Final Fantasy VI (SNES)

Game Console Genre
Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VI Game Boy Role-Playing Game, Turn-based RPG


RAGuide Author: Sutarion Sutarion
Special Thanks: Xymjak Xymjak & pitapocket17 pitapocket17
Set Authors: cirellio cirellio & televandalist televandalist

1) Synopsis

Set Difficulty 5/10, but requires time and patience
Approximate time to master 25 hours for main game. Doubled to obtain all Rages
Minimum numbers of playthroughs needed 1.25 with save splits
Number of missable achievements 68
Does difficulty affect achievements? N/A
Hardest achievement of the set Beastlord (25) due to missables

2) Introduction

Often praised as one of the greatest RPGs of all time, Final Fantasy 6 is the story of a young girl born with magical abilities in a world where magic was destroyed long ago. It was my introduction to Final Fantasy and RPGs in general, so it holds a special place in my heart. The game boasts an impressive cast, quick combat and excellent music. The set was primarily created by cirellio with additional achievements by televandalist. Many of the achievements in the set are showcases of easter eggs or unique dialog, making a large portion of them missable during a normal playthrough. This guide will tackle the achievements in chronological order to get the most out of your playthrough.

3) Walkthrough

Before you Begin

This guide frequently references the World of Balance (WoB) and the World of Ruin (WoR). These terms refer to the locations from the first and second half of the game respectively.

Several achievements that require specific actions, such as not opening a chest or purchasing an item, but the achievement does not unlock until additional actions are taken much later in the game. These are noted with 🚩 in the guide, but here is a summary:

  • 🚩 Do not open any chests in South Figaro Cave in the World of Balance. 🚩
  • 🚩 Do not open the chest containing Rune Edge in the Moogle Cave of the Narshe Mines. 🚩
  • 🚩 Do not purchase both Magicite in the Jidoor Auction House until you win the Zephyr Cloak in the World of Ruin. 🚩
  • 🚩 Rescue Mog in the World of Balance and learn the Water Rondo dance in Serpent Trench. 🚩
  • 🚩 Make a separate save file on the Floating Continent. 🚩
  • 🚩 Do not attack Doom Gaze until the party can kill it in 4 turns. 🚩

Two achievements are mutually exclusive depending on choices made. Most of these occur late in the game, so creating a separate save file at the split is recommended.

image LLG (50)
Clear the game with no character exceeding level 30

While doing a single playthrough is possible for this set, many people will prefer to do this achievement on a 2nd playthrough. That said, most LLG guides for Final Fantasy 6 aim for level 10 or lower, so this is quite lenient compared to a minimal LLG run. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Run away from as many battles as you can and aim to leave the WoB with all characters level 25 or lower.
  • Put all characters in the back row to reduce damage while running away. Magic and special commands like Throw and Blitz will still do full damage.
  • Most bosses do not grant exp. The Veldt region also does not granted exp, so it can be used to earn GP and learn Magic.
  • Some exp is unavoidable such as the Mine Cart and Air Force sequence. Some random encounters also prevent running, such as Ninjas on the Floating Continent.
  • Earned exp is retained after the party is annihilated. If farming for a drop, be sure to reset after each exp granting kill.
  • In the unpatched versions, the evade stat is bugged and uses the magic evade value instead. Stack Magic Evade % to avoid most attacks.
  • Obtain the Genji Glove by rejecting Banon’s offer 3 times. Buy two Morning Stars and equip them on Locke for big damage in the WoB.
  • Ultima is extremely powerful in the WoR and should be taught to many team members once Ragnarok is obtained.
  • Gau has some powerful rages that can make bosses much easier.

image Beastlord (25) & Others
Mastery requires learning all of Gau’s Rage abilities from the Veldt. In order for monsters to appear on the Veldt, they must first be encountered in the world. Each section will begin with a list of the monsters you can encounter and marked with a image. Ensure that you run into at least 1 formation so that you can collect their rage on the Veldt later in the game. For Low Level playthroughs, you can simply run away from the battle and it will still count. Check the entries in the main guide for additional tips to optimize this process.

Use this spreadsheet to track the enemies you have encountered: Gau Rage Checklist

  • Check the first column when the party encounters an enemy in the wild
  • Check the second column when Gau Leaps or returns to the party during a Veldt encounter with that enemy.
  • Check the third column when Gau’s Rage list under Skills contains that enemy.

Step 1: World of Balance | Total Points: 218


image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Lobo Silver Lobo  
Vomammoth Megalodoth  
Vaporite Spritzer  
Repo-Man Bandit  
Marshal   Boss

imageThe Approach on Narshe (0)
Watch the snowfield scene without skipping

When starting the game, watch the entire opening credits without skipping.

image Custom Background (0)
I guess default’s not good enough for you

Open the menu and go to Config. Scroll down to the bottom and change the RGB window color settings.

image Shell-shocked (5)
Destroy Whelk’s armored shell

Whelk is the first boss of the game. The shell has 50000 HP, whereas the boss has 1600. Attacking the shell will make it counter with a party-wide attack, but it only has enough MP to do this 6 times. Heal between attacks until it runs out of MP, then you are mostly safe. Keep an eye on your HP, while hitting the shell with Tek-Missle and Beams. You’ll need roughly 80 rounds to finish it.

image Elixir-in-a-Clock (1)
The first of many

Elixir-in-a-clock 1 out of 8
After Terra wakes up, check the clock in the Old Man’s house before leaving out the back door. This is the first of 8 hidden elixirs that you will need for Half-Past Many (5) and Elixirs of Life (10)

image Semantic Nonsense (5)
Steal a MithrilKnife while protecting Terra in the Caves of Narshe

While defending Terra with the Moogles, use Locke to steal from the boss until you unlock the achievement. If Locke’s party dies, you can finish the boss with one of the other parties.

Figaro Castle

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Leafer Leaf Bunny  
Areneid Alacran Desert Only
Sand Ray   Desert Only
M-Tek Armor   Default

image Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (5)
Trigger a hidden scene shortly after escaping Figaro Castle

Two M-Tek Armors will attack you after escaping from Figaro Castle. Use Fire on one of the enemies and this will unlock at the end of the battle.

image To the Horizons (1)
Ride a Chocobo on the World Map

Unlocks automatically after the Figaro Castle escape.

South Figaro Cave

🚩 Do not open any chests in South Figaro Cave. 🚩
One of these chests needs to be opened in the WoR in order to earn Patience Pays II (5)

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Crawley Urok  
Bleary Foper  
Hornet   Default

South Figaro

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Rhinotaur Belmodar Default
Rhodox Mu  
GreaseMonkey Unseelie  

imageGotta Dash (1)
Equip Sprint Shoes on any character

These are available at many Relic stores. The earliest can be obtained in South Figaro.

Elixir-in-a-clock 2 out of 8
An elixir is hidden in a secret passage behind the large mansion in the top left corner of town. Locke will run through this room later during his scenario.
image image image image

Mt. Kolts

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Brawler Zaghrem Default
Tusker Gorgias  

image Hadouken! (1)
Perform AuraBolt

To perform AuraBolt, input Down > Down/Left > Left during Blitz input. On the SNES, Down > Down > Left will also work. This can be done as early as the Vargas fight when you first obtain Sabin.

Returner Hideout

image Stubborn Girl (2)
Refuse Banon’s offer three times

Answer “No” to Bannon’s request 3 times. After each refusal, you will be sent back inside to the hideout. Simply go back out again.

Lete River

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Exocite   Default
Pterodon Lesser Lopros  

image River Rats (2)
Spending TOO MUCH TIME on the Lete River

Immediately after the save point in the middle of Lete River, select Up at the next branch. This will send you back to the same branch. Repeat this several times to unlock this achievement. Note: This is an easy way to level up characters early on, however, you will miss out on stat bonuses granted by Espers upon leveling up, since you have non-equipped at this time.

image Seafood Soup (5)
Turn up the heat on your first encounter with Ultros

Use Terra to cast fire on Ultros when you run into him after the 2nd save point.

Locke’s Scenario

The split scenarios can be done in any order, but consider saving Sabin for last so that you can acquire rages in the other scenarios before your first trip to the Veldt.

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Heavy Armor   Town Only
Vector Pup Vector Hound  
Trilobiter Cartagra Default
Gold Bear    
Primordite Acrophies  

image No, Really! I’m Not a Thief! (5)
Negotiate Locke’s scenario without stealing any clothes (no guard clipping)

In order to earn this achievement, do not attempt to steal from any merchants or soldiers. First, turn your Battle Speed to its slowest (6) in Config. This will allow you to get two hits on the HeavyArmor in between each of hit rounds. Equip the Genji Gloves that you earned from rejecting Banon and your best 2 weapons. Attack the heavy armor located to the left of where you started. The timing is tight, but you should be able to kill him before he kills you. Consider using a potion if you get low on health. After killing him, take a hidden passage behind the building and across the river right behind the enemy.
Head into the cafe and go down the stairs next to the bartender. Kill (don’t steal!) the merchant to take his cider. Return to the same HeavyArmor and beat him again. Climb the stairs and offer the cider to the Old Man. Go down the stairs and give the kid the password: “Courage”. Find the main bedroom in the mansion and go behind the bookcase. The achievement will unlock before you reach Celes’ cell.

🚩 Again, do not open any chests in South Figaro Cave. 🚩
One of these chests needs to be opened in the WoR in order to earn Patience Pays II (5)

image Anti-Runic (5)
Steal Air Lancet from TunnelArmr, never use Runic, and win in Locke’s scenario

Locke should still be equipped with Genji Gloves and his best weapons. Heal up using the fountain just before the boss fight. Make sure you successfully steal the Air Lancet, and then have Locke attack while Celes heals with cure/items.

Terra’s Scenario

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
1st Class Valeor  
Wild Rat    
Rinn Eukaryote Fail Light Puzzle
Spectere Specter Fail Light Puzzle
Dark Side Darkside Fail Light Puzzle

image What the-?!? (5)
Make Banon ride a chocobo

Before entering Narshe, take the party south and slightly west of where Figaro Castle was. Enter the forest and look for a Chocobo hut. Change Banon to the party leader and hire a chocobo. Enjoy the bizarre show.

🚩 Do not open the chest containing Rune Edge in the Moogle Cave of the Narshe Mines. 🚩
This chest needs to be opened in the WoR to earn Kuku’s Treasures (5).

Sabin’s Scenario

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
CrassHoppr Nettiehopper  
Stray Cat    
Rhobite Chippirabbit  
Beakor Aepyornis  
Doberman   Kick Chest
Telstar Satellite Monster-in-a-Box
Soldier Imperial Soldier  

🚩 Kick the chest in the north east tent of the Imperial Base. 🚩
Kicking the chest will initiate a fight with a Doberman. This fight is the only opportunity to get this enemy to appear on the Veldt.

image May I have this dance? (1)
Get in the way of Cyan’s fury

When Cyan is fighting the two soldiers in the Imperial Camp, get between them and speak with Cyan. You will be pushed out of the way and unlock this achievement.

Phantom Train and Forest

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Whisper Angel Whisper  
Hazer Cloud  
StillGoing Living Dead  
Over-Mind Oversoul  

image Spooky… (5)
Have two Ghosts in your party at once

Unlocking this achievement requires two party slots for ghosts, which means that Shadow must leave the party if you recruited him. After the Imperial Base, he has a 1/16 chance to leave after winning a battle. Once you board the train, he will no longer leave until after the train sequence. Simply fight enemies until he leaves. Once you board the train, talk to a ghost to recruit them to your party, leave the room, and come back again to recruit another.

image Choo-plex (5)
Perform a Suplex on the GhostTrain

During the boss battle against the GhostTrain, use Sabin’s Suplex Blitz by entering X > Y > Down > Up

Veldt & Mobliz

Elixir-in-a-clock 3 out of 8
An elixir is hidden in the Post Office clock at the top of the town. You will enter here repeatedly while earning the next achievement.

image Courier (5)
Deliver all the letters and items on behalf of the wounded soldier in Mobliz and receive the Tintinabulum.

  1. Take the letter in the northwest house to read it to the soldier.
  2. Enter the Post Office next door and pay 500 gp to send a letter on his behalf.
  3. Speak to the relic merchant north of the two buildings to trigger the next phase of the event.
  4. Grab the next letter in the soldier’s house.
  5. Repeat these steps until no more letters show up.
  6. Speak to the soldier to unlock the achievement.

If you have encountered all the enemies in the Rage checklist so far, Beastlore I (5) can be earned on your first trip to the Vedlt. This could be recommended for LLG runs as Gau’s Rages are some of the best abilities to use against bosses. Remember that Gau will learn Rages from both the encounter he leapt on and the encounter he returned on. If you accidently hit Gau, he will not learn the rages from that encounter. See Beastlord (25) for tips on how to optimize learning rages.

Serpent’s Trench & Nikeah

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Aspik Aspiran  
Actaneon Actinian  

imageA Lesson in Modesty (5)
Have someone introduce Cyan to Humpty and Dumpty

Before boarding the boat, head into town and stop by the Cafe. Speak with the dancer inside to unlock this achievement.

Elixir-in-a-clock 4 out of 8
An elixir is hidden in the Inn clock.

image Half-Past Many (5)
Obtain half of the clock elixirs

If you’ve collected every elixir up until this point, you will unlock this achievement.

Return to Narshe

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Trooper Corporal Brown & Green Soldiers
Bounty Man Hunting Dog Green Soldiers
Fidor   Brown Soldiers
Rider Hell’s Rider Final Soldier

The timing for this next achievement is tight, so be sure to make a save before the battle. You’ll also want to reload this save so you can fight the soldiers for Rage encounters.

image Covert Strike Team (10)
Engage in only one battle during Kefka’s raid on Narshe

To unlock this achievement, you must only engage Kefka at the bottom of the map. Engaging with any other soldiers will lock the achievement.
Put all your best characters into the first party. Head south and sneak by the first wave of green soldiers by hiding in this location:
Move the party south west and sneak by the second wave of brown soldiers by hiding in this location:
Move the party directly in front of Kefka. Avoid the patrolling soldier by moving down to Kefka as soon as the soldier starts to move right. Talk with Kefka to begin the battle.
If successful, the achievement will unlock after the battle with Kefka.

⚠️ Add Edgar, Sabin and Locke to your party to unlock some upcoming achievements.

Elixir-in-a-clock 5 out of 8
An elixir is hidden in the Elder’s House clock on the far west of town.

image The Coin Toss (5)
Witness a hidden scene that reveals Edgar and Sabin’s past

Upon entering Figaro with Edgar and Sabin in your party, Sabin will run off to see the castle. Head to the inn to rest. This achievement will unlock at the end of the hidden scene.


image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Red Fang Bloodfang  
FossilFang Fossil Dragon  
Iron Fist    
Mind Candy Rock Wasp  
Over Grunk Paraladia  

image Forever Rachel (5)
Witness a hidden scene that reveals Locke’s past

While Locke is in the party, enter the house in the north west corner of Kohlingen. This achievement will unlock at the end of the hidden scene.

Elixir-in-a-clock 6 out of 8
An elixir is hidden in the Rachel’s House clock on the north west corner of town.


image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Gabbldegak Gobbledygook  
HadesGigas Hill Gigas  
SlamDancer Veil Dancer  

image Friday the 13th (2)
Perform an instant kill with the chainsaw

Enter the Inn in Zozo. Interact with the clock and set the time to 6:10:50 to find the chain saw. When you use the chainsaw in combat, it has a 25% chance to insta kill the enemy. Doing so will unlock this achievement.

image Magicite 4 out of 26
Upon finding Terra, you will receive Ramuh, Kirin, Siren and Stray (Cait Sith) magicite

Opera House

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Sewer Rat Stunner  
Vermin Goetia  

image Photographic Memory (2)
Perform without reviewing the script

When you gain control of Celes, simply exit to the stage without reading the script on the table to unlock this achievement.

image World’s Worst Stage Hand (5)
At the Opera House, waste time with the three left switches before flipping the right switch

Just flip the left switches before the rightmost switch to unlock this achievement.

image Rat Race (10)
Rats in the rafters - kill as many as you can!

While racing to stop Ultros, kill 23 rats before the timer runs out. There are not enough rats in the encounters to reach 23, so leave some of the gold rats alive. When the grey rats are killed, the gold rats will summon more. Combining this achievement with the time waste achievement may not leave enough room to stop Ultros in time. If this happens, reload your save to ensure a flawless opera performance.

image Encore! (5)
Flawless performance on opening night at the Opera House

Successfully complete the Opera House event on the first attempt. If you get kicked out and told to try again, reload your save. This will unlock when Setzer appears on the stage.

Southern Continent

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
WeedFeeder Grasswyrm  
Ralph Don  
Chickenlip Litwor Chicken Forest Only
Bug   Desert Only

Elixir-in-a-clock 7 out of 8
An elixir is hidden in the Albrook Cafe clock above the relic shop. Albrook is located right next to the airship.

Vector & Magitek Factory

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Commando Sergeant  
Garm Belzecue  
Pipsqueak Onion Knight  
Proto Armor   No Rage
Flan   Near Ifrit & Shiva

image None Shall Pass (3)
Have at least one run-in with the Guardian before the final dungeon

Before entering the Magitek Factory, take the stairs in the north of town all the way to the Imperial Palace. You will need to avoid the guards in order to reach the palace. You cannot defeat the Guardian, so run away once you encounter it.

image Pacifism in the Pit (5)
Find a way to escape the battle with Ifrit and Shiva

There is a save point in the door north of Ifrit, which could be helpful for reattempting this achievement. Attack Ifrit 5 times to force him to swap to Shiva. Start running away after the 5th hit and you will have a chance to run away while they swap. Once you run away, the battle will be considered successful.

image Magicite 6 out of 26
After defeating Ifrit and Shiva, pick up their magicite. Ifrit is technically missable, so be sure to get him before leaving the room.

Magitek Research Facility

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Trapper   Staircase Only
Rhinox Destroyer  
Gobbler Lenergia  
Mag Roader (Red) Magna Roader Mine Cart Only
Mag Roader (Purple) Magna Roader Mine Cart Only
Chaser   After Mine Cart Only

image Magicite 12 out of 26
After defeating Number 024, you will receive Unicorn, Maduin, Shoat (Catoblepas), Phantom, Carbunkl (Carbuncle), and Bismarck.

⚠️ Mag Roader (Red) encounters during the mine cart section is dependent on the character in slot 1. If it does not appear, try changing characters or changing the slot 1 character into an imp.

image The Tempest (3)
Steal a Tempest from Number 128

During the mine cart ride, you will encounter Number 128. This is a tough item to steal, however, you can double your chances by equipping the Thief Gloves (Brigand Gloves) on Locke prior to the fight if you obtained them in Zozo.

Blackjack Exploration

After escaping from Vector, you will have have free access to the Blackjack airship for the first time! With the airship, the game opens up significantly. Party members can be changed by talking to them on the airship. We now have an opportunity to gather some collectibles. Head to Narshe first to pick up a new party member and a cutscene.

image The World is Yours (2)
Pilot the Airship for the first time

Unlocks as soon as you take control of the Blackjack.

image Why So Serious? (10)
Cast 7-7-7 Joker Doom

Now that Setzer has officially joined the team, this achievement can be earned at any time. Slots are a combination of skill and luck. Lining up all 7s on the Slot wheel can be difficult to do legitimately. In fact, the game will change the RNG odds of getting certain combinations if you pause during the slot. Fortunately, there is a trick that allows use of pause buffering.

At the start of a battle, use an Echo Screen to manipulate the RNG into a state where 7-7-7 is possible even with pausing. Before any other animations occur (enemy or player), start the Slots on Setzer. Use pause buffering to line up the slot left slot on the 3rd Chocobo, right before 7 appears. Unpause and quickly press A to get the first 7. Do the same for the center slot, this time aiming for the 4th Chocobo, right before the 7 appears. Finally, do the same for the right slot, this time aiming for the 2nd dragon. If successful, Setzer will cast Joker Doom and unlock this achievement. If you fail, you will need to start the battle over again to get the right RNG manipulation.

image Hanging by a Pom-pom (2)
Choose to rescue Mog

After the cutscene in Narshe, head to the warehouse on the south east side of the town. You’ll encounter Pickpocket who takes the contents of the chest and runs outside. Follow him outside and up the path that Terra took in the Magitek armor at the beginning of the game. Once inside, take the east path and continue to chase Pickpocket. Once you catch up with him, choose to save Mog by talking to him. You will have other opportunities to obtain a Gold Hairpin later.

Mog Dances 7 out of 8

image Dance Alt Name Battlefield Type
Wing Song Wind Rhapsody Grassland
Forest Suite Forest Nocturne Forest
Desert Aria Desert Lullaby Desert
Love Sonata Love Serenade City
Earth Blues   Mountains
Dusk Requiem Twilight Requiem Cave
Water Rondo Water Harmony Water

Mog learns dances by winning a battle in areas with unique battle background. Mog may already know Dusk Requiem (Cave) from saving Terra at the beginning of the game. Grassland, Forest and Desert can all be obtained right around Figaro Castle. Mt Kolts is a great location to get Mountains and Zozo is great for City.

To learn Water Rondo, Mog must be taken to the Lethe River or Serpent’s Trench. The quicker option is Serpent’s Trench.

  • Park the airship outside Crescent Cave on the Veldt
  • Go through the cave and learn Water Rondo in the Serpent’s Trench
  • Do not get on the ship to South Figaro or you will need to go through the Lethe River sequence again
  • Hire a Chocobo in Nikeah and ride it to Baron Falls
  • Jump off Baron Falls to return to the Veldt and your airship

All Dances can be learned in the WoR EXCEPT Water Rondo, so be sure to get this as early as possible. The final dance will be learned in the World of Ruin.

image Magicite 13 out of 26
Travel to Tzen at the northern tip of the Southern Continent. In the north east corner of town, a thief will sell you Sraphim (Seraph) for 3000gp.

image Magicite 14 out of 26
Travel to Jidoor on the Western continent near Zozo and the Opera House. Participate in the auction until Golem is available for purchase. Outbid the competitors to acquire this magicite. If you fail to outbid, it will show up in the Auction House again.
🚩 Do not purchase both Golem and ZoneSeek (Zona Seeker) in the Auction House. 🚩
Purchasing both will lock out Patron Auctioneer (10). We will get the other magicite later. Feel free to purchase the Cherub Down (Angel Wings) and Cure Ring (Angel Ring).

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Grenade   Forest west of Veldt
Baskervor Briareus East of Veldt
Chimera   East of Vedlt - Forest Only
Celapher Devourer East of Vedlt
Intangir   Triangle Island

Triangle Island is located in the north west corner of the map. Intangir is invisible and asleep at the start of the fight, so simply run from this fight to add it to the Veldt for now. Alternatively, you can attempt to beat him at this time as well. This fight will be available until you move into the World of Ruin at the end of the Floating Continent.

image Intangible! (10)
Defeat Intangir in his homeland, no instant death moves, no dances

Intangir is the toughest enemy in the World of Balance, but he has some gimmicks that can make this easy with enough patience. The enemy will start invisible and asleep at the start of battle. When he is awoken with magic attacks, he will cast Meteo on all party members and promptly go back to sleep. The good news is that magic against invisible enemies has a 100% hit rate, meaning we can use spells that normally are hard to hit, such as Stop.

The standard method is to learn Stop from Golem and cast it on Intangir to wake him up and immediately prevent his attacks. Hit him with your best non-elemental abilities (he will absorb all elemental attacks) and try to survive his Meteo attack if stop wears off. He has 32000 HP, so this can be a long battle. Using Gau’s Rhinox (Destroyer) rage can be helpful as it will cast Life 3 on party memebers, reviving them if they die. While the boss is asleep, you can heal up your party and repeat. Keep in mind that the enemy will run away if he has less than 1280 hp when it wakes up. Stop will keep him from fleeing, but be sure to burst down his remaining health before it wears off.

An easier strategy that can also be used by low level groups involves using Demi and Life 3. Use the Rhinox (Destroyer) rage to cast Life 3 on a few party members. Then have a party member cast Demi for a whopping 9999 damage. Intangir will wake up and kill the party but they will be revived with Life 3. Repeat this until Demi takes off between 2500 and and 1500 health. On the next round, instead of casting Demi, cast Stop and burn down the rest of his health with your party. If successful, he will cast 1 last Meteo before dying.

Remember for the achievement, you cannot use any Dances or instant death moves, including Edgar’s chainsaw.

Cave of the Sealed Gate

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Apparite Provoker Caves Only
Lich   Caves Only
Coelecite Antares Caves Only
Zombone Zombie Dragon Lava Only
Ing Outcast Lava Only

image Chivalry is Undead (10)
Have Zombie Cyan escort Terra through ‘The Cave to the Sealed Gate’

Cyan and Terra must be the only party members for this achievement. It can also help to have Terra learn Vanish to prevent Cyan from hitting her during battle. Head to the western continent near Figaro Castle. The desert around Figaro contains FossilFang (Fossil Dragon). Allow the dragon to hit Cyan with Bone, which will turn him into a zombie. With this prep complete, head to the Imperial Base on the southern continent and through to the Cave of the Sealed Gate.

As a zombie, Cyan will automatically attack anyone in battle, including Terra. It may be best to just run away from battles here. They will still count for the Veldt and you reduce the risk of dying. You can save inside the cave, but if you die you will need to return to the beginning of the cave in order to make the achievement unlock. Once you successfully make it to the Esper gate, this achievement will unlock.

Imperial Palace

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Mega Armor   Does not appear on the Veldt
Sp Forces Imperial Elite Banquet Only

image Master Philanthropist (10)
Max out Emperor Gestahl’s favor during the banquet

Prior to entering the Imperial Palace in Vector, equip a party member with SprintShoes for faster movement speed. After speaking with the emperor, you will have 4 minutes to speak with 24 imperial soldiers. Start by heading all the way south to the entrance of the palace and then moving around in a clockwise direction. 4 of the soldiers will attack you. Do not run from these fights, otherwise it will not grant the points you need (even though it counts as having talked to that soldier). Do not talk to Kefka in his prison unless you have already found all 24 soldiers since it is a lengthy dialogue.

At the banquet, answer with the following options:

  • To our hometowns…
  • Leave him in jail…
  • That was inexcusable.
  • Celes is one of us!
  • Next, ask each question once, but do not repeat any questions. Remember the first question you asked.

    Why’d you start the war?
    Why do you want peace now?
    Why’d we have to talk to your men?

  • Yes, the Espers have gone too far.
  • Reply with the first question you asked.
  • Yes, let’s take a break.
  • Fight the soldiers near the emperor during the break. After defeating them, return to your seat.
  • That your war’s truly over.
  • Yes

If you are successful, the achievement will unlock as soon as you gain control of your character. If it does not, reload your save and try again.

image Repairing the Airship (10)
Witness a hidden scene that reveals Setzer’s past

After the banquet, return to the Blackjack located on the southwest part of the continent. Enter the engine room for a hidden scene with Setzer.


image Enemy Alt Name Notes

image Psychic Flame (5)
Defeat FireEater by draining away its Magic Points

FireEater has 480 MP. In order to drain MP, Terra or Locke must know Rasp and Osmose, both learned from Shiva. Start by casting Rasp on the boss to drain large amount of MP. Once reflect is put up, use Osmose since it ignores reflect. Osmose will only drain as much MP as the user is missing. Once it is all drained, the battle ends and the achievement will unlock.

Esper Caves

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Adamanchyt Adamankary Caves Only
Slurm Bonnacon Caves Only
Mandrake   Outside Only
Abolisher Venobennu Outside Only
Insecare Land Grillion Outside Only

image OMG FURRIES! (2)
Have Strago and Relm wear Tabby, Chocobo, Moogle, Nutkin, or Behemoth suits

After the save point in the Esper Caves, fall down the north trap door. Follow the paths north and west to find a Chocobo Suit and a Tabby Suit. Equip them on Strago and Relm to earn this achievement.

image And Finally … Peace (5)
A happy ending

This achievement will unlock automatically after the scenes in the Esper Caves.

World of Balance Cleanup

Before heading to the Floating Continent, there are a couple of tasks to wrap up.

Elixir-in-a-clock 8 out of 8
Head to Doma Castle. The guards are now gone, so we can search the castle for treasure. One of the rooms has an alarm clock on top of a dresser. Interact with it to get the final elixir.

image Elixirs of Life (10)
Obtain all of the clock elixirs

All elixirs can be obtained once the Floating Continent is created. If you missed any, return to these locations to find them.

  • Narshe - Old Man’s (Arvis) House
  • South Figaro - Hidden in a secret passage behind the large mansion in the top left corner of town. Locke runs through this room during his scenario.
    image image image image
  • Mobliz - Post Office
  • Nikeah - Inn
  • Narshe - Elder’s House
  • Kohlingen - Rachel’s House
  • Albrook - Cafe
  • Doma Castle - West Sleeping Quarters

🚩 For LLG runs, all members of your party should be level 24 or lower at the end of the World of Balance. 🚩
This is your last opportunity to learn magic and earn GP on the Veldt without earning exp for a while. In particular, Celes, Edgar, and Setzer should have useful magic such as Cure and Life. You will also want roughly 150k GP for an upcoming achievement. Traveling to the floating continent has some unavoidable exp encounters, so plan accordingly.

⚠️ Before leaving the World of Balance, double check all achievements in this section to see if any have been missed.

  • Make sure Mog knows Water Rondo
  • Defeat the Intangir on Triangle Island.
  • Find any Veldt encounters that you missed (some may be inaccessible now)

Floating Continent

⚠️ Add Locke to your party before heading to the Floating Continent to unlock an upcoming achievement.

🚩 Prior to facing AtmaWeapon, make two separate save files at the save point south of the platform that led to the Blackjack. This will be used for an exclusive achievement based on an upcoming decision. 🚩

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Sky Armor   Sky Blockade
Spit Fire Spitfire Sky Blockade
Wirey Dragon Platinum Dragon  
Apokryphos Apocrypha  
Gigantos   Monster-in-a-Box

image The Decisive Battle (10)
Steal a Ribbon from and defeat AtmaWeapon, no instant death moves

Ribbon has a 12.5% chance to be on AtmaWeapon. If you steal an elixir, reset and try again. Once you successfully steal the ribbon, kill AtmaWeapon. If doing a LLG run, it may be easier to spam Rasp on the enemy to drain its MP to zero rather than attempt to bring its HP to zero.

image Patience Pays I (3)
Earn Shadow’s eternal respect

After you reach the end of the escape sequence, choose to “Wait” instead of jumping onto the airship. Do not move from the spot as the countdown continues. Once the countdown reaches 5 seconds remaining, Shadow will appear and this achievement will unlock.
Note: Saving Shadow is a requirement for several achievements in the WoR. However, the alternate save you made earlier will be used for Beyond the Shadows II (10), which requires Shadow to be dead.

image This is the End (5)
Reach the second world

This achievement will unlock automatically after you complete the World of Balance.

Step 2: World of Ruin | Total Points: 486

Solitary Island

⚠️ As soon as you can control Celes, head out to the world map and save your game.
This next section is timed, so you want to be able to reload if you fail. Remember to keep a separate save from the Floating Continent for killing Shadow later.

Character 1 out of 14
The World of Ruin starts with Celes as your only character. Other characters will need to be found again.

image The Cold Embrace of Death (5)
A dramatic moment

If you are unable to save Cid, this achievement will unlock during the following scene. Do this once for the achievement and then reload your save to attempt the next one.

image Choose Life (5)
A healthy fish diet

In order to save Cid’s life, Celes must continually feed him a diet of health fish. Cid starts with 120 health which decreases every second. The goal is to raise his health to 255 before it reaches 0. Head south from Cid’s house to find the fishing area. The goal is to catch fast moving fish while avoiding the slow moving fish. Each time you feed a fish to Cid, new fish will appear.

imageName Description Speed Health
Fish A fish Slow -16
A rotten fish A foul-tasting fish Medium -4
Just a Fish An ordinary fish Medium +16
A yummy fish A delicious fish Fast +32


  • Collect as many fast and medium fish as you can. Their totals will add up.
  • There’s no way to know if a medium fish is -4 or +16, but they are worth picking up on average
  • If no fish spawn, leave to the world map and return quickly.
  • Cid’s dialog will change based on his health.
  • This can take lots of attempts due to RNG. Reload if things are not going well.

After saving Cid, return to the fishing spot to get 1 of each fish for your rare items inventory. Having all 4 is a prerequisite for So Long and Thanks for All the Fish (25).

Southern Continent

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
EarthGuard Land Ray Desert Only
Black Drgn Black Dragon Desert Only
Gilomantis Killer Mantis  
Mesosaur Fafnir  
Chitonid Murussu  
Gigan Toad Gigantoad  
Osprey Rukh  
Lunaris Luna Wolf  

With only one party member, these rage encounters may be difficult to get. Either run, or return and get these later when you have more party members.


image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Scorpion   Collapsing House
HermitCrab Zokka Collapsing House
Pm Stalker Nightcrawler Collapsing House

⚠️ Purchase 15 Super Balls from the item store before leaving Tzen for an upcoming achievement.

image Child Endangerment (3)
Collect every treasure from the collapsing house and escape

There are 8 chests in the collapsing house and all of them are in plain sight. There is plenty of time, but consider equipping Sprint Shoes to move through the house more quickly. This achievement will unlock after your discussion with Sabin.

Character 2 out of 14
Sabin will join your party after the Collapsing House event.

South Figaro Cave & Figaro Castle

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
NeckHunter Neck Hunter  
Drop Dropper Engine Room Only

image Patience Pays II (5)
Find a Hero Ring in the South Figaro Cave

The treasure chests in the South Figaro Cave are now upgraded so long as they were not opened in the WoB. One of these chests will now contain a Hero Ring. Obtaining the ring will unlock this acheivement.

image Edgar’s ‘Interests’ (10)
Celes is Seized by Tentacles, and Edgar decides to snap a picture

The Tentacle boss in Figaro Castle will use Seize on characters and then entangle them soon after. While Celes is entangled by a Tentacle, use Edgar’s Flash tool to unlock this achievement.

Character 3 out of 14
Edgar will join your party after the Tentacle boss.

Western Continent

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Harpiai Marchosias  
Deep Eye Deepeye  
Muus Mousse  
Sand Horse Sandhorse Desert Only

Character 4 out of 14
Setzer will join your party after speaking with him in the Cafe.

Darill’s Tomb

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Osteosaur Skeletal Horror First Room
Orog Borghese First Room
PowerDemon Cloudwraith  
Mad Oscar Malboro  

image Super Bouncy Doom (10)
Use nothing but Super Balls against Dullahan and win

Superballs are purchased in Tzen, the town where you found Sabin. Dullahan will open with L.? Pearl (Lv.? Holy) which deals massive damage to any character who’s level is a multiple of the last digit of your GP. If several of your members are being hit, consider fighting an enemy to change the amount of GP you have and try again. Consider adding a Wall Ring to some characters to prevent damage from some of his normal spells.

Once the fight starts, the only command you can use is Item > Superball. Each ball can cause anywhere from 256 to 8192 damage, so different attempts may yield different results. On average, only 7 or 8 should be necessary.

Falcon Exploration

⚠️ After finishing Darill’s Tomb, the rest of the World of Ruin can be completed in any order. This guide will focus on just one path, but feel free to explore. Check each section for any missables or achievements.

As with the Blackjack, party members can be changed by talking to them on the airship. The game takes you straight to Maranda, but there are some easy collectibles we can get that will make other sections of the game easier (especially for LLG runs).

🚩 Run away if you encounter Doom Gaze. 🚩
While flying in the Falcon, you may run into a boss encounter with Doom Gaze. Do not deal any damage to him until you are ready to kill him in one encounter, otherwise you will be locked out of N.o…e.s.c.a.p.e…! (10). Smoke Bombs and Warp can be used to flee immediately.

image Magicite 15 out of 26
Travel to Cid’s House on Solitary Island in the south west corner of the world map. Return to the beach with the fish to find the Palidor (Quetzalli) magicite.

image Blitz Expert (10)
Perform Bum Rush

Travel to Duncan’s House located northeast of Narshe inside a cross of trees on the world map.
Speak with Duncan to learn the Bum Rush (Phantom Rush) Blitz. Perform this on any enemy by inputting a circle starting on the left:
Left > Up/Left > Up > Up/Right > Right > Down/Right > Down > Down/Left > Left

image Patron Auctioneer (10)
Win all the limited items at the Auction House

image Magicite 16 out of 26
The remaining limited items can now be purchased at the Auction House in Jidoor. If you purchased Golem in the WoB, 70k GP is needed to purchase the remaining items. The following items need to be purchased to unlock this achievement:

  • Zoneseek Magicite
  • Golem Magicite
  • Hero’s Ring (WoR only)
  • Zephyr Cape (WoR only)

As a reminder, the Zephyr Cape will NOT be auctioned if the player has both Zoneseek and Golem. Only purchase one of these in the WoB and wait to purchase the other until you buy Zephyr Cape in the WoR.

While in Jidoor, stop by Owzer’s mansion at the top of town. Inside the mansion, interact with the painting of flowers to encounter NightShade (Rafflesia). This is a one time only encounter, but grants Gau his most broken Rage. It will charm any creature, including bosses, making them attack themselves. This is very helpful for LLG runs. Do not continue into the mansion, as you will need to do it solo with Shadow for I Work Alone (10)

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
NightShade Rafflesia Flower Painting (One Time Only)


image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Nastidon Lukhavi  
Red Wolf Garm  
Test Rider    
Psychot Psychos  
Mag Roader Magna Roader Brown
Mag Roader Magna Roader Yellow

Character 5 out of 14
Travel to Narshe and take the back entrance to the mines via Arvis’s House. Speak with Mog in the Moogle Caves to have him rejoin your party.

image Kuku’s Treasures (5)
Find Kuku’s Charm and Ribbon she left behind for Mog

After recruiting Mog, interact with the wall behind him to obtain the Moogle Charm (Molulu’s Charm). In the same room, check the western passage to find a treasure chest. If it was not opened in the WoB, it will contain a Ribbon. Once both items are acquired, this achievement will unlock.
Note: The Moogle Charm can only be equipped my Mog, but it prevents all enemy encounters while active. This is great for LLG runs and the main reason we detoured to Narshe.

Mog Dances 8 out of 8

image Dance Alt Name Battlefield Type
Snowman Jazz Snowman Rondo Snow

Mog’s final dance can be learned on the snowy battlefield where the Battle of Narshe took place. Travel through the northern mines to reach this area.

image Slam Dancin’ (10)
Learn all Dances

image Dance Alt Name Battlefield Type
Snowman Jazz Snowman Rondo Snow
Wing Song Wind Rhapsody Grassland
Forest Suite Forest Nocturne Forest
Desert Aria Desert Lullaby Desert
Love Sonata Love Serenade City
Earth Blues   Mountains
Dusk Requiem Twilight Requiem Cave
Water Rondo Water Harmony Water

If you missed any dances, all of them except Water Rondo can be learned in the WoR.

imageDragon 1 out of 8
Around the Narshe battlefield is a quick moving dragon. This is the first of 8 dragons in the WoR that will drop rare weapons and other useful items. Defeating all 8 will grant an Esper and Dragon Slayer (10). If it weak to fire and uses mostly ice attacks. If you struggle with this boss, especially if you are doing a LLG run, come back for it later.

image Avenging Vicks and Wedge (10)
Defeat Tritoch, no instant death moves

Past the dragon is your final encounter with Tritoch. Tritoch only has one damaging move, Ice 3. It will also attempt to drain your MP using Rasp or freeze your characters temporarily. Equip Wall Rings on your characters and you are essentially invulnerable. Use fire spells to damage it and Osmose to replenish your MP. Be sure not to use any instant death spells or glitches.

image Magicite 17 out of 26
Defeating Tritoch will grant you the Tritoch (Valigarmanda) magicite.

Yeti’s Cave

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Ceritops Illuyankas  
Poppers Knotty  
Pugs Tonberries Monster-in-a-Box. Will appear on Veldt, but you can’t learn anything
Tomb Thumb Onion Dasher  
Kiwok Tzakmaquiel  
Pug Tonberry Cave Entrance Only

image Magicite 18 out of 26
After defeating Tritoch, a path will open behind where it was frozen. Jump down this pit with Mog in your party to find the Yeti’s Cave. At the end of the cave, examine the skull to receive the Terrato (Midgardsormr) magicite. This will also cause Umaro to attack you. Use a combination of Fire spells and defense ignoring skills such as Drill.

image The Abominable Comrade (5)
Recruit Umaro

Character 6 out of 14
After you defeat Umaro, speak with him with Mog in your party and he will join your team.

Veldt & Cave On the Veldt

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Toe Cutter Twinscythe  
Rhyos Gorgimera  
Allo Ver Death Warden Does not appear on Veldt
SrBehemoth King Behemoth Boss

Character 7 out of 14
Travel to the Veldt with 3 people in the party. You need at least 5 characters recruited to access the party change screen, which is why Narshe was the first stop. Winning a battle of the Veldt will have a chance for Gau to join just like he does when learning new rages.

Once again, the Veldt is a great opportunity to learn new magic, earn GP and acquire rages. Be sure to pick up the Rafflesia Rage to make several upcoming achievements much easier.

Enter the Cave on the Veldt and find Striker (Ichigeki) in one of the chests. At the end of the Cave, you will fight a Behemoth King and find Shadow. Shadow will not join your party at this time, but you must rescue him to recruit him later. Note: After killing the boss, he will reappear in an undead variant. Use a Fenix Down on him to kill him instantly.

image What is a Man? (10)
Witness a hidden scene that involves Gau and his father

With Gau and Sabin in the party, travel northeast of the Veldt to lone house on the Northern Continent. Speak with Gau’s Father for a scene and an achievement.


Character 8 out of 14
The Colosseum is located in the northwest corner of the map. Bet the Striker found in the Cave on the Vedlt to battle against Shadow. Defeating Shadow will add him back into the party. Shadow is particularly useful as a fighter in the Colosseum since the AI will not use Throw. If Shadow has no magic, he will only attack. Even better, he can equip Striker for instant kills on many enemies and has a high base evasion.

It is highly recommended to bet the Czarina Gown (Regal Gown) found in Darill’s Tomb to obtain a Minerva for Celes. This is a fantastic piece of armor that will help greatly with Minerva Twins (10). The Behemoth Suit can also be bet in exchange for a Snow Muffler (Snow Scarf). This item is Gau’s (and Mog’s/Umaro’s) best armor and will make him an even more unstoppable force. Both of the enemies for these exchanges are vulnerable to Striker’s instant death ability.

image Beyond the Shadows I (10)
Witness Shadow’s first set of dreams

Add Shadow to your party and stay at an inn repeated for some hidden scenes involving his backstory. This achievement will unlock after viewing the final scene.

Mt. Zozo

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Cactrot Cactuar Desert Near Maranda
Hoover Slagworm Desert Near Maranda
Ursus Mugbear  
Borras Glasya Labolas  
Scrapper Devil Fist Outside Only
Luridan   Outside Only

Character 9 out of 14
Travel to Maranda and speak with the girl in the house with the carrier pigeons. Follow the pigeon to Zozo and speak with the man near the Inn to buy a Rust-Rid. Enter the Pub and use the Rust-Rid on the door outside to reach Mt. Zozo. At the end of Mt Zozo, you will encounter Cyan who will rejoin your party.

imageDragon 2 out of 8
Stepping on a switch in Mt. Zozo will unleash the Storm Dragon. This dragon uses mostly wind based attacks and is weak to lightning. Equipping a Thunder Shield and Minerva will help negate a lot of the damage. Again, if you cannot defeat him now, come back later when you have better equipment.


image Magicite 19 out of 26
After Phunbaba escapes during the 2nd encounter, attempt to leave the house. A child will hand over Fenrir.

image Minerva Twins (10)
Defeat Phunbaba’s final form using only Celes and Terra, no instant death moves

After obtaining Fenrir, leave Mobliz. Before returning to Mobliz, adjust the party so that Celes is the only member. Equipping the Minvera armor will grant high defense and make Celes immune to half of Phunbaba’s attacks. Put Celes in the back row and cast Bio repeatedly. With luck, he will not use 1000 Needles until Terra shows up, allowing you to beat him even at low levels.

Character 10 out of 14
After your battle against Phunbaba, Terra will rejoin the party.

Phoenix Cave

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Sea Flower Seaflower  
Trixter Clymenus  
Necromancr Necromancer  
Phase Face  
Chaos Drgn Chaos Dragon  
Aquila Galypdes  
Uroburos Ouroboros Lava Level Only
Parasoul Zeveak  

The Phoenix Cave is located in a hole in the mountains north of Tzen. Land your airship inside to gain access to the dungeon. Two parties will be required to navigate the dungeon. For LLG runs, consider putting Mog with the Moogle Charm in one party to avoid fighting. For the other team, be aware that Phase (Face) will prevent the party from running. Killing all the Phases will allow the party to run again.

imageDragon 3 out of 8
Within the cave, you will encounter the Red Dragon. It is weak to ice and casts mostly fire based spells. The party is likely better equipped at this point, but as with the other dragons, this fight is available later if the party is unable to defeat it.

Note: Be sure to pick up the Dragoon Horn in the chest above the Red Dragon. It will be used later to unlock Double Dragoon (5).

Character 11 out of 14
image Magicite 20 out of 26
After you complete the dungeon and find Locke, he will rejoin your party after a scene. You will also receive the Phoenix Magicite.

image Patience Pays III (5)
Uncurse the Curse Shield

With Locke in the party, return to Narshe and head to the building north of the relic shop. In the basement, a man will hand over a Cursed Shield. This shield will put every status affect on the character that equips it, so be sure to give them a ribbon to counter these affects. The Cursed Shield will turn into a Paladin Shield by fighting in 256 Magic Point granting battles with it equipped. The Paladin Shield is the best shield in the game and is key to beating some of the Colosseum bosses.

🚩 Make a separate save before accepting Ragnarok. 🚩

After making a backup save, add Locke to the party and head to the weapon shop in Narshe. Down the stairs is the shop owner who will offer you Raganrok either as a weapon or as an Esper.

image Illuminated! (4)
Win an Illumina at the colosseum

Illumina is obtained by betting the Ragnarok weapon at the Colosseum. The opponent, Didalos, uses a variety of spells, but doesn’t have have much MP. Place Mog in the back row equipped with a Flame Shield, Snow Muffler, Ribbon, and Reflect Ring. This will counter or absorb most of his abilities. Mog will likely use Dance to start Wind Song, which will deal the remaining damage while also keeping Mog’s HP topped off with Sun Beam. Once you win, this achievement will unlock.

image Magicite 21 out of 26
Once Illumina is acquired, revert back to your original save and instead choose the Magicite version of Ragnarok for your main playthrough.

Zone Eater

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Woolly Baalzephon  
Wart Puck Wartpuck  
Karkass Shambling Corpse  
Ogor Kamui  
Tap Dancer Amdusciast  

image Gender Crisis (5)
Recruit Gogo

Character 12 out of 14
Travel to the Triangle Island in the northeast corner of the map. This island is the home of the Zone Eater. While fighting the Zone Eater, it will engulf your party members. Once all party members are engulfed, the battle will end and the party will end up in the Zone Eater dungeon. Traverse this dungeon and speak to Gogo at the end to invite him to the party.

Owzer’s Mansion

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
NightShade Rafflesia Flower Painting (One Time Only)
Dahling Misty  
Vindr Cladrius  
Wild Cat Coeurl Cat  
SoulDancer Blade Dancer  
Still Life    

Note: Rafflesia was a recommended pick up earlier in the guide, so it may already be encountered.

image I Work Alone (10)
Have Shadow rescue Relm, alone

Navigating this dungeon with only Shadow can be tricky, especially while doing a LLG run. Purchase around 20 Smoke Bombs (300gp each) and 50 Ninja Stars (500gp each) from the item and weapon shop in Thamasa. Put Shadow in the back row and equip the best armor available. Recommendations include Genji Helmet, Genji Armor and Thunder Shield. The shield is particularly useful for the boss. For relics, equip Shadow with a Memento Ring to counter Doom cast by the boss. Consider a Zephyr Cape as the other relic to stack Magic evasion and avoid Charm.

Use Smoke Bombs to escape any encounters. This is faster than running away and will reduce the risk of getting killed. Using a Smoke Bomb will still add the encounter to the Veldt. The most dangerous encounter is SoulDancr as they can throw weapons at Shadow, ignoring back row and defense. On LLG runs, one or two of these is enough to kill Shadow.

The boss uses a combination of thunder element magic, non-elemental attacks, and charm. The thunder shield will absorb most of the attacks, and heal Shadow too. The biggest risk is charm. When it hits, Shadow may hit himself enough times to die before it wears off. Fortunately, there is a save point before the boss so it is easy to retry. Once the boss dies, this achievement will unlock.

image Magicite 22 out of 26
After defeating the boss, interact with the bookshelf in Owzer’s back room. This will grant the Starlet (Lakshmi) magicite.

Character 13 out of 14
After obtaining the magicite, speak with Relm to have her rejoin the party.

image Mascot Relm (3)
Have Relm dress up in a Moogle Suit The Moogle Suit is found in Owzer’s Mansion in the left door at the first split. It can also be stolen from Dahling (Misty) or SoulDancer(Blade Dancer). Equip it on Relm to unlock this achievement.

Tower of Fanatics

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Magic Urn    
White Drgn Holy Dragon Boss

Note: All other enemies do not appear on the Veldt.

The Tower of Fanatics is unique in that only the Magic ability can be used here. Using the Moogle Charm to avoid enemy encounters is highly recommended, especially for LLG runs. There is only one normal enemy that shows up on the Veldt, Magic Urn. For the bosses, equip Wall/Reflect Rings on the whole party to negate a large number of the attacks. Keep in mind that cure spells cast on your party will also reflect back to the enemy.

Character 14 out of 14
With Relm in the party, travel to the Tower of Fanatics in the center of Serpent’s Trench. Relm will snap Strago out of his delusions and he will join the party. With Strago back in the party, he can now continue to learn Lores towards Elder Wisdom (10). To learn a Lore, Strago must be present in battle when the spell is cast. If done successfully, a message will appear at the end of battle indicating that it was learned.
Strago starts with 3 Lores to start. Others may have already been learned in the WoB.

image Lore Enemy Notes
Aqua Rake N/A Default
Revenge N/A Default
Stone N/A Default

image You Are Not Alone (10)
Recruit every character

Now that the whole gang is back together again, this achievement will unlock!

image Complete Toolset (10)
Find the Air Anchor in the Fanatics’ Tower

In the room on Floor 8, interact with a hidden switch on the wall to the right of the treasure chest. This will reveal a door on floor 7 that contains the Air Anchor. Opening that chest will unlock this achievement.

Note: The Air Anchor room has a 100% chance of spawning Magic Urns and no other enemies. Temporarily unequip the Moogle Charm in this room to get this encounter.

imageDragon 4 out of 8
The White Drgn (Holy Dragon) is the easiest of the bunch. Ensure that all characters are equipped with Wall/Reflect Rings and it will not be able to hit you with its most powerful attacks. Even better, it will waste turns trying to dispel reflect. Hit it with your best magic attacks and use Osmose to replenish your MP as needed.

image Psychic Vampires (10)
Defeat MagiMaster by draining away his Magic Points

As with the White Drgn, this is quite simple. Cast Berserk on the MagiMaster to prevent him from casting spells. After that, continually cast Rasp to drain the magic points. When a character runs out, cast Osmose to replenish their MP and go back to rasp. Normally the boss will cast Ultima as a desperate attack dying, but since he has no MP, it fails!

⚠️ Save the Megaelixir you earn from defeating the MagiMaster to bet it at the colosseum for The Master Swordsman (10)

Ebot’s Rock

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Prussian Purusa Near Thamasa
Gloomshell Gloomwind Near Thamasa
Harpy Vasegiatta Near Thamasa (Forest Only)
Slatter Sorath  
Opinicus Aspidochelon  
Eland Creature  
Hipocampus Moonform  
Displayer Mahadeva  
Cluck Medusa Chicken  

With Relm and Strago in the party, return the Thamasa for a scene. The entrance to Ebot’s Rock will now be open on the island north of Thamasa. Collect at least 22 pieces of Coral inside Ebot’s Rock and give them to the talking treasure chest to face off against Hidon. Hidon is the only encounter that can teach Strago GrandTrain. It will only use it if all the Hidonites are defeated. Use Life 3 to ensure that it does not wipe the party out

image Lore Enemy Notes
GrandTrain Hidon Unique

image Step Aside, Gramps! (10)
Solo Hidon using only Relm, no instant death moves

After defeating Hidon normally, respawn him by talking to Gungho repeatedly in Thamasa. When Gungho mentions that Hidon has returned, return with Relm as the only party member. Relm should be placed in the back slot and equipped with the best gear (Behemoth Suit in particular) and know Fire 3 and Life 3. For relics, the Gem Box and Economizer are particularly useful. If the Economizer isn’t available, equip a Ribbon instead. With this set up, the only major threat is Grand Train, so leave at least 1 Hidonite alive. Hidon is weak against Fire, so cast Fire 3 repeatedly and replenish MP as needed. This achievement will unlock when Hidon dies.

Dinosaur Forest

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Reach Frog Leap Frog  
Geckorex Basilisk  
Mantodea Greater Mantis  
Spek Tor Lyacno  
TumbleWeed Tumbleweed  
Tyranosaur Tyrannosaur Forest Only
Brachosaur Brachiosaur Forest Only

Before heading to Doma Castle, three full sets of imp equipment is needed for an upcoming achievement. The best place to find this equipment is Dinosaur Forest near Gau’s Father’s house.

While there are other sources for these items, stealing them with Locke/Gogo can be quick and LLG run friendly. Equip Locke with the Sneak Ring (Thief’s Gloves) and set steal as one of Gogo’s commands in Status. Use Phantom or Vanish to make your team invisible and then repeatedly steal from the following enemies for the equipment. Be sure to save after obtaining each piece of equipment, particularly when facing Tyranosaurs. Their Meteor attack will pierce through the invisibility and likely wipe the team.

Three full sets of imp equipment are needed.

  • Imp Halberd (Impartisan) - Stolen from Mantodea (Greater Mantis)
  • TortoiseShld (Tortoise Shild) - Stolen from Geckorex (Basilisk)
  • Titanium (Saucer) - Stolen from TumbleWeed (Tumbleweed)
  • Imp’s Armor (Reed Cloak) - Stolen from Tyranosaur (Tyrannosaur)

image Hold Onto Your Butts… (10)
Defeat Brachosaur, no instant death moves

In addition to the Tyranosaurs, the Dinosaur Forest also has Brachosaurs. These are very powerful enemies that have a rare chance to drop an Economizer (Celestriad), which reduces all MP usage to 1. They will often start battles by inflicting several status effects on the party, so Ribbons are highly recommended. Celes and Gogo can use Runic to absorb Ultima. They are weak to ice and other powerful spells such as Flare and Ultima. Defeating one without using any instant death moves will unlock this achievement.

Doma Castle

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Parasite   Dreamscape
Allosaurus Weredragon Dreamscape
Critic Alluring Rider Dreamscape
Barb-E Coco Dreamscape
Pan Dora Pandora Dreamscape
Samurai   Train
Suriander   Train
Rain Man Al Jabr Train
Io   Caves
PlutoArmor Pluto Armor Caves
Sky Cap Schmidt Caves

⚠️ This is the only opportunity to get the Rage encounters in Doma Castle.

image We’re All Mad Here (25)
Defeat the Dream Stooges with a party of three imps and full imp gear

Gather the party and equip them with the imp equipment farmed earlier. Turn the party into imps using magic and be sure they are put in the front row to ensure they deal more damage than the enemy can heal. Equip Jewel Rings to prevent Petrify but do not use Ribbons as they will also cure imp. Curlax (top) should be the primary target as he will revive the other two. Since the imp armor is so powerful, the trio will hardly deal any damage. If needed, heal any characters using items such as Potions, Fenix Down, and Soft. This achievement will unlock as soon as the final enemy is defeated.

image Throne Retained (10)
Defeat Wrexsoul and win a Pod Bracelet

The Pod Bracelet is a guaranteed drop. Wrexsoul will possess a character at the start of battle. When the character is dead or petrified, Wrexsoul will reappear and can be damaged. Unfortunately, there is no way to know which character is possessed. After reappearing, hit him with as many ice or non-elemental damage as possible until he possesses another character. Repeat this until he dies. This achievement will unlock after the battle ends.

image Swordity Sword (10)
Learn all Swordtechs

Once Wrexsoul is defeated, a scene will play where Cyan comes to terms with his guilt. This will teach him all his remaining Swordtechs and unlock this achievement.

image Magicite 23 out of 26
When the party returns the Doma Castle, head to the throne room to find the Alexander magicite resting on the throne.

Ancient Castle

image Enemy Alt Name Notes
Figaliz Fiagro Lizard  
Goblin Devil  
Boxed Set Lunatys Castle Only
Lethal Wpn Armored Weapon Castle Only

Two achievements require specific party members here. First is a party with only Gau and later a party including Locke or Gogo for stealing.

image Alone in the Dark (10)
Solo Master Pug using only Gau, no instant death moves

The Master Pug is a monster-in-a-box in the caves leading to the Ancient Castle. Master Pug hits for massive damage and has some unavoidable attacks such as Step Mine. Sleep can be used to slow its advance but physical attacks will wake it up. Its weaknesses will change often, so hit it with non-elemental magic such as Ultima and Flare. Rages can be too unpredictable and should be avoided. For LLG runs or an easier solution, using Gau’s Rafflesia is also a viable option. Once charmed, Master Pug will hit himself for 9999 repeatedly until he dies. Using this method will also unlock Godhand (10).

image Samurai Showdown (10)
Steal a Strato from and defeat KatanaSoul, no instant death moves

KatanaSoul can drop a Murasame (Common) and a Strato (Rare). This achievement requires stealing the rare Strato. Once successfully stolen, hit him with Bio or other powerful magic. Once defeated, this achievement will unlock.

image Magicite 24 out of 26
Interact with Odin in the Ancient Castle to obtain his magicite.

Move 4-5 steps south of the right throne and interact with the floor to hit a hidden switch. This will open a new passage in the east room.

imageDragon 5 out of 8
The Blue Dragon uses water magic and is weak to lightning. Strago can learn the CleanSweep (Tsunami) lore from this boss, but it is also available from other sources.

image Shin-Zantetsuken (3)
Transform Odin into Raiden

Interact with the Stone Queen beyond the Blue Dragon to transform Odin into Raiden. Since Odin is replaced, it does not count as a new magicite for Life, Crystalized (25). Even though Odin teaches the Meteor magic, the final magicite also teaches this at a much faster rate.

Colosseum & Final Preparations

Most of Strago’s Lore can be learned in Kefka’s Tower, but there are a few that need to be obtained through other means. Strago should already know GrandTrain from his fight with Hidon. Gau can help Strago learn a few others by using the following rages.

image Lore Enemy Notes
GrandTrain Grand Train Hidon Boss
Big Guard Mighty Guard EarthRay/Land Ray Rage
PepUp Transfusion Intangir Rage

Kefka’s Tower has a special enemy that uses every Lore ability except 3. Before going after the final battle, add Strago and Relm to group 2. Strago will be assigned to a different group later. Lead group 2 into the tower until you reach an area that looks like a bathroom. DarkForce (Dark Force) spawns in this area. They will repeatedly cast Lore abilities until they run out of MP and die (or use Exploder). Relm can also use Control using the FakeMustache to force it to cast CleanSweep (Tsunami). This is an excellent opportunity to learn missing lore. For LLG runs, keep in mind that Strago only learns the rage when the battle is won. Kill off characters that are close to level 30 before completing the battle to avoid earning exp.

image Lore Alt Name Notes
Condemned Doom  
CleanSweep Tsunami Control Only
Blowfish 1000 Needles  
Revenge Revenge Blast  
Pearl Wind White Wind  
L.5 Doom Lv.5 Death  
L.4 Flare Lv.4 Flare  
L.3 Muddle Lv.3 Confuse  
L.? Pearl Lv.? Holy  
Step Mine Traveler  
Sour Mouth Bad Breath  
Exploder Self-Destruct  

When Strago learns the majority of the Lores, check to see if there is an easier way to get specific lores, such as through Gau’s rages or other encounters. The final lore will be earned further into Kefka’s Tower.

imageDragon 6 out of 8
Earth Dragon (Opera House)

The Earth Dragon is hiding in the Opera House near Jidoor and Maranda. It uses earth attacks and is weak to wind and water attacks. The party is so powerful at this point, they shouldn’t have much trouble.

image N.o…e.s.c.a.p.e…! (10)
Deplete all 55,555 HP from Doom Gaze in one encounter, and obtain Bahamut

image Magicite 25 out of 26
While flying with the airship, you may encounter a battle with Doom Gaze. Doom Gaze has a fixed amount of HP that can be chipped away over the course of several encounters. He will attempt to flee on turn 3 and every turn after, but in order to earn this achievement, you need to deplete all 55k HP in one encounter. This means that a 4 party team needs to hit him for an average of 7k damage each turn to beat him before he runs. He is weak to fire and holy, so high level spells such as Fire 3 or Pearl will deal lots of damage. Ultima is also a powerful option. Gau’s Io Rage can cast Flare Star which will always hit for 9999 damage.

An easier alternative is to use Gau’s Rafflesia Rage. While charmed, Doom Gaze will not attempt to flee and will attack himself repeatedly until all his HP is gone.

The achievement will unlock once you pick up the Bahamut magicite.

image Tetra-Miracle (4)
Win a pair of Marvel Shoes at the colosseum

In order to win the Marvel Shoes, first bet an Elixir to fight against a Cactrot. Equip a Sniper Eye to guarantee a 100% hit rate. Defeating it will reward a Rename Card.

Bet the Rename Card to fight against the Doom Drgn. Equip Mog with his best equipment, including a Flame Shield, Snow Muffler and Cure Ring. The Doom Drgn will put Mog into critical status, but the Cure Ring will give him enough health to withstand a normal attack. All other attacks will be absorbed or do not deal damage. Eventually, Mog will defeat the enemy and this achievement will unlock.

image Miao-Miao! (4)
Win a Cat Hood at the colosseum

Bet a Imp Halberd (Impartisan) to fight against an Allosaurus. Be sure to equip a Safety Bit or Memento Ring to avoid instant death from Doom. This is a normal monster, so it won’t be difficult to defeat.

image Double Dragoon (5)
Equip DragoonBoots and Dragon Horns on Edgar and Mog at once

Only one Dragon Horn can be found in a treasure chest above the Red Dragon in Phoenix Cave. The other must be earned through the Colosseum. Bet a Charm Bangle against a Retainer. Retainers have a special ability that can cause instant death, but it is not blocked by Safety Bits or Memento Rings. The best option for dealing with it is to bring a character stacked with evasion, such as Shadow.

DragoonBoots can be purchased in Thamasa or Tzen. Equip both relics on Mog and Edgar to unlock this achievement.

image The Master Swordsman (10)
Defeat the true Siegfried

Betting a Megaelixir will initiate a fight against Siegfried, the ultimate boss of the Colosseum. He has a basic attack and two very powerful magic all of which can deal massive damage. The quickest way to defeat him is to equip your best physical attack character with the Genji Glove and Offering (Master’s Scroll). This combo will allow them to attack 8 times in a row. So long as the attacks deal around 5000 damage per hit, Siegfried will die before he has a chance to act.

Alternatively, a more RNG dependent strategy can be used since he is vulnerable to stop. Equip Shadow with Stunner (Kagenui) which has a 25% chance to cast stop when hitting an enemy. Use the DragoonBoots and Dragon Horn relics to repeatedly jump. This will avoid some of Siegfried’s attacks while also giving multiple chances to hit him with Stop. Even with this approach LLG runs are unlikely to deal enough damage, so this achievement should be saved until post-game.

Kefka’s Tower

Upon approaching Kefka’s Tower, the party will be split into 3 groups. Each group should have the following characters in order to obtain specific achievements:

  • Group 1 (Left): Must have Strago (Lore)
  • Group 2 (Center): Must have Celes (Runic)
  • Group 3 (Right): Must have Locke or Gogo (Steal)

Keep in mind that equipment can be traded between all characters, even if they are not in the same group. If a boss is difficult, consider swapping your best armor from another character.

⚠️ Near the end of the dungeon, the group leaders will step on three switches. Have Group 1 enter and go left. This will ensure that each group goes to the correct boss for the challenge achievements.

image Shielded from View (5)
Find the well-hidden Aegis Shield in Kefka’s Tower An Aegis shield is hidden in Group 3’s path, south of the rotating machinery in the Magitek Factory section. Go around the machinery and take a hidden path south to find it.

image Pro-Runic (10)
Use Runic to counter Atma’s Ultima

Group 2 will encounter Atma (Ultima Buster) in a prison area shortly into their section. After countering 12 attacks, it will start to charge up Ultima. When this happens, use Runic on Celes. If Ultima is absorbed successfully, the achievement will unlock.

imageDragon 7 out of 8
Group 2 will encounter the Gold Dragon. It uses lightning based attacks and is weak against water. As with the other recent dragons, this one is a pushover due to how powerful the party has become. For extra protection, equip Thunder Shields to absorb most of its attacks.

imageDragon 8 out of 8
Group 3 will encounter the Skull Dragon. It uses poison based attacks and is weak to fire and holy. Hit it with these types of spells or just stick with Flare and Ultima. It will go down quickly.

image Dragon Slayer (10)
Defeat the eight legendary dragons

If all the dragons have been killed, this achievement will unlock. If it does not, check this list for any that were missed.

  • Storm Dragon - Mt. Zozo
  • Ice Dragon - Narshe Battlefield
  • Earth Dragon - Opera House
  • Holy Dragon - Fanatic’s Tower
  • Blue Dragon - Ancient Castle
  • Red Dragon - Phoenix Cave
  • Gold Dragon - Kefka’s Tower
  • Skull Dragon - Kefka’s Tower

image Life, Crystalized (25)
Collect all Magicite

Defeating all 8 dragons will grant the Crusader magicite. If all other magicite have been obtained, this achievement will unlock.

⚠️ Remember to send Group 1 to the left at the fork when all 3 switches are pressed.

image Goddess of Darkness (10)
Steal a Red Jacket from and defeat Poltergeist, no instant death moves

Group 3 will face off against Poltergeist. Ensure that Locke/Gogo has the Sneak Ring equipped to double the steal chance. It is tough to steal and will be even more difficult for LLG runs where Locke is a low level. Cast Vanish on Poltergeist and have Gogo use the Dischord Lore to halve its level. This will make stealing much easier. Once the Red Jacket is successfully stolen, finish off the boss (without using instant death moves) to unlock this achievement.

imageDoomfiend (10)
Defeat Doom and learn Forcefield, no instant death moves

image Lore Enemy Notes
ForceField Doom Missable

Group 1 will face off against Doom. Ensure that Strago is in this group as it is the only opportunity to learn ForceField. Doom will use this lore when he is under 32k health, so soften him up a little and then hit him repeatedly to get it to trigger. Once Doom has used ForceField, finish him off (without using instant death moves) to unlock this achievement.

image Elder Wisdom (10)
Learn all Lores

If all previous lore has been learned, this achievement will unlock. As a reminder, all Lore can be acquired in the WoR. ForceField is the only missable lore so make sure to bring Strago to that fight by placing him in Group 1 and having that group go left at the switches. If any are still missing you can leave the dungeon to find them.

imageGoddess of Light (10)
Defeat Goddess, no instant death moves

No special requirements needed for this boss, except to not use instant death moves. Goddess will use lots of lightning abilities, so Thunder Shields can help with healing. The most difficult part of this boss is dealing with Entice which will Charm your characters.

After the three statues, all that is left is the final boss. The boss is a gauntlet of 4 phases. If an ally is dead at the end of a phase, they will be replaced with the next person in line. Make sure the first four characters are best equipped, but also equip the other characters in case someone dies. Nearly all of the phases have multiple targets, so Ultima is the best approach here. Keep everyone healthy and beat the game!

image So Long and Thanks for All the Fish (25)
Clear the game with all the fish!

Make sure you have all 4 fish in your Rare items list before facing Kefka. If Cid is still alive, you can obtain them anytime in the WoR. As soon as Kefka is defeated, this achievement will unlock. If it doesn’t, check the list below for any that may be missing.

imageName Description
Fish A fish
A rotten fish A foul-tasting fish
Just a Fish An ordinary fish
A yummy fish A delicious fish

image LLG (50)
Clear the game with no character exceeding level 30

If all party members are level 29 or lower, this achievement will unlock once Kefka is defeated.

image Night Into Day (25)
Defeat Kefka and view the ending

Once Kefka is defeated, watch the entire ending credits sequence. It is about 20 minutes long if all party members were rescued, but well worth it.

Step 4: Rage Collection | Total Points: 45

Learning all of the Rages will unlock the following achievements:

image Beastlore I (5)
Learn the Tier 1 Rages

image Beastlore II (5)
Learn the Tier 2, 3, and 4 Rages

image Beastlore III (10)
Learn the Tier 5 and 6 Rages

image Beastlord (25)
Learn the rarest, most elusive Rages

Adding Veldt Encounters

Gau can learn over 250 rages by leaping on monsters encountered on the Veldt. In order to have a monster spawn on the Veldt, it must first be encountered in battle. Defeating the enemy or escaping from battle will both add it to the Veldt encounter list. Since the monsters must be encountered in the world, there are many missable Rages. To avoid missing a monster, use the checklist provided here to confirm that each monster in an area is encountered: Gau Rage Checklist

  • Check the first column when the party encounters an enemy in the wild
  • Check the second column when Gau Leaps or returns to the party during a Veldt encounter with that enemy.
  • Check the third column when Gau’s Rage list under Skills contains that enemy.

Veldt battles will cycle through a set order of groups which contains several encounters. The Formation List tab on the checklist shows all of the groups and the encounters they contain. After earning most rages, it can be helpful to consult this list to know when a missing rage is coming up.

Encounter Manipulation

Group order is randomized when loading a save game. Although there is no way to control where the group order will land, resetting can be helpful to get closer to a group that has an encounter with a missing rage.

Groups will increment 1 time after each battle won or escaped on the Veldt. The specific encounter selected is randomized across all obtained encounters in that group. For example, if group 1 has all 8 encounters unlocked, there is a 1/8 chance to get a specific encounter. If only 4 encounters are unlocked, there is a 1/4 chance to get a specific encounter.

Since the specific encounter is randomized, obtaining specific rages can be manipulated using the following steps:

  • Battle until the next group contains a missing Rage
  • Save the game
  • Start the next encounter. If it contains the missing rage, have Gau Leap. If not, die to the encounter. Remove armor to speed this up.
  • The game will automatically load the save game, but the Group will not change.
  • Entering a battle immediately will always give the same encounter. To randomize the encounter, enter a non-Veldt battle.
  • Return to the Veldt. The next encounter will be in the same group, but a new random encounter.
  • Repeat these steps as needed.

This approach is time consuming so it best used when down to a handful of missing rages.

Step 5: Miscellaneous | Total Points: 45

image Beyond the Shadows II (10)
Witness Relm’s dream

Relm’s dream requires Shadow to die on the Floating Continent. Since other WoR achievements require Shadow, make a separate save on the Floating Continent to do this achievement later. When the party reaches the airship during the escape sequence, immediately jump instead of waiting for Shadow. The introduction to the WoR will play out the same. After retrieving the Falcon, travel to the Cave on the Vedlt. At the end of the cave, Relm will be found instead of Shadow. Defeat the King Behemoth and witness the scenes in Thamasa. This achievement will unlock once Relm’s finishes her dream.

image Power Level I (5)
At least one character has reached level 40

See Power Level II (10)

image Power Level II (10)
At least one character has reached level 99

The best place to earn exp is Dinosaur Forest. By the time the party is fully equipped, these fights will become quite easy. Have the entire party cast Ultima and equip any Economizers to speed things up. Since only one characters needs to reach 99, equip an Exp Egg on one of them to double their exp.

image Godhand (10)
Deal 9,999 base damage in a single attack (Final value may be reduced)

There are many opportunities to reach this threshold. This will be earned naturally as the party uses Ultima while leveling to 99.

image Gillionaire (10)
Earn 5,000,000 Gp

Cactrot Desert near Maranda is the best place to earn GP. Cactrots and Hoovers will both give 10k GP per kill. Double GP can be obtained by equipping Relm with the Cat Hood (Cat-Ear Hood) won by betting an Imp Halberd (Impartisan) at the Colloseum. Don’t forget that the Veldt will also give GP, so you will earn GP while farming Rages.