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Ys I & II Chronicles PlayStation Portable Action RPG

Achievement Description
Dracula Fears Him [Ys I] Defeat Vagullion on Nightmare Difficulty

Vagullion is one of the most painful bosses in nearly every version of Ys I—but, he’s at his absolute worst on the PSP (or Steam). On top of needing decent reflexes and/or some luck, this boss also requires a great deal of patience. This fight will take a number of minutes and it is never worth getting greedy to get an extra hit in when it feels dangerous.

First, prepare for the fight by hitting max level (this probably even happened naturally) and upgrading all equipment to the silver tier. There is a very low or possibly impossible chance of beating Vagullion on Nightmare difficulty without this step. Next, make attempts at the boss and try to learn the timings of how long he stays in his true form—this will be very important for getting a feel for when it is safe to attack.

Once familiar with attacking safely, it’s time to learn how to survive for the entire encounter. Here are some tips:

  • It is very important to stick near the edge of the arena at all times and circle in the same direction.
  • Cutting the corners is crucial to survival as Vagullion is quite fast.
  • Make sure to stay close to the boss and not gain a big lead on him. If the player runs too far ahead, Vagullion will take the shortest route across the room and it will get extra dangerous.
  • Be patient! This is a battle of attrition. Do not rush.

Aside from everything above, just keep practicing and eventually victory will be yours!