge on Alejandro Sosa, the Bolivian Drug Lord.

If you are a fan of GTA games, the Brian De Palma movie, or open world games, you will surely enjoy this game that hasn’t had the spotlight it deserves. Devs will enjoy making this set and the community will enjoy playing it. Give it a chance please.

Bomberman Land (PlayStation)

Game Console Genre
Bomberman Land Bomberman Land PlayStation Action, Puzzle

Bomberman Land is an open world game that takes place in a Bomberman Theme Park. Instead of your regular Bomberman gameplay, it’s a collection of minigames and puzzles in order to collect “zone pieces” for your “B-Card” to access new areas.

This was one of my favorite childhood games that I used to play a lot back in the PlayStation era days. It’s quite sad that this game is fairly underrated compared to other Bomberman games. It also doesn’t help that it was never released in the West and doesn’t have a translation patch, but to be fair, the game is pretty straightforward most of the time.

Such a unique Bomberman game should be played by everyone, plus it’s a perfect game for achievements with lots of variety and challenges to tackle. Thanks for reading!

Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft (PlayStation)

Game Console Genre
Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft PlayStation Action-Adventure, Cinematic Platforming

Tomb Raider III is easily my favourite of the original 5 games with The Last Revelation as a close second. This time our favourite archaeologist is after 4 artefacts crafted from a meteorite scattered around the world, with the fate of the world at stake if they fall into the wrong hands.

Bigger and better than ever is this game’s hallmark, with the game’s environment being the most apparent of those improvements alongside the newly-polished controls. Would you believe it took three games before Lara could crawl? Now she can also sprint, and since the levels are so much bigger, it really comes in handy. After you finish the initial India campaign, the game surprisingly turns non-linear, giving you a choice of 3 locations to visit in any order before finishing up in sunny Antarctica. Unlike the second, and much like the first, there’s a stronger focus on puzzle solving, which I always thought was the best part of the series alongside the hostile environments. Those environments are more beautiful than ever before and the cinematics enhance the more ambitious story. On my first time completing the game it was so fulfilling and then I found out a few months later there’s a secret level that I don’t remember ever beating, so an achievement set would be the perfect reason to go back and experience it for myself.

In my opinion this is the definitive classic Tomb Raider, filled with everything the series is loved for, with as much as could be crammed into a single disc. And yes, you can still lock Winston in the freezer.

Vandal Hearts - Ushinawareta Kodai Bunmei (Saturn)

Game Console Genre
Vandal Hearts - Ushinawareta Kodai Bunmei Vandal Hearts - Ushinawareta Kodai Bunmei Saturn Tactical RPG, Strategy

“Hey, wait a minute” I hear you say, “this game already has a set!” Well yes, but not exactly. This entry is for the Saturn version of Vandal Hearts! While originally a Japan exclusive, it got a full English translation patch a few years ago. The changes are not dramatic like some of the other PSX-to-Saturn ports out there, but there are still a few. Among those you have slightly improved graphics, better audio quality, and some minor gameplay tweaks compared to PSX. You also have a couple extra battle maps and new items mostly near the end of the game. Noticeable as well, the amount of blood produced by bodies on death has been increased quite a bit!

So if the changes are not that major, why wish for this set? Well, it’s simple: an alternative port of a good game is always a great opportunity to explore different set design for the RA devs! As a lover of SRPGs it’s always a fun time to have to re-discover a game or dive into specific mechanics and be forced to play differently for the sake of a challenge. And well, at the end of the day double the sets, double the points, and double the mastery badge! Everyone wins!

James Bond 007: Nightfire (PlayStation 2)

Game Console Genre
James Bond 007: Nightfire James Bond 007: Nightfire PlayStation 2 First-Person Shooter

Where to start with this game…?

This original story is worthy of a Bond film in its own right (and probably is better than several actual films cough you know who you are). Its locations have everything you would want, from a helicopter interception in Paris to a snow-filled nightime infiltration in Austria, to car chases, snowmobile chases - and we’re not even half way through! After a visit to Japan for a house call and a laser job in a high-rise, we visit an oh-so sunny South Pacific island and then… Space… What? Yes. We get romance, betrayal, a nice mix of stealth and outright run and gun, vehicular combat, rail shooting, VIDEO GUIDED BAZOOKAS - if you like gadgets, then you will get gadgets - and from a gameplay standpoint, the different gadgets for different situations are very well implemented.

The couch multiplayer mode deserves its own game in of itself. It features a wealth of characters from the different movies to choose from, many game modes and locations, and different weapon sets with red laser traps and even mini helis that you can video remote control. Although all of that may be completely unnecessary because playing 1v1 Team Arena on Skyrail and each claiming the roof on one of the two opposing buildings as quickly as possible to video-guide bazooka missiles at each other and see who can get the other first is enough fun to fill a few hours.

As a side note, if you have ever wanted to dispatch of enemies using a bowler hat, select Oddjob and you can do just that… Let me repeat that, YOU CAN KILL ENEMIES WITH YOUR HAT. Okay I got that out of my system.

It owes a lot to GoldenEye, but where GoldenEye was a pioneer, Nightfire took it to the next level.

Virtual Hydlide (Saturn)

Game Console Genre
Virtual Hydlide Virtual Hydlide Saturn Action RPG

Love it or hate it or fight me about it, Virtual Hydlide may be the most iconic game on the Saturn. An open-world Saturn-exclusive action RPG from 1995 with a fully randomised game world, decades before the roguelike boom, Virtual Hydlide sounds incredible on paper. It’s when people see it in action, running at 7 or 8 frames per second with badly digitized photo-realistic sprites, that they decide to pass on it. The frame rate would be acceptable in a golf game, which happens to be what the engine was actually created to tackle.

Just like the original, Virtual Hydlide has a reputation for being obtuse, frustrating, and, frankly, ugly, even compared to contemporaries like King’s Field. It was a notorious trainwreck, another example of how the Saturn flopped as a console. That is, until 2019, when a speedrun was performed at AGDQ2019, turning it into overnight into an unlikely kusoge success.

Whether it truly is the worst game on the Saturn, or actually a gem hidden in plain sight, Virtual Hydlide’s legacy and enduring popularity demand an achievement set. Thanks to siouxerskate siouxerskate and ventuz ventuz, we finally got sets for Hydlide II: Shine of Darkness and Super Hydlide, aka Hydlide 3: The Space Memories in 2022. It’s time for a brave developer to step up and complete the series with a set for the Saturn finale - preferably one with lots of challenge runs.

Patapon 3 (PlayStation Portable)

Game Console Genre
Patapon 3 Patapon 3 PlayStation Portable Rhythm

This game here is the final game of the favorite game series of my childhood and one of my all time favorite series. Patapon is a rhythm game about Patapons, which is a tribe that is looking for their promised land, Earthend, battling through enemy tribes, monsters and demons, and you are their god who commands them through this journey with songs. The third game starts right after the end of second game and introduces a variety of new heroes that are now called Uberheroes, which are more uber and more flashy than the single hero we had in the second game. There are also a new enemy tribe and new monsters on top of the ones from the older games.

This game has a lot of miscellaneous improvements over the first two games, definitely has more flashy graphics and animations, and a rock/metal soundtrack that is my favorite among all three. The game is pretty hard and grindy when played solo, which to be honest is a challenge in itself, but main highlight of the game was the multiplayer since as far as I remember you could do most stuff in the game in multiplayer. So a multi subset would also be cool to see if netplay works out.

I think the third game definitely deserves a set, since we already have a set for the first game which DoctorV DoctorV did an awesome job with, and a set for the second game almost ready for review (shameless self plug). If you haven’t had a taste before, I’d advise you to start from the first game and continue on throughout the games to have a great time and watch how one of my all time favorite series evolves.

SimCity Creator (Nintendo DS)

Game Console Genre
SimCity Creator SimCity Creator Nintendo DS Management Simulation

SimCity Creator for the DS, called SimCity DS 2 in Japan, is one of many forgotten games of the DS library. So forgotten that there wasn’t even a link to the game on the site until now. It’s a game where you build a city through the ages, from the dawn of civilization to the modern era, and all the way into the future. Along the way, you’ll get to build giant structures to symbolize the completion of an era. You’ll have to manage resources, settle traffic, lower crime, fight fires, prep for natural disasters, and much much more. You’ll get to see your city evolve from what was once a humble tribe to a bustling metropolis.

This is a game I enjoyed playing as a kid, and like any kid who doesn’t know any better, I never got to finish the game. Not even close. I got stuck in the first 2 eras and never progressed further. I spent too much time trying to make the biggest cities possible and trying to get all the buildings of an era, only to end up getting overwhelmed in the next. With all the other SimCity games earning their sets and with the different paths you can take and the plethora of unique buildings you can make in each era, I’m confident a decent one can be made for this one too. RetroAchievements has brought me back to my childhood games and motivated me to beat them once and for all, and I’d like to do the same for SimCity Creator.

Point Blank (PlayStation)

Game Console Genre
Point Blank Point Blank PlayStation Light Gun

Have you ever played a WarioWare game and thought it needed more Light Gun support? Look no further than the Point Blank series! This series actually well predates WarioWare as it’s been around in arcades from as early as 1994, and it later found its way to home consoles in 1997 (JP) and 1998 (NA/EU) on the PlayStation.

Point Blank, at its core, is a collection of Light Gun focused minigames presented in an arcade fashion. These games will test your speed, accuracy, consistency, memory, pattern recognition, and much more through a variety of wacky challenges. These stages are offered in a variety of difficulties, which allows players of all skill ranges to find something they will enjoy.

Oh, they also added a whole RPG/Adventure mode to the home release! Quest mode will task our two explorers to find a rare gun somewhere on Point Blank Island. Move around by shooting at your destination, raise your stats with experience earned from minigames, meet a cast of interesting characters, and eat some hamburgers you found laying around in this quirky adventure.

Fear Effect (PlayStation)

Game Console Genre
Fear Effect Fear Effect PlayStation Action-Adventure, Survival Horror

“Subversive” defines Fear Effect, with its cel-shading graphics being an iteration of the PS1 hardware used like never before, relying on highly detailed models rendered with the purpose of emulating 2D visualization and its cartoonish, almost comics-like art style – we have character design that would make Joe Madureira proud here! It’s also subversive when it comes to genres, with its espionage themes being used for top-tier stealth mechanics while its tank controls transmit some survival horror vibes – although there’s nothing horrific in Fear Effect’s campy action sequences and trashy cyberpunk ambience, which is all for the purposes of being a VERY fun game. Not even the sexualization of the characters ends up going overboard, being just enough to spice things up (not in the naughty way, but in the exploitation film kind of approach). The pre-rendered backgrounds mixed with FMV transitions make for a living world that I’d love to see and play again while popping up some achievements.