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Episode 6 - Events, Come One, Come All

Join host TimeCrush TimeCrush alongside head of the Events Team, Bendyhuman Bendyhuman, as they go over how things have changed and improved over the years at RetroAchievements when it comes to community participation and involvement. With a few handpicked choices of our own, you will be quick to find that there is always an opportunity to enjoy an Event!

We also touch on things we have been playing ourselves, alongside the Podcast Playalong of “Star Wars: Dark Forces” in the #rapodcast channel!

Episode 7 - Art Team: Apply Your Warpaint!

When scouring the catalogue of options and offerings to enjoy, one of the first things many players notice after selecting their game is the associated art, icons, and the ever-elusive Mastery Badge. A constantly changing and evolving landscape within RetroAchivements, where any user is able to raise their paintbrush should they believe in themselves, and their skills - to make a lasting mark on a game they love.

This week we sit down once again with gollawiz gollawiz as we dive in on the Art Team. The war-horn bellows and the stage is set for battle, have you prepared for the (icon) gauntlet before you?!

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