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Episode 8 - The Magic of The Mystic

TimeCrush TimeCrush sits down with TheMysticalOne TheMysticalOne as chosen previously in the category “Developer of the Year” to pick his brain on set creation, game choice; and overall community experience. We also dabble on team interactions, as well as get some insight to what the future may hold.

TimeCrush TimeCrush also welcomes on BahamutVoid BahamutVoid in a segment to discuss the recent Console Wars event that has gripped the community with absolute fervor, call our shots despite it’s unpredictable nature; and enjoy a brief rundown on his contributions to RA thus far and where we hope to see it down the road.

Episode 9 - Animation, the Breath of Life

From the days of old where complex movement on screen wasn’t possible and thus the imagination had to compensate, to modern releases that have entire studios in charge of specifically background animation for foliage; what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ when it comes to giving your world motion is up to creators; as well as users, interpretation

The route from concept art and story boarding to fluid displays dancing on your screen though is no easy path - TimeCrush TimeCrush talks with Nydaxn Nydaxn; to discuss those trials, tribulations, and shining examples of success they’ve seen over the years - as well as touch on a couple handpicked RA sets that have recently caught our eye.

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