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RAdvantage is bringing you tips for some of the hardest achievements on the site. As always, our DMs remain open at RANews, if you have tips for any 100 point or other very difficult achievements you have earned please let us and the rest of the community know.

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We Love Katamari PlayStation 2 Action, Puzzle

Achievement Description
Beautiful Rose-Filled Katamari Damacy Gather 1,000,000 Roses

This is probably the biggest grind in any Katamari game, it will most likely take you longer than completing the collection. For this achievement, you’ll have to roll up 1 million roses which is just as painful as it sounds. You can roll up a single rose for the counter to go up by one or a bouquet for the counter to go up by ten.

There are three stages that the game will put you in at random, these stages are: An Ice Rink, a Racetrack and a Street. If a level you don’t want shows up, you can return to Select Meadow and try again.

Now getting started, first things first, turning on fast forward will help speed this process up a little, but it will still be very, very slow. You can tackle this in two different ways, Option A: The slightly faster way which will require more focus and Option B: The slower way where you can multitask and focus on something else so you don’t die from boredom.

Option A: The Fastest option, is ironically the racetrack level, despite the fact you aren’t on the racetrack itself. Make a quick lap around the map until you reach the car with a ramp and then hit restart, don’t worry your rose counter will stay the same after collecting the roses! After that, simply repeat the process again and again and again and again and again….

Option B: The slower option is the Ice Rink level, just roll around the rink again and again collecting roses. This level can be a little laggy and the respawn rate of roses seems to slow down, you can hit restart if need be but you don’t have to. Since rolling around the ice rink doesn’t take much brain power, you can just keep rolling around it while doing something else such as watching TV, you’ll still need to keep your hands on the controller to roll around and keep your eyes semi-focused on the screen to check you are still rolling efficiently.

Once you are done with this tedious task, a wonderful song will play and the King will question what the point of it was. Now you’ve earned an Achievement and a new loading screen, congrats on your dedication, your patience knows no bounds!