Spot The Difference

Last Month’s Winners

🥈Advent Advent
🥉Piccolo Piccolo
🏅LordKingGundam LordKingGundam
🏅Tayadaoc Tayadaoc
🏅Jungon Jungon
🏅Kyleboy21 Kyleboy21
🏅TheRoadkill TheRoadkill

The children from the neighborhood decided to do some races with their toy cars to see who of them is the best driver. While racing some of them did some photos and at the evening they noticed a few differences between the pictures they took. Can you find all 10 differences?

About the Game

Game Console Genre
Re-Volt Nintendo 64 Racing, Kart Racing

Note: The first user who finds all 10 differences and sends proof to SporyTike via Site DM or Discord will be listed in the next issue as the winner. Additionally, a random selected user which submitted the solution until the end of the month will be chosen to select the game of the next picture.